Survivor Series The 5 On 5 Waifu Elimination Match...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Nov 9, 2018.

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  1. #1 Grievous II, Nov 9, 2018
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    (Yes @Seth I had to use the word Waifu...I'm sorry...I'll go sit in the shame corner later)

    Now...taking the results of last years matches in account & the Becky vs. Ronda match
    also booked for this year...I would have to say that the SDL women's team is most likely
    going over here...but then who really knows at this point?

    Besides Becky & Charlotte, the rest of the SDL women's division has been treated like maybe Ronda & the RAW team go over just to continue that running theme.


    Let's have a look at the of right this very moment...

    Team RED:
    Milfie James, Weight Issues, Don't Mention Her Dad, Crazy Cat Lady & Burning Angel
    with Polly Pocket, Liv Spinner & Southern Silk at ringside.

    Team BLUE:
    The Japanese One, Nicki Minaj, NOT Ronda Rousey, Clownella & TBA.

    I mean I'm guessing Ric Flair's Daughter will have the last spot...but hey...if she doesn't...
    then that's fine because it gives someone else an opportunity.

    (Yes...I'm using stupid informal nicknames in a lame attempt at humor. I know...I'm the just
    the worst person ever)

    Last years match was incredibly predictable as Asuka was still undefeated at the time...
    but we've seen in the last 6 to 8 months...anything could happen.

    But seriously...if Asuka is being pinned in this match..Ember Moon should be the one to
    do it...if she's actually in the match that is.

    Ugh...early predictions make my head hurt.

    Now I'll be updating this thread as the rest of the Waifus...I mean ladies are announced...
    but until then...

    Who do you think will make up the teams?, which team wins? & who will be the survivors?

    Post your thoughts, comments & opinions below & as always...I'll see you all around the traps.


    *Goes & sits in the shame corner*
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  2. This is what I like about you. You post whatever the hell you want no matter what.

    No matter if people care or not you post and say what you want

    Also are you calling Naomi Nikki Minaj ? I'm sure you know why

    Grievous for President!
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  3. Dance break!
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  4. Not to start trouble but saying what you want and running for president is not a good combination. 2015-16 is a prime example of that
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  5. Yeah...I'm done trying to impress people or keeping my mouth.

    To quote an inspirational song:

    "Cause what I do, I do cause I like to do!"

    Because they're both incredibly talented?


    Or that...

    NOPE! I don't want that job.


    Yeah...less political talk...more talking about
    wrestling...and beautiful women who wrestle.
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  6. I hate you, you just reminded me how awesome Emma used to be :emoji_slight_frown: :emoji_slight_frown: :emoji_slight_frown:
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  7. HEY! Emma/Tenille will always be awesome...
    whether she's dancing or not.
  8. She is but I loved her sweet innocent dancing bubble gimmick
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  9. I can understand that...

    It did have a certain "charm" to it.
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    YOU ARE GIVING ME GIFTS LIKE IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! You gave me a gift like this in another thread and now you're giving it to me in this thread

    Youre not a friend you're a brother.

    Just wait for some Special Charlotte Flair pics in the PM

    Pervert Club 4 Life

    I was really joking on The President thing
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  11. #11 Grievous II, Nov 12, 2018
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    So...Sasha Banks, Bayley & Ember Moon can't even make a Survivor
    Series team...instead they go with Tamina, Natalya & Mickie James.

    What a fucking Joke...
  12. Sasha and Bayley no just no. I feel bad for them maybe they should bring back four horsewomen on blue. Now Ember Moon does deserve it she is easily top 5 on the women. When you get a casual fan like my dad who is really hard to impress to be impressed that's something. And he grew up on Macho Man and CSP in Puerto Rico
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  13. I understand why Nia & Tamina are on the team...& I'm glad to
    see Ruby get a spot because she's awesome...but Mickie & Nattie
    instead of Bayley & Sasha?

    I makes no fucking sense.

    It just shows how far Bayley & Sasha have fallen down the main roster
    ladder when veterans like Mickie & Nattie are getting spots instead of
    them...and Ember...

    Its almost like she s being punished for being over at Evolution & the WWE
    are deliberately trying to derail any momentum she earned on that night.

    Actually...on paper...the RAW team looks kind of pathetic bar Ruby if I'm
    being honest.

    SDL are so going to win this match...or at least I hope they do seeing as
    Becky is most likely losing her match to Ronda.

    Who knows at this point...

    Those in charge may want to bring more focus to the RAW women's division
    and may have Becky & Team Blue lose on the night.