News The AJ Styles Possibly leaving TNA discussion thread

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. kayfabe.
  2. AJ's contract isn't a part of the rogue champ story. If it was it would be mentioned more on the show, and in the 365 videos.
  3. I know he got resigned through BFG, and his continuation with the company assures me he is sticking it out in TNA.
  4. If AJ is done, I'm done too.
  5. my bet is he gets paid by tna as well as other companies, which is making it easier to do business while he involved in said angle.

    Nothing anyone says will be enough to convince me he isn't coming back to TNA as the champ after it's all said and done. That's all there is too it.
  6. If I recall correctly, didn't AJ only sign a three month deal at Bound for Glory? If so then it's about to be up, I hope they'll come to an agreement on money and AJ re-signs.
  7. I hope AJ resigns, the angle they have is gold and is making TNA a good watch each week
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  8. I highly doubt AJ won't sign. It must be a blast to be able to carry a world title and defend it across the world with different styles, companies and wrestlers overall. This storyline is great, getting good exposure for TNA in other countries and dipping into fanbases too. I don't see any signs of why AJ won't sign, so I'm not worried at all.
  9. - We noted on Wednesday that AJ Styles had not signed a new deal with TNA yet and that they were still negotiating with money appearing to be the biggest issue.

    Styles was backstage at Tuesday night's Impact Wrestling tapings and returned on Wednesday night at the tapings for the January 2nd episode and a match was made against Magnus, winner of the tournament finals, to crown an Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

    That match took place at Thursday night's tapings and will air on January 9th. The match had a No DQ stipulation added to it and saw interference from a handful of stars, including Dixie Carter. The end saw Magnus get the win to become the Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Styles cut what was described as a somber promo and thanked the fans for letting him wrestle for them. He said Dixie could forget about him but he won't ever forget about the TNA fans. He said this was real life and talked about his time in TNA. Styles said goodbye before greeting fans at ringside on his way out.

    There is still no confirmation that a new deal was signed since Tuesday but if there wasn't, PWInsider reports that Thursday night's tapings, which will air January 9th, could be Styles' last appearance for the company. The latest word was that both sides were still very far apart on money and that it would come down to the wire. Styles' contract expires before the end of the year.! :upset:
  10. Wait Magnus won the title? These spoilers are all out of whack. But then again Bromans, Aries, Magnus and Gail all champs makes me love TNA :yay:
  11. Wait does this mean no Lionheart Vs Styles at PCW? :cry:
  12. He won it in a super convoluted stip match. Like silly convoluted.
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  13. Dixieland?
  14. Yup. Starts as a cage match, then you must escape the cage and get to the ramp, once on the ramp you must get a ladder, then climb the ladder and retrieve the belt. And its a no DQ so run ins galore.
  15. Oh my haha. Sounds like a cluster fuck and a steel cage and ladder with Hardy? God.
  16. Wait until you read the spoilers for the unification match, even worse.
  17. Oh my, gonna go read em haha.
  18. What an amazing idea. :russo:
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  19. So that's who stole my weed, the entire TNA creative.
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