The Absence of Wade Barrett

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Messiah, Sep 20, 2013.

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  1. Does anybody know what happened to Wade Barrett? He hasn't been around for about a month. He's not injured from what i know of, some rumors i heard he's dealing with some visa issues. I don't know how truthful that is though.
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  2. Probally either creative has nothing for him, or they are preparing him for being part of a storyline.
  3. He's taking time off to grow his beard back. :lool:
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  4. Hopefully being repackaged.
  5. Hopefully being repackaged indeed. Also hoping they don't flop this one if he is.
  6. Is he still IC champ? Haven't seen him for a bit
  7. I heard he is working full-time on The JBL & Cole Show. Bad News Barrett.
  8. I think creative is getting him ready for a storyline, but till then.... #BadNewsBarrett
  9. Hes actually still in the UK I believe, due to renewing his work visa, hes been interviewed on Preston North End's youtube channel before and after a Preston North End game.
    If anyone wants i can link the vid

  10. Cool, thanks for the interview.
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  11. No problem :emoji_slight_smile: happy to help :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. CURTIS AXEL. Do you even watch WWE?
  13. Bor, do you even WWE?
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  14. Not when Curtis Asshole is on my tv.

  15. As the gentleman above me said. Not when Curtis is on TV.
  16. Hopefully he returns soon. I really like him.
  17. Fapped to her avatar. Now seriously, do you have the WWE app? Do you check out Lots of ways to know who's still the champ...
  18. Whatever the case, I hope he comes back soon. He is entertaining!
  19. Daniel Bryan shaved off his beard he then jobbed for the weeks after and now has disappeared I feel sorry for Wade my fellow countryman shouldnt be treated in this way
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