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Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Botchie, Jul 29, 2017.

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  1. In my most recent browsing of the interwebs I came across a reddit post about Kenny Omega Vs. Heath Slater back in Deep South Wrestling. Made me really interested in seeing some obscure and rather rare matches involving some of the big names of today. Instead of looking myself I'd figure I'd make a thread to have them gathered! So ugh...lets get to it:

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  2. Since the WWE doesn't actually make talent anymore and instead just poaches it from the indies and international feds, I don't think this should be too hard. I'll have fun with this in a day or two when I'm not swamped with wrestling shows to watch and will post some stuff for you and everyone else. For now (just to be a sarcastic asshole) here's a rare once-in-a-lifetime matchup between two guys who should finally be getting their push in the WWE very soon :emoji_wink:

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  3. They've literally been fighting each other forever.
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  4. Some people may recognize a few of these dudes xD
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  5. Cesaro with hair and Blond Punk just doesn't look right
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  7. Funny enough, I still can't get used to bald Claudio lol
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  8. Holy shit this match happened!? That was pretty damn good.
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  10. <3 this thread!
  11. One half of my all time favorite tag team, the Can-Am Express. Kroffat & Furnas both had some incredible matches, singles and tag, during that time in AJPW. I think this was probably one of his last AJPW matches before they came to ECW to feud with RVD and Sabu
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  12. I bet they all turned out to be drug dealers, not that Sydal though, looks like a clean kid.

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  13. They had matches in roh and pwg
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  14. When Bryan was big on the Indies I was either not watching wrestling at all or all into WWE.
  15. The roh match is worth checking out, pwg match was average from memory. I might have the roh match
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  16. This happened.
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