"That's Your Opinion." ...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Butters!, Jul 13, 2014.

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  1. A Video worth watching. ​

  2. never seen or heard anyone do this
  3. It happens. Whenever you cross boundaries in conversation, 'that's just your opinion', is code for 'leave me the f*** alone'.
    I do it. Sometimes I don't want to talk about hot garbage. Generally, I do it to chicks who believe their complex issues are that serious.
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  4. Damn someone sure is butthurt. Lol if they want to be ignorant, then hey, fuck you. Not gonna go and make a five minute video about it.
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  5. Majority of his video's consist of him backlashing to those who leave negative comments on his videos, rather then thanking the ones who sit there and adore them.
  6. Just think it's funny lol. I mean, I guess I can see why it can bother people I guess, but is it really that bad, that it you want to rant about it? And then the ranting obviously took so much work, dressing up and shit, it made me laugh. If I ever debated with this guy, I would say, "It's your opinion" just to piss him off even more. :yay:
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  7. Could always pull it out in a match on IWT. It's such a showstopper line. :boss:
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  8. "I fought many people! Defeated everyone and my parents died but I still carry on their legacy!"
    "That's your opinion. :4/10:"
  9. Youtube "ranters" are gay.
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  10. That's your opinion Gawd :4/10:
  11. You say things I would, but won't.
    There's still a shred of compassion left in me.
  12. I don't like debating certain topics so I just end it with a good old "Agree to Disagree" and leave it at that.
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  14. Thats your opinion, Bitch.

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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Pretty obvious that the video is just one long drawn out commercial. Fucking sell out!
  17. I definitely value my time and refuse to dwell on issues I cannot change.
  18. I never agree to agree to disagree with anyone. I simply continue to articulate my side of the argument until I've successfully forced my opinion on the ignorant opposition and force them to succumb to my superior will.
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  19. That sounds like Japanese porn.
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