The 50 greatest WWE entrance themes ever!

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  1. Edge has a good theme but it definitely shouldn't be #1. I actually prefer him and Christians older theme. Also surprised to see not 1 but 2 CMPunks on here

    Also they're missing a bunch of good ones, some superstars who even had 2 really good ones
    Rob Van Dam
    Eddie Guerrero
    Rey Mysterio
    Road Dogg
    The Hardy Boyz
    Shane O Mac
    The Godfather
    Eric Bischoff
    Bret Hart
    Triple H (My Time original theme)
    Even some of todays like New Day, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins.

    My personal favorite will always be No Chance in Hell- Mr. McMahon, such a badass perfect theme song.
  2. Hell yeah!

    Edge is my all time favorite wrestler and Alter Bridge is my all time favorite band, so I'm definitely cool "Metalingus" aka "On This Day" is #1.

    Finn Bálor's theme "Catch Your Breath" should've made the list. It should've definitely replaced Jawn Cena's corny "The Time Is Now".

    Also, seeing CM Punk's name on the list surprised the hell out of me.
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