The 15 oddest couples to win the Tag Team Championships

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  1. The 15 oddest couples to win the Tag Team Championships


    So, Kane & Daniel Bryan are the Tag Team Champions. And, after a contentious title defense on Monday Night Raw, they are still the Tag Team Champions. And now it can be told: We did not see this coming. It takes a special kind of luck/providence/benevolence from the sports-entertainment Mount Olympus for such a mismatched duo to scale the heights of their division and clutch the twin championships for themselves. But, what’s even odder is this isn’t the first time it’s happened … and Kane & Bryan aren’t even the strangest team to hoist the championships. In celebration of Kane & Bryan’s unlikely and fortuitous union, here are our picks for the 15 oddest tag team champions of all time.

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  2. kane and d-bry are the most unoddist ever
  3. Kane should be listed here 7 times, the only time it' was normal was B.O.D :lol1:
  4. what about kane and hurricane?
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