The American Dragon Recruit Thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. We are looking for Active members who are enthusiastic about wrestling, has opinions, and respectful towards others.

    Here are some questions i'd like you to answer in your PM

    1. Are you a Daniel Bryan fan or a Bryan Danielson Fan?
    2. What do you plan to bring to this group?
    3. Why do you want to join?
    4. Do you plan on being active?
    5. What are your expectations?

    Give me 5 reasons or a paragraph on why we should accept you.

    You can PM either @"CM Punk" @"lady Deathbane" Or I.
  2. I'm in the group so you should take pride when joining :Smug:
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  3. Josh Reddick >>>>
  4. Josh Reddick MAYBE had 10,000 followers before Bryan.
  5. but yeah D-Bry >>>
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  6. Lol yeah, no idea why i said that.
  7. Josh Reddick makes way more money to work 1/10 as hard as D Bry.
  8. Josh Reddick
    2012 $485,000

    Daniel Bryan
    2012 $620,470
  9. Bryan is making that much? Never would have guessed
  10. Reddick will get a huge deal after this season though and make more money in 2014 than D Bry has in his life
  11. I know right

    Khali Making damn near a cool mil
  12. Apply :obama:
  13. Well shit.
  14. If that list is right the most surprising is ADR only making 600 downside, with how hot Vince was on him plus his reluctance to sign I expected him to be on more.
  15. it's abit old, considering it still has Beth Phoenix and Eve. By now ADR is probably on abit more than that.
  16. It's the 2012 contract list. Says so when you click on it. I was comparing the 2012 salary of reddick and DB.

    That's why it has those two divas.
  17. Okay, I'm a big Bryan fan and I have a beard, @Danielson & @"cm punk" .
  18. There's a bunch of questions to answer guys. :Annoyed:
    Apply and post here.
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