The Animal/Pet Thread

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  1. [size=x-small](I am making this cause there isn't one!!)[/size]


    This thread for anything pertaining to animals or pets. You can post:
    *New Pets
    *Old Pets
    *Ask Pet/Animal Related Questions
    *Share Videos/Pictures
    *Discuss Breeding
    *Share Ideas
    *And Anything Else Having To Do With Pets/Animals

    I know a good chunk about animals/pets so I am always happy to help people out in that section.
  2. You made a pet thread just the other day.
  3. For pictures! This is for EVERYTHING!!!!
  4. It's the same thing. :burns:
  5. Your sig is spectacular Britanica.
  6. Diesel my dog.

  7. No pets.
  8. You can have Savage, :notsure: if house training is likely however.
  9. :lol1:
  10. No Britta
  11. how 'bout it? :emoji_wink: :awyeah:
  12. :ohgod:

    > Who else has any pets? :otunga:
  13. My dog when it was a pup

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  14. Look's cute. :otunga:
  15. Cute.:smug:
  16. Here's my dog Jesse, he kinda sucks though :/
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    [​IMG] :umad:
  17. :annoyed:
  18. Awwww :yay:
  19. Thanks :otunga:
    That's one of my husbands belts, PC stole it and say he's the United States CHAMPIONS! :dawg:
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