the 5 rookie starting qbs in the nfl

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. Out of all of them, which do you think will be the most successful?

    Andrew Luck - Colts
    Robert Griffin III - Redskins
    Russell Wilson - Seahawks
    Jake Locker - Titans
    Ryan Tannehill - Dolphins

    I don't even know. They all start for a reason... Their teams suck.
    If I had to pick, it would be Andrew Luck. The Colts have the most talent out of all 5 of those teams.
  2. Honestly RG3, preferably, Wilson. Some teams have lower expectations. If johnson does what he is capable of, locker has the easiest job. Honestly luck has to be amazing to impress, as i think Denver will outdo Indy all season (i am still confused on why they started over without the guy who clearly is the reason they won so many years.

    Tannehill will be good, but dolphins will be terrible.
  3. The reason I pick Luck over RG3 is that... Washington has absolutely no talents. I literally have no clue who is on their team. I can't possibly imagine them going over 4-13 this season.
  4. This season? Luck
    Long term? RGIII

    I think both Luck and RGIII will be very good this year and moving forward though

    truth is doe that Terrelle Pryor is better than all of em (he is technically in his 2nd year but is basically a rookie. He got fucked by that tOSU scandel and had to declare late as fuck for the Sup. Draft)


    oh and Jake Locker isn't a rookie. He is a beast though. I think he will have a very strong season
  5. ^ I agree. I think if you give a bunch of young talent around RG3, he can really develop well and become an elite quarterback if you give him time.
  6. Washington has more talent than you think. They have some nice RBs with Helu, Royster, and maybe Hightower is he gets healthy, Fred Davis is a very good TE, and RGIII has a nice rapport with Pierre Garcon. They still have Santana Moss' corpse as well
  7. When it comes to it, we'll just see how they preform this season.
  8. They weren't that bad last year. They beat the Giants twice with Rex Grossman. They might surprise you
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