The 3 stooges

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. I have never seen 3 less funny people. Honestly, that kind of humour is so outdated it's unreal. Who the hell do they think they are coming on a supposed "Wrestling" show to advertise their no doubt completely unfunny movie.

    I'm glad they got booed, I just wished they had them on last week with the Miami crowd, the heat would've been unreal.

    They took up a good 15 minutes of that show including the Santino segments, surely that would be better off given to matches rather than that useless bullshit.

    Seriously Vince, what is wrong with you? Nobody found those goons even remotely entertaining. So embarassing and it's things like that that make me hate WWE sometimes.
  2. I think they only boo'd cuz that guy came out as hulk hogan.
  3. No that only made it worse, they were booing before that as well.
  4. They weren't funny, but then I never cared for the Three Stooges anyway. Loved hearing them get booed.
  5. Crowd done a good thing booing there asses. There were 5 designated segments for the three faggots yesterday. Vince won't change his mind, he has this philosophy that if WWE goes mainstream it'll be huge - but a fake wrestling show will not go mainstream.

    They were so unfunny it's unreal. The sad part is, WWE writers probably created those segments, Vince cares more about comedy writers than proper story-line creators.
  6. fast forwarded when the stooges appeared. Came for the wrestling not 3 idiots from a movie I wont see
  7. The annoying thing is they were so blatantly there to ONLY promote their movie. How WWE expects the WWE fans to cheer them or laugh is beyond me. They, like us, are there for wrestling.
  8. I thought they were great!
  9. I'm glad Vince had Kane put that fat piece of shit out with a chokeslam.
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