Kayfabe The Accident

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  1. *The camera shows Buster's personal car upside-down and steaming on a motorway. An ambulance is close-by and medics and firemen surround the vehicle. Buster runs around from the other side of the car to the drivers side where you can see Reginald motionless. Buster screams out Reginald's name as the firemen pry the door open. They unbuckle his seat belt and slowly remove him from the car. Buster is freaking out.*
    Buster Gates: REG! Reg! Please, someone help him! Please! Oh god...
    Medic: Sir, please give us some space. Are you alright? Are you in any pain?
    Buster Gates: I'm fine... Just... Help him. Nothing can happen to him, YOU HEAR ME?! PLEASE!
    *Buster begins pacing backwards and forwards looking at him friend with tears falling down his face. Medics begin to move Reginald onto a stretcher.*
    Buster Gates: Is he ok? What's happening?! Someone talk to me!
    Medic: He's breathing but we can't tell the extent of his injuries. We need to get him to a hospital right now.
    *The medics get the stretcher into the back of the ambulance. Buster quickly climbs into the back too.*
    Buster Gates: No, no, no... Come on... Wake up! He's going to be fine. Someone say he's going to be fine!
    Medic: We'll do the best we can, sir.
    *Buster stares at the medic for a few seconds before completely breaking down. He buries his head in his hands as the ambulance doors close. The sirens start up and the ambulance rushes away.*
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