The #14 Curse.

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  1. This is about who enters #14 in the royal rumble. They tend to have something bad happen in their future after.

    This is an old article written by lordsofpain in 2007. BUT, I'll add the rest now.

    We know what happened to hardy.

    2008: Umaga. We all know what happened to him, RIP.

    2009: Finlay. No where to be seen anymore. Don't know if he's fired though.

    2010: MVP - Now in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

    2011: Chris Masters - Fired.

    Weird or just coincidence?
  2. Holy crap that's scary. 2003 was a sad one to read. Benoit aswell :O. Umaga :emoji_slight_frown:.
  3. Yeah it freaks me out. This number every year is just as important to me as #30 lol.
  4. Dave Finlay works as a trainer/road agent for WWE.
  5. He might be the one exception, but I still wouldn't say it was exactly good luck lol.

    We should predict who #14 is going to be this year. Ted D? Yoshi? Drew?
  6. Never actually heard of this curse. I hope its not someone good this time.

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  7. I bet the marks of whomever comes out #14 are going to be scared out of their skin.
  8. I'd personally laugh pretty hard if it was Rhodes, Ziggler or Ryder.

    Oh and, @[Jonathan] he was fired for bad booking apparently.
  9. NO! I love those 3 guys :emoji_slight_frown:.
  10. No way!
  11. Lmao ^

    Typical you picking that out :emoji_wink:. Not written by me remember.
  12. In fact, I hope its Kevin Nash. Really do not like him, my hatred is strong!! -_-
  13. Wouldn't actually surprise me if it was. I wander if WWE officials acknowledge this curse backstage?
  14. I do not have a clue. You will have to ask them!
  15. Brb ringing Vince.
  16. LOL :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Like he would associate with you :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  17. Haha, imagine if I WAS Vince though. :O
  18. Lol then you're one rich ass SOB.
  19. ^^^ RKO!!!!
  20. :rofl: ^