That TLC match with Shield, Ryback and Team Hell No.

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  1. I'm making this thread during the PPV as Eve has just walked out after one of the matches of the year (imo). I saw a couple doubters whether "rookies" in Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins could not only work this match well, but could make it memorable, and boy did they. The match was filled with some awesome spots, Shield looked fucking strong throughout, in fact, they dominated the whole thing which is how you book stables when you face them against randomly-made teams.

    There was so many things to reflect on in that match and I already want to see it again so I can actually give an accurate review, but some memorable moments was the Ryback table spot, the spear through the barrier from Reigns, Rollins' insane bump, the super-plex off the table off the top rope spot, all of Ambrose's actions, it was just great. Even Ryback's part was great in the ring in my opinion, he turned a crowd of Goldberg chanters - which I'm convinced now are just playful and not "malicious" - into a crowd screaming his catch phrases.

    Let's celebrate how damn good that match was here. I think we saw the future tonight.

    Oh look, just finished this thread and the divas match has already ended, lovely.
  2. That match was like perfect. So many good spots and Ryback didn't even look weak getting a loss.
  3. Ryback vs Ambrose is the next Rock HHH imo, seriously they'll come up together and feud for years to come. Not comparing the talents obviously but their rises.
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  4. Probably my favorite match of the year, off the top of my head anyways. I'll post again tomorrow after I have time to think about it, but as far as i remember it was match of the year.
  5. In my books its tied with OTL Punk vs. Bryan for match of the year.
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  6. Great match. Played to everyone's strong sides.

    A TLC match is made for a guy like Ambrose who's ring style is that of a methodical brawler with some technician slipped in. As was noticed by everyone. I felt that a little too much attention was focused on him at times but that is understandable considering he is the spokesman of the Shield, I just felt that maybe one or two clips of him brawling could have been given to one of the other two at times.

    Seth got some good chances to shine and showoff his high flying technical style. The double superplex with Ambrose, that insane pin break were he virtually flew into the ring, the ladder counter he did on Kane early on and his Blackout on Bryan to a chair as well. Then we come to that insane ladder spot. That's the image that people will remember from that match for a long time I think. Seth won fans there.

    Reigns showed his strengths as well. Like with Ambrose, this kind of match partially played to his ring style. Strength and brute force. He showcased some great intensity and in ring presence. I thought him spearing Kane through the barricade would be the spot of the night until Seth came along but he definitely won fans there. Proving that he deserves to be in the Shield.

    The faces did good as well.

    Bryan was booked real strong and came out like a fighter.

    Kane looked good and strong as a veteran should and the way they took him out worked well.

    This was a match that played to Ryback's advantage, some complain that he can't work long matches, they worked around that with the powerbomb spot, allowing him to rest and come back in later towards the end.

    One of the best WWE matches in a long time.
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  7. I think that match was better than a Ryback/Punk match. Not that I'm downing either one. But that match had dynamics that a singles match wouldn't have been able to live up to. What a great way to let The Shield showcase there talents and prove that they are a force that belongs in the WWE. Punk, Ziggler, and The Shield are what I'm most excited for tomorrow night.


    Almost forgot how great that match was. You're absolutely right.


    Good point. I was worried Shield would get jobbed because they don't Ryback to look weak, but this match made him look pretty good. I think I may like him a bit more after that loss if that makes sense.
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  8. Also:
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  9. That match made every guy come out looking like a million bucks.

    They used everyone PERFECTLY. Especially Ryback. He's fantastic in small doses.

    Potential MOTY imo. Just fantastic.
  10. @[Crayo] scroll up and look at some nice pictures :otunga:
  11. Excellent, excellent match. Everyone was used correctly, everyone came out of it looking good, lots of insane spots, booked perfectly as an all-out war between them, with the Shield, who have more kayfabe chemistry, so to speak, were always dominating. Bryan looked great, although he ate the pin he didn't job at all, that Spear on the barricade, Double Superplex, Blackout on the chair, Rollins' bump, everything was awesome. Kudos to whoever booked it and to everyone involved.
  12. Great match indeed, everyone looked good, even Ryberg (:aries:).

    P.s.. Ambrose is God.
  13. I just hope Rollins is alright. I thought he died.
  14. Ambrose's face expressions make me hard :fap:
  15. I can't even find a pic of him. Was gonna make a smiley.
  16. God Kate Upton. So damn sexy.
  17. make several plz

  18. I didn't see the match (meant to stream the PPV but fell asleep and only woke up at the end of the women's match) but the booking of it, especially with The Shield going over, sounds perfect. Pretty much the way they should have booked the Nexus match at Summerslam 2010.
  19. Yeah, didn't watch, but apparently the match was great. So glad The Shield won, that's how they need to book a big and strong faction. But the big win will mean nothing if they don't capitalize on the follow-up, because you strike the iron while it's hot. And I'm telling you, if there are few things that could make me watch some more of WWE again, it's The Shield (mainly Ambrose), Daniel Bryan, Cesaro and Damien Sandow.

    Btw, I heard Rybotch got another doze of "Goldberg" chants, lmao... What a failure.
  20. Yeah the Goldberg chants came at the start of the match in the feeling out process. As soon as he started hitting moves they died thou to be replaced with his own chants. They only resurfaced when he "tackled" (It was a fucking spear JBL you prince of lies) Ambrose to the ground. Crowd was great for that match
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