Music That's the Spirit - BMTH... Rock release of the year?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by C.M. Shaddix, Sep 3, 2015.

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  1. So, all who are familiar with the band Bring Me the Horizon know about the new album dropping on Patriot Day (September 11th). They have departed Metalcore in favor of their Linkin Park/Alternative Metal inspired album, That's the Spirit, and its SOLID AS FUCK. 3 tracks are out, and the most viral has been the single "Throne".

    If you're a Linkin Park fan, then I really recommend this, give it a listen.

    "Happy Song"


    "True Friends"

    Now there is also going to be a new version of their hit single "Drown"
    here is the original

    At Reading festival they closed with this song, and if you listen to it you can hear the changes to it and how it might sound on the new album, like how is tuned down and Oli's vocal sounds for the verses.

    Now I want to point out at Reading about the critization for the backing tracks, only Oli relies heavily on it, I wouldn't bash them because Sykes just did all those vocal recording for the new LP, he is probably wiped from it and likes preserving his voice for the recorded versions.

    So what do you guys think of this release? The critics that have already heard how it sounds like have given really high reviews for this and by the first 3 singles (not including Drown because its a new version). This has high potential for one of the top rock releases.
  2. Out of all new songs, Drown is my favorite.
  3. LOL no
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  4. The amount of backing vocals at reading was a joke. That set was disappointing because of it.
  5. Says the user with the name "Taylor Swift"
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  6. Says the user with the name "Taylor Swift"
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  7. Ouch, nice comeback.

    Really though, Bring Me The Horizon is garbage.
  8. Your opinion anyway, can't fight people who don't like it
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