The Ace-Team

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, May 16, 2012.

  1. Too bad it didn't work out. Would've been a badass stable to run things around.
    If Eve was added to this, it would have looked cool, would be dominating, and could be good to have both shows under control with a group like that.

  2. I've been waiting for a corporate heel stable run by Laurinaitis to begin for quite some time now.
  3. This was a pretty good begin imo!
  4. It was, but after that we got Del Rio and Christian missing from television for several weeks, Team Johnny vs Team Teddy and no signs of a stable.
  5. So is this actually going to happen?
  6. Yeah it sucked so bad, it was a mess. :upset:
    I hope that they can pick things up again..
  7. So it happened? When was it?
  8. This would have been a god damn amazing stable.

    Henry - the dominant beast.
    Christian - the skillfull cocky wimpy asshole.
    ADR - the good looking up-himself enforcer type guy.
    Otunga - boss
  9. The video and picture never really started, it was just the meeting in the ring at Elimination Chamber.
    After that they never were seen together. I hope it will work out because they would make one badass stable.


    And Eve. Adminiztrationzzzz..
  10. Meh, I've had enough with Eve tbh.
  11. Sheeeee looks, good to me. :gusta:

    That's it..
  12. Eve will be the slut of the group.
  13. Well, if the stable actually started, I wouldn't mind Eve just standing there besides everyone doing nothing. It's the best job she could do. :haha:
  14. Why? They have Henry.
  15. :lol1:
  16. Henry would kill them. :lol1: Plus, if Henry replace Eve then Eve will be the enforcer.
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