The announcing situation.

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  1. Did anyone here not prefer the replacements for Taz and Tenay on the first hour of Impact? Everywhere I read about it, I see fans overjoyed at the chance. Why isn't this permanent? I absolutely despise Tenay and Taz together. Taz is bearable on a good day but Tenay just isn't.
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  2. Seems like they are going to keep going with Taz and Tenay in the second hour from what I've read. Absolutely loved Borash and the new guy (tom/tim something right?)
  3. All they have to do is watch the tape. No way whatsoever can you say hour 2 was better than hour 1, and it's silly if TNA heads in that direction. Taz could be fine as a manager, I guess, and maybe Tenay can be helpful in a backstage role. But for a long time they've needed a change and now's their chance.
  4. I loved the replacements for Tazz and Tenay during the first hour of last weeks impact, It freshened it up a little bit, and to be quite honest anyone could do a better job that Tazz.
  5. JB and Todd Keneley are rock solid. Fuck Taz and Tenay. Fuck 'em.
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  6. This brother :hogan:
  7. Yeah, they're much better than Taz and Tenay, it'd be great if they were there every week all the time.
  8. Good news for tonight:


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  9. Get them :steiner: as pure color commentary. Three man team with mad perchents
  10. I'd mark so hard for Steiner on commentary, in any promotion. Anyway, I really hope JB and Keneley become the announce team for the entire show in the future.
  11. Keneley was again good on booth, hopefully he's with TNA full time.

    Impact last night was awesome. Last 20-30 mins felt rushed bcuz of the time I believe, but both segments delivered what they needed, so no damage there.

    Zema vs. Christian York was the MOTN and TNA should sign this guy ASAP. He fucking deserved it.

    Gallows... Everybody saw it coming - on the internet. Random people, I don't know about them.

    Joey Ryan pinning Bob VD was the mark out moment for me. #Mr.Sleaze
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