Kayfabe The Amazing H vs Robert Blake HIAC Match Final Moments

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    *Both Robert Blake and The Amazing H slowly get back up to their feet from opposite sides of the ring. Both men are tired, battered and bruised. H is first to his feet and stumbles towards Blake. He lifts his head up and slaps him across the face. Robert falls backwards into the ropes, bounces back and elbows H in the forehead. H kicks Blake in the right leg, the leg he has been targeting all match and he falls to the floor, grasping where it hurts and groaning in pain. H takes this opportunity to go for a pin attempt, making sure to hook that right leg. The ref slides in for the pin. "1... 2... Kickout!" Robert Blake is still alive in this one. H sits up and shakes his head. His facepaint is nearly completely gone because of sweat. H picks Blake up to his feet once more and Irish-whips him into the ropes. As Robert bounces back he hits a vicious superkick, almost taking H's head off. H falls to the floor and Robert roars. He wants to end this. He quickly bundles H up to his feet. Robert grabs him, ready to connect with the Skywalker... You hear someone hitting the cell door and the camera turns to show Lukey trying to pry it open. Robert, distracted by this throws H to the floor and turns his attention to Luke. He stares him out and shouts "What are you doing?" Well aware that last week Lukey helped H get his win. Lukey continues to try and break open the door, when...*
  2. *...Out comes a frantic Reese MaCleod, who had previously been rejected as a potential K.O.W member. Reese attempts to stop Lukey from opening the cell door, but Lukey shoves Reese away, causing him to stumble and land sitting on the floor. This sends Reese into a rage, so he grabs Lukey by the shoulder, turns him around and gives him a quick shove. Both men begin to argue and catch the attention of The Amazing H...*
  3. *The Amazing H takes the opportunity to dive right onto Robert Blake knocking him backwards into the cell. The Amazing H begins to focus on Lukey and Reese who are still arguing outside, he begins to yell and slap the cell door trying get the attention of Lukey, but Lukey continues to ignore The Amazing H keeping his focus on Reese. Robert Blake begins to move little by little as The Amazing H is distracted by both men arguing outside. Robert gets to his feet and takes the opportunity by pushing The Amazing H right into the cell completely knocking him down, he then throws the Amazing H back into the ring hoping to end it. Robert Blake calls for his finisher, but the broken Amazing H somehow performs a weak reversal which knocks him back onto the ropes, Robert with all of his fury delivers a massive clothesline which knocks The Amazing H over the ropes, but the Amazing H isn't done yet as he somehow holds onto the ropes with all of his strength. Robert Blake is left in the ring on one knee not knowing what to do, but something comes to mind since he stands to his feet and smiles directly at the Amazing H who is still holding onto the ropes, Robert begins to run as he bounces off the ropes on the other side of the ring, The Amazing H finally lifts his head up to see a furious Robert Blake running right at him, The Amazing H tries to act quickly by lifting his fists up to connect with Robert Blake, Robert with all of his fury connects with a massive spear through the ropes, both men connect with the cell door which completely breaks it open. The cell door connects with Reese's leg which causes almighty pain as he screams in agony. Both Robert Blake and the Amazing H are broken men outside the cell*
  4. *Lukey is able to move out of the way but the door nails Reese in the leg. Luke picks up Robert and starts punching him in the stomach and continues to throw jabs to his face. He tries to hit Robert with a cutter however is able to push Lukey away and starts to throw hands. H however gets up on time and attacks Robert. Luke & H pummel Blake for little bit. They both throw him back into the ring. Lukey picks him up and H sets him up for the BWS and is able to hit it with perfection. Suddenly Jet Starr's music starts to play as he makes his way down to the ring...*
  5. *The fans erupt in cheers for Jet Starr, who hasn't been seen for quite some time. He comes down the ramp, walking over Reese MaCleod who is clutching his knee in pure agony on the ground just outside the cell. By the time Jet makes it into the ring, The Amazing H has let go of Robert Blake. H and Lukey stand in disbelief at the man that stands before them, a man who was once a friend to them, now standing side by side with the current World Heavyweight Champion, Robert Blake. Jet looks at Robert, motioning for them to attack Lukey and H, Robert Blake nods in agreement. Jet takes off his jacket and they start walking towards H and Lukey. Suddenly, Jet Starr tosses his jacket in the face of Robert Blake and kicks him square in the groin, which is met with a thunderous round of boos from the crowd. Jet smiles at H and Lukey, who are all laughing. The three of them now begin to take advantage of Robert Blake, beating him down. Suddenly, the camera turns towards the ramp, catching medical personnel bringing Reese to the back, but also catching another person running towards the ring...*
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    *Ellis quickly storms through the cell door and into the ring, going right after the man who cost him his Intercontinental Championship, The Amazing H. He knocks H right off of his feet and begins delivering forearm after forearm to the back of his head. Lukey and Jet then make their way over, pulling him off of H. The two of them then throw Ellis off the ropes. As he rebounds though, he attempts to go for a double leaping clothesline, only to get caught by both men into a big flapjack. Ellis rolls on the mat in pain as Lukey and Jet begin to stomp at him repeatedly, H still recovering next to Robert Blake.
    A few seconds later, the crowd can be heard cheering loudly as Des Pierson rushes down the ramp and into the cell, quickly climbing onto the outside apron. He stands there for a second, and just as Lukey begins to turn Des leaps, catching him in the side of the jaw with a Springboard Piersing Knee Strike. A dazed Lukey then rolls to the outside of the ring, and Des is about to chase after him when he is stopped by Jet Starr. Jet grabs Des by the shoulder and spins him around into an attempt of the Jet Lag, however, Des brushes it aside. And as Jet turns around, he is caught with a big clothesline by Ellis, sending both men over the rope and out of the ring. Jet, Ellis, and Lukey then struggle to get to their feet on the outside, meanwhile Des takes off running to the opposite side of the ring, ricocheting off the ropes before leaping to the outside with big senton onto all three men. All four men crash into the steel structure, then collapsing to the outside mat.
    Meanwhile, on the inside of the ring H, who's now recovered from Ellis' attack, is in disbelief as to what has just happened, not knowing what to do. That feeling of disbelief though is quickly replaced by agonizing pain, as Robert Blake nails H from behind with a low blow, then rolling him up into a school boy to get the 1...2...3*

    Lia (ring announcer): And your winner and STILL Exodus World Heavyweight Champion....ROBERT.. BLAKE!!
    *The crowd cheers and The Amazing H rolls to the outside of the ring, clutching at the source of his deep agony. The ref then proceeds to give Robert Blake his World Championship, and Des and Ellis make their way back into the ring. Lukey and Jet escort H from the cage, leading him up the ramp as they yell at the men in the ring. In response, Ellis raises Robert's hand in victory, Robert using his other hand to raise the World title high in the air. The two friends just smirk back the Kings, meanwhile, Des glares in their direction before turning his attention to the World Championship to his right. After a few seconds, the view begins to fade from the TV screen, leaving it black*
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