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  1. Today while surfing through my facebook feed I stumbled upon a link posted by Heyman student, ROH founder and current VP of Dragon Gate USA, Gabe Sapolsky. Gabe linked to a blog named the Angry Wrestling Vet (veteran not veterinarian). This blog is written by a seemingly anonymous wrestling veteran who is using it to dispense knowledge to younger guys on how to get going in the wrestling business. It seems fairly recently started and so far contains 3 posts. THE IMPORTANCE OF HUSTLE, or: How to get bookings (and what to do with them), PSYCHOLOGY, or: Stop doing shit that doesn’t make sense, and start doing shit that does make sense. And: PROMOS: What is the point of a promo or interview? What are your goals when cutting a promo? What does it all mean? (I totally thought of Sheamus during the psychology one).

    I liked all three and felt that they contained a lot of interesting and well thought out points and knowledge. Gabe endorsed it and he is known as one of the better bookers on the scene as well. For anyone even interested in getting into the wrestling business I recommend it warmly.

    You can find it here.
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  2. Good read.
  3. Bumping this to say, follow this guy his stuff is really good. I like his ideas on the opening matches not going outside or rarely to the top rope most.
  4. Sounds similar to Austin's philosophy on how the opening matches should be. He said don't do any big top rope moves or use a steel chair in the opening 2-3 matches on PPV. It makes them less relevant when they're done later on in the night in the more important matches.
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