Spoiler The 6 CWC stars going to RAW are

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    • Brian Kendrick
    • Rich Swann
    • Gran Metalik
    • Cedric Alexander

    • Lince Dorado

    • Noam Dar

    • And of course The Brand New CWC TJP (Should be obvious)
    • [​IMG]

    • What are your thoughts should they have gotten more?

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  2. Source? Because It's missing the Cruiserweight champion so I kinda doubt that this is all of the people that are going to RAW
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  3. It's on WWE.com
  4. Also @The ReagMaster , had you checked this thread out, you would've seen the same post that's in the OP.

    TJP is coming to RAW as the Cruiserweight champion and those 6 men are coming along with him.
  5. That makes more sense, thanks.
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  6. Since we're on the subject... Man, I hope Cruiserweights get at least an hour of air time.
  7. That's a dope ass list but no Tozawa makes me sad.
  8. Tozawa was advertised along with Gargano and Ciampa. If they aren't on this week then it'll probably be next week.
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  9. Can always count on Shadow for the inside scoops. I hope so, buddy!
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  10. If Gargano isn't on Raw I'll cry.
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  11. I only saw 1 episode of the cwc so I'm not too familiar with everyone.
    I saw noam dark, rich Swann, and I forget the other 2 guys names. Maybe tj Perkins. There was the British guy and the Scottish guy.

    Regardless, the cruiserweight division used to be my favourite back in the day. With the likes of malenko, Guerrero, Mysterio, etc. So I'm definitely looking forward to this. It's unfortunate that they're on raw because I feel smackdown would have been a much better fit.
  13. The source is me Buddy Seeing that TJP is the Brand New Cruiserweight Champion I felt it was very obvious that he was joining the Raw brand but thanks alot Sherlock
  14. Gargano is still on NXT
  15. Gargano, Gulak and ciampa are on NXT I saw Gulak last week take on Hideo Itami with Itami being victorious
  17. Eh, I prefer Balor's answer to my question. Less harsh.
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  19. I know, I'm being sarcastic. Really need to work on that.
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  20. Hey bro who did you want to win?
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