That main event segment.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. How damn good was Punk & Cena last night? I hope this shuts up some of Cena's haters, because he's JUST as good as Punk on the mic and Punk is labelled as the hands down greatest mic worker in professional wrestling atm.

    But anyway, it was just a great segment. Reminded me so much of 2011 Punk, it definitely needed Heyman, I'm annoyed at the lack of Heyman actually so far...

    Here it is:


    Starts from 0:52:59.
  2. There was so much passion, and Cena outshined Punk at his best. It felt so real (like most of their promos do) and it sold me on the NoC ME because it feels like the huge match it should. Damn good stuff.

    It was so good WJ didn't even bitch about it.
  3. I'm not sure about out-shined, I think Punk intentionally stepped down towards the end. Both of their promos were fantastic regardless and Cena did make a great point. Either way as you said it's definitely sold the feud. I'm glad they're feuding again to be honest, as it really brings out the best in both of them. And we forget Heyman is still in this thing so him + cena + punk = fucking ratings.
  4. Yeah this was how I seen it as well. This fued is different from the Money in the Bank one of last year, as this time they're trying to get Punk over as a whiny heel and not the carefree, badass persona.

    Cena knocking the mic out of Punk's hand then calling him a son of a bitch felt so passionate, and I'm having a tough time being able to figure out whether that was kayfabe or not.

    Shame that it will be overshadowed, because that's one of the best promos I've seen in years.
  5. Updated with the video. Watched it again, hands down best promos in 2012.
  6. It was great, both of them played their parts wonderfully.
  7. This. Cena haters can hate, but punk marks will never accept this. This makes their match worth watching, and i hope punk drops the belt so we can have one more PPV, and see how wild heel punk minus belt is.
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