"the 38 most haunted places on earth"

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. This is just a random deal someone posted on my facebook page. Saying they are haunted is clearly BS, but the beauty and insanity in some of the places make for an interesting read, and people like Nanorah (#19) Nick (18) and other people are close enough to check out the places, if they haven't already. Give it a look and a read, some of the places are creepy, some are just amazing to see in general.


    There you have it, this is about as HQ a LR thread as i'll make.
  2. It says "Haunting" not haunted. lolol
    Haunting just means creepy looking, not necessarily haunted by anything.
  3. Thanks for the correction Grammarnazi82. They are really just some amazing looking abandoned places.
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  4. I agree. I looked at them. Love the castle in Belgium.
  5. I've seen some of those places while watching Ghost Adventures or similar shows. Pretty creepy.
  6. No idea why Eastern State Penitentiary is on this list at #38. Not that haunting in person.
  7. lol Aids can't even read
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  8. Now this is what I like reading about. Haunted places. Etc...
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