That Shield Promo

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. Anyone else mark? Thought it was incredible. Ambrose's final rant was seriously giving me goosebumps. I even thought Reigns was great as well.
  2. I didn't mark but it was awesome. Ambrose reminds me of Heath Ledger's interpretation of The Joker. All of the little nuiances are pretty spot on and it's hard to explain. Rollins also has an amazing look and IMO will be a superstar... Reigns was okay, he's the brute force guy, it's to be expected.
  3. Yeah it's quite a common comparison people have made (hence my avatar).
  4. I didn't know that was why you had that avatar. Pretty awesome
  5. Ambrose was awesome, Rollins is okay but kind of kills Ambrose's momentum a bit, and Reigns is just horrible.
    I'll mark when Ambrose is finally able to do a promo on his own.
  6. Come on dude, Reigns was horrible! The other two were pretty awesome, especially Dean Pillman.
  7. yeah he sucked
    reminded me of Cena a bit, in that he was just yelling randomly.

    "BELIEVE!!!! :angry:"
  8. Really? You liked Reigns? He was just screaming random stuff. :silva:

    I liked him in other Shield promos because he would actually add onto whatever Ambrose and Rollins were saying, it still wasn't all that much, but it at least added onto the intensity of the Shield. This promo he was only yelling and repeating things. Made me a bit disappointed. :downer:

    But I still marked though. I loved Rollins but loved loved Ambrose. Can't wait for him to go solo. I mark every time Shield appears. [​IMG]
  9. lol, pump the brakes. Pillman was the man.
  10. was a great promo, had shades of Punk's promo. Sadly the message will be buried by Cena and labeled as Cena rising above the hate,
  11. Thought all three of them did real well, but obviously Ambrose was the stand out.
  12. Really good promo on Ambrose and Rollins part, particularly Ambrose. The dude just kills it every time he get's on the mic. As for Roman Reigns, I'll concede with the notion that he's improving but every time that guy screams I just start laughing. It doesn't come across as intimidating to me, just kind of melodramatic and definitely silly. Something tells me that isn't the reaction he's going for but that's the one he receives from me. Regardless, it was probably the best thing out of all the segments of Raw I checked out, and even reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the stable.
  13. He was still no where near Ambrose's level per say, but there was definite improvement from his last promo(s) he has done. I can give credit where its due.
  14. Reigns was not that good, but he's a brute kind of guy.
    Rollins was none too bad, and Ambrose was top notch.
    Really looking forward for more promos.
  15. [​IMG]

    Jim Ross' gonna Jim Ross.
  16. I love Jim Ross but he's so off the mark there.
  17. Such an awesome promo... love the little nuance there where Ambrose was kinda breaking kayfabe and saying smart-mark stuff I've read on Twitter about the "John Cena problem" and the "lack of consequences for his actions", while this resonates with the Cena bashers the kiddies who love Cena probably simply thought he came off as a deranged prick that needs to get more sun. Only Ambrose can pull that off.

    Reign's part was kept small, and Rollins seemed to have trouble remembering his lines but delivered them with authority and purpose.
  18. Exactly. If there was one place that Ambrose/Moxley/Whatever one wants to call him developed his skills it was CZW since that was were he spent most of his early career. If "the system" had any influence on his mic work it's maybe that it helped fine tune it when he was in developmental but he didn't need to learn how to speak.
  19. Yeah you just needed to listen to last night's promo to realise that what Ambrose has is god given.
  20. I liked all of them on the mic, Reigns had a short part but that's expected. Rollins and Ambrose both did good jobs, it's a shame they're getting buried at EC.
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