The Amazing Spider-Man 2 official trailer

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Shadow, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. Rhino and Electro look awesome, and from the looks of it, it seems like it'll be pretty sweet. What do y'all think?​

  2. I am excited although shouldn't Harry be the Hob Goblin? doesn't matter still awesome.
  3. Looks good. Better than the first one. Not the biggest fan of the new Peter Parker actor but Emma Stone and Dane DEEHAN <3333 are epic.

    I love Dane so much. Such a pscho badass freak.
  4. 2 Things I didn't like about the trailer.

    1. Harry "Emo" Osborn
    2. Electro = Blue Morpheus
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  5. Dane >>
  6. I really like the new Spiderman design. Looks real nice.
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  7. Too many villians, CGI looks ass, but it's spiderman so i'll watch it.

    Giving Harry a chance cause loved the dude in Chronicle ( watch that movie)
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  8. The only person besides Andrew Garfield who can actually Rock spiderman is Drake Bell, the suit is my favourite part of the character though :emoji_grin:!
  9. Harry osbourn was a heroine addict in the comic. Might fit
  10. Jamie Foxx's look takes me out of it right away. Looks terrible. Hopefully it doesn't ruin the whole movie.
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  11. cant be any worse then wwe programming LOL -_-
  12. Anyone else notice the Vulture and Doc Ock gear?
  13. I honestly didn't see the first one. I enjoyed the first trio though. While I enjoyed Man of Steel (lots of CGI) ... this one seems to graphically altered.
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