The 5 vs 5 Elimination Match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Rysenberg, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. How fucking good was it?

    It's gonna be totally overlooked, but pretty much everybody came out of it looking strong - and Dolph beating Randy clean?!

    Wow, anyway, thoughts on this match?
  2. I was semi-marking when Orton was bringing back the punt - loved that move. Dolph winning clean was just a dream. Miz being eliminated after a pretty obvious face-turn was weird though.
  3. Yeah that was really peculiar. I kind of understand why they would keep him away from the finish as it was all about Dolph, but that being the case why didn't they just delay the face turn anyway?

    And what the hell is gonna happen at ME? I swear if Dolph loses to Miz after beating Orton clean I'm gonna cry.
  4. I was really happy because D-BRY had a strong showing. I loved the ending of the match as well and MIZ becoming more of a face is a nice addition.
  5. Indeed it was a great match quality wise. The booking was very good too, Dolph winning (with the Superkick) was something I had been wanting to see for a long time, most people looked strong, just Miz's elimination felt a bit awkward.
  6. I so hope he uses that finisher all the time now.
  7. Me too. I've been wanting him to use it as a full time finisher for a long long time now. :gusta:
  8. Same. He cuts it to perfection (pun unintended).
  9. I'll mark if he wins again using the Superkick. I hope he beats Sheamus with it when he becomes WHC :gusta:
  10. Better than I expected. Was marking for the punt.. It might return now.

    The first one was also good. Surprised that they managed to pull it off like that for a team combined with mid-carders and jobbers.
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