The 20 Icons of the Attitude Era

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  1. The 20 Icons of the Attitude Era

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  2. Triple H better be high on that list. :bury:
  3. Kane only #9? :stfu:
  4. 1. Farooq
    2. Faarooq
    3. Ron Farooq
    4. Ron Faarooq
    5. Ron Farooq Simmons
    6. Ron Faarooq Simmons
    7. Farooq Asad
    8. Faarooq Asad
    9. Farooq Simmons
    10. Faarooq Simmons
    11. Ron Simmons
    12. Ron Farooq Asad Simmons
    13. Ron Faarooq Asad Simmons
    14. Ron Farooq Asad
    15. Ron Faarooq Asad
    16. Farooq Asad Simmons
    17. Faarooq Asad Simmons
    18. Ron Asad Simmons
    19. Asad Simmons
    20. Stone Cold
  5. What is the obsession this forum seems to have with Kane? He's always screamed midcard IMO, everything is average about him.
  6. Hell no.

    Kane was a BEAST back in the day.
  7. What was so good about him? He's nowhere near Rock, Austin, HHH, Foley or Taker for overness. Couldn't work even somewhat close to Jericho, Benoit, Eddie, Austin, HBK, Bret or Taker. He didn't speak up until 99 and even then wasn't great. So what about him was "beast"?
  8. Kane is #9? :dafuq: Kane was the boss back then. So was Mick fucking Foley.
  9. Top three are completely spot on by the way. :otunga:
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