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  1. During a commercial break before Precision, we see Will Neilson's expensive house, the front door is left open with a Ferrari out in the drive.

    *Will Neilson is relaxing in his room, when he hears a knock on the door he answers it and finds a man around his age standing there with a suit and tie on*

    Will: Heeeeeey! I thought I ordered pizza and chips, not James Bond! Pffft.. fine whatever, what's ya name pal and what are you doing in me house? (must have left the door open, oops.)

    ???: Hello Mr. Neilson, I am your agent Jeffrey Styles, I have been sent here by the GM of WWEF to accompany you and sort out all of your upcoming matches. I will not accompany you during your matches but.... Ummm.... Mr. Neilson?

    Will: OOOOOH! So you are James Bond then?

    Jeff: Well.. not really sir. I've heard from the GM you might need some assistance, so he sent me here.

    Will: Okay... so you help me get all my stuff sorted out?! If so then that's awesome man, we could be good friends me and you!

    *Jeff is standing there with a smile on his face*

    Jeff: Ahahaha! I'm sure we will be! Your next opponent is someone by the name of Rhys Haze.

    Will: Haze? Never heard the name before, he sounds quite tough, I'm in for a good match then.

    Jeff: We'll sort your match out in a minute, are you up for some PlayStation 5?

    Will: Dude, your cooler than I expected, come right on in.

    *Will closes his bedroom door, and a games console is heard being turned on, the camera fades out*

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    Mentions (open)
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