The 25 Most Personal Grudges in History

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  1. The 25 Most Personal Grudges in History

    The arcs of these grudges and their final chapters, if written, vary greatly. In some instances, animosity spiked, only to burn out quickly and in spectacular fashion. In other cases, the fissures ran deep and long, with tension between two Superstars bubbling beneath the surface for years on end. Sometimes, mutual respect won out. In more than one example, Superstars involved in the grudges ended up inducting their old foes in the WWE Hall of Fame, decades after the last pinfall was counted.

    The catalysts behind these bad feelings also vary, though commonalities and patterns can be detected. Oftentimes, an injurious assault was what planted the seed of contempt. Jealousy and failed friendships, whether between tag team partners or teachers and students, were also often the foundation for memorable grudges. Several of the rivalries examined here were escalated once family members or Superstars’ significant others got involved.

    It’s time to get personal.

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