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  1. Let's start a little discussion shall we. Last Monday we saw the resurgence of something that has not been seen in the WWE for a long time, the pure scumbag heel. The bad guy with no redeeming feature. If you watched RAW you will understand I mean CM Punk following the Jerry Lawler return segment. It was a very well done if dark segment which set Punk up as truly the most despicable man in the WWE locker room and I think it was done so for a reason. WWE needs that big heel. That bad guy who is on even footing with their one good guy, the bad guy with no redeeming features and which you never think will turn back to the light.

    Basic psychology says that for a good guy to truly be good, there needs to be an equal or greater bad guy. The crowd needs someone to boo. I think it was Razor Ramon who said something similar to Vince, I paraphrase "Let me go out there and get them to boo me, you need a bad guy? I'm your bad guy". WWE right now needs that guy you can boo and Punk just works for the part. Great move by the E in my opinion.

    Here's the discussion topic: Is the scumbag heel truly needed? Do you think so? and if so: Who apart from Punk in the WWE can play one?
  2. Who else can play one apart from Punk? How about someone who can play it even better - Dean Ambrose.

    Yes it's a needed feature, we need that scumbag heel as it opens up so many possible entertaining segments.
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  3. Words literally stolen from my mouth.
  4. Indeed, it's a necessary role and Punk plays it very well. Not sure who can play it though.
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