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  1. Something that bothers me about wresting is this term always is brought up. Surely wrestling in terms of the match side is all about the storytelling and to make it exciting to watch. Not about the same five moves a certain wrestler/team do.16 various different moves does not equal a better match its all about the flow and how you use those 5 moves creatively. most wrestlers do the same old stuff in their matches

    What does everyone else think?
  2. Id say it depends on the performer. Brock Lesnar is a good example. When he first started back in 2002 he used a wide variety of different moves. (Anyone remember the triple powerbomb or the weird leg submission called Brock Lock?). It was cool to see him have such a diverse move set because he was new and green in ring.

    But now Brock only uses a handful of moves. But yet, he can still pull it off. Basically because there is a certain aurora that he gives off by being this powerful monster in the ring so he doesn't have to do as much.

    For some is doesn't work and they're just boring to watch. Take Braun Strowman for example.
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  3. I don't have a problem with it. But if they overuse their moves like Reigns does with the Superman punch, then it's just stupid. Of course I'd like to see more moves, but it's a good way to play it safe. Keeping it limited to what you're known for best is a great idea. But WWE has shoved it down peoples throats so much that people won't accept it.

    On the other hand I like seeing new moves. I like seeing guys with robust arsenals. So I'm not exactly sure. One thing I am sure is that almost every major wrestling star/team uses this concept. Everyone from Daniel Bryan to The Young Bucks (1 move of doom?). So I don't get what some fans are complaining about since it's every where.
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  4. Stretch Muffer was the submission move you were thinking of, yes it is down to the performer,some like Bork only do a few moves but he makes it special, he can tell a story.
  5. Didn't Callihan used to do that.

    EDIT: Yes, yes he did.
  6. Yeah I am not knocking variety it is good to see a wrestler do something fresh and for those big matches. It makes it a bit more epic but at the end of the day I do not mind not seeing it a long as the matches are exciting and grip me.
  7. Seems like that complaint is usually used towards people who aren't over, are overexposed, or simply bore us in the ring. That's more of the problem. Hell, Daniel Bryan became infamous for that during his big run and it didn't affect him at all.
  8. A person can have a lot more than just moves to entertain. Lesnar has an intensity and an aura that in itself can be entertaining.With the way Lesnar has been so dominate since he has been back, the matches are less about his moves and more about wondering exactly HOW his opponent is going to beat him. What the hell that other guy can do to knock down this seemingly indestructible man. In fact, him using less moves actually adds to his image because he wrestles in a routine and repetitive way and STILL beats the hell out of everyone.

    For example, I really loved the match between Nia Jax and Baylely at NXT Takeover London. There was no really good wrestling in the match. It wasn't a technical masterpiece, but I was interested in seeing how Bayley was going to win. I didn't think she would, the story of the match made it seem like she wouldn't and then she did.. and not really in a cheap way either.

    So although I absolutely love guys who have a huge arsenal of moves, you don't have to have one to be entertaining. There are plenty of other ways to make the matches interesting.
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  9. Nothing wrong with having only a couple moves or a comeback sequence, as long as the setup isn't incredibly retarded like Cena's Spinout Powerbomb. Wacky moves do help and make for fun moments in the match, but they don't make a match themselves.
  10. It's not about how many moves you have, it's how you use them.

    While I don't mind someone possessing a large arsenal of moves, virtually every superstar has their "five moves of doom." Shawn Michaels is who I consider to be the greatest in-ring performer in WWE history, and there's a few things you can almost always count on seeing when you watch an HBK match. Sweet Chin Music, top rope elbow drop, flying forearm followed by the kip up, suicide dive, weak-ass chops, maybe the occasional moonsault off the top rope in big match situations, etc. Stone Cold is probably my favorite of all time, and what did he do? Punch, kick, stomp a mud hole in the corner (and flip his opponent the bird in between stomps), Lou Thez Press, forearm off the second rope, maybe the occasional double-axe handle off the top rope, a bunch of brawling on the outside of the ring and occasionally through the crowd, etc.

    It's actually beneficial that you don't see guys utilizing a whole different vast array of moves every single match because it makes it more special when certain superstars are forced to dig down deep and bust out certain moves that we don't see them use on a regular basis (like Cena with the hurricarana and the rolling yoshi tonic, or even an AA from the top rope) in order to win a big match.
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  11. I don't mind the 5 moves of doom, as long as the match is entertaining and tells a good story.
    See: Tanahashi vs Bad Luck Fale and Okada vs Bad Luck Fale matches. Hell, Bayley vs Nia Jax, too!

    As it's been said already, it all comes down to how they're used.

    For an example, Bork's 5 moves are interesting, in my book. 'cause Bork's intensity and "I'MMA KILL YOU DEAD, MOTHERFUCKER!" vibe that there is to him is off the charts! The way he brutalizes his opponents with only a handful of moves is FUN! While on the other hand, Cena's 5 moves are just boring, especially when he's being dominated for a large portion of the match and then he makes his GLORIOUS comeback and wins. Yeah, we've seen it a million times before. I'll admit, though, it was nice when Cena introduced the Springboard Stunner, various Powerbombs and DDTs off the second rope in his matches against the likes of Rollins, KO, Cesaro, Zayn...
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