The Angry wrestling vet - Wrestling and religion

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. This right here. Is a pretty darn interesting article to read by the Angry Wrestling veteran. In this article he discusses the similarities between pro wrestling and religion (based off of a fan question). He discusses how similarly to have Neil deGrasse Tyson found his personal epiphany and religion in science, people can find it in wrestling. As he says, "wherever there is passion, there is religion".

    So dear friends. Read the article and tell me what you think. Do you agree with the anonymous veterans statements? I promise that they are well worth the read.

    Personally I kind off agree. Religion is in basis a form of belief based on a passion. I can see people basing their believes on pro wrestling and the struggles of good and evil presented in it.

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