The 1st EVER 5 Questions with Gohan6425 8-6-13!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. I couldn't go further then that intro.
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  2. Lol Punk botched his finisher at a show you attended. Gold.
  3. Promoting his forums :awyeah:
  4. btw do you even lift bro?
  5. I have made like 50 videos of gohan farting.
  6. Go to 6:56 to watch him fart.
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  7. Edit your videos. They'll look better if you edit them, they'll be shorter and you can delete what you don't like...
  8. But then he would've edited out him farting. :sad:
  9. That's true, and it was a funny moment, but watching a 23 minutes video where he doesn't know what to say or repeat what he has said a lot of times is in my opinion boring.
  10. but you watched for 23 mins?
  11. I think the only person who did was Crayo. :pity:
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  12. I seen crayo say something about the fart on twitter and I watched that part and that part only lmfao.
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  13. Lmao, I did the exact same. He mentioned it on Skype and I immediately went to watch it, lmao.
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  14. Classic gohan
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  15. Fart on my face, Gohan.
  16. Way to squeeze one out, champ.
  17. Not really. Watched for the first two questions, laughed at the fart and stopped the video...

  18. yes i really do lift weight.
  19. one weight? What is it.
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