The Antarctic Ice Sheet Has Started to Collapse and Nothing Can Stop It

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Extraterrestrial, May 12, 2014.

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  1. For years, scientists have feared the collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet—a vast swath of ice that could unleash a slow but unstoppable 10-foot rise in sea levels if it melted. So here is today's terrible news: we now know the ice sheet is melting. And there's pretty much nothing we can do to about it.

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  2. " The relative good news is that the melting will take place over a few hundred years"

    By which point anyone that matters will be living in space somewhere and the rest of us will all be dying from radiation exposure after everyone nukes everyone.

  3. I wanted to live with the fish :downer:
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  4. Yep. We're all going to die.

    Just like I planned it.

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  5. You mean the way the ice caps have melted and reformed over and over again during earths existence?
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  6. Doesn't matter. We're still all going to die.

    You can't avoid my plan.

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  7. Bloody masons, always looking to wipe out everyone else for their own good.
  8. We're all going to die by nuking each country trying to claim the name of football.
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  9. Abortions for some, no abortions for others?

  10. after reading the thread title, this instantly came to mind!
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  11. What part of "we're" did you not get? That implies that I'm going to, as least that's what I would tell you.


    I'm not telling.

  12. Don't worry, once everything is melte, we'll either be in space singing "Space Odyssey" as our national anthem or We would have evolved into a human fish hybrid....

    I like to call them.....The Fishmen.....
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  13. If Games have taught me anything about water rising, it's that all the fish will evolve into Birds to escape mass flooding.
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  14. Fish take up too much space...

    The Fishmen will rise!
  15. Also, boats talk and tights make you a hero.
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  16. Yeah right
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