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    Note from Writer:

    Hello, I have been always meaning to start one of these up, but I wanted to put time and effort into making mine stand out a bit. I feel as though this is a great chance to get to know some of you on here and add my little piece to this site. AWF is my own fictional company formed of a selection of real life wrestlers, and some of my own created ones. I hope you all enjoy it when I get shows out.


    Nathan Lawler, a businessman and lifelong wrestling fan from Cleveland, Ohio has watched wrestling since the late 80’s. But over the past few years, he hasn’t found as much enjoyment out of his old passion. Watching fans getting ignored, a lack of attention towards talented wrestlers, and a lack of entertaining shows to name a few gripes. And after watching over 90,000 boo the main event of a major show, he had enough. Pooling some of his money together, using his connections to some online streaming companies and talking to some of the hottest independent talents all over the world, he has brought together his own company, the Apex Wrestling Federation. Having monthly shows, some well-known independent talents, along with lesser known and under-appreciated wrestlers, AWF is creating their own alternative for fans!


    #FreeSandow (open)
    Name: “The Idol” Aaron Stevens (AFKA Damien Sandow)

    Hometown: Palo Alto, Florida
    Height/Weight: 6 foot 4/247lbs

    Disposition: face
    Finisher: Idolizer (Arm-Trapped Snap Swinging Neckbreaker)
    Signatures: Elbow of Disdain (Elbow Drop with theatrics)

    Silencer (Arm Trap Sitout Side Slam)


    Adam Cole BAYBAY! (open)
    Name: Adam Cole

    Panama City, Florida
    Height/Weight: 5 foot 11/210lbs

    Disposition: Heel

    Finisher: Panama Sunrise (Canadian Destroyer)

    Figure Four Leg lock
    Signatures: Corona Crash (Reverse DDT)

    Florida Key (Straight Jacket German Suplex)


    THE F***ING MACHINE! (open)
    Name: Brian Cage

    Hometown: The 559
    Height/Weight: 6 foot/305lbs

    Finisher: Weapon X (Gory Special Reverse STO)

    Drill Claw (Vertical Suplex Piledriver)
    Signatures: Discus Clothesline

    Metallingus (Fireman’s Carry Facebuster)


    Carlos Giovanni (open)

    Name: Carlos Giovanni

    Hometown: Queens, New York by way of Milan, Italy
    Height/Weight: 6 foot 2/ 210lbs

    Disposition: Heel
    Finisher: Sicily Dazzler (Scissors Kick)
    Signatures: Spinning Heel Kick



    Looks: short brown hair with facial hair. Often wears fedora to ring and wears long black pants with green, white, and red along the sides with wrestling boots.

    Bio: Italian born Carlos Giovani moved to America at the young age of three, but never grew in love with America. From despising “America’s gross culture” he longed to be back in his home country. He moved back there when he was 18 and trained to be a wrestler while surrounding himself with the wondrous culture. Now returning to America with a sense of entitlement from his Italian heritage, he wants to prove Italians are the best wrestlers in the world.

    Colt Marshall (open)
    Name: Colt Marshall

    Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
    Height/Weight: 6 foot 3/245lbs

    Disposition: Heel
    Finisher: Marshall Law (Powerbomb Lungblower)

    The Noose (Modified Gory Special where he holds the chin to add pressure on the neck)
    Signatures: Twister Kick (Discus Big Boot/Mafia Kick)

    Texas Piledriver


    Looks: Long brown hair and goatee. In ring wears back trunks with custom design on back, black boots and knee pads. Wears black biker gloves. During entrance wears black cuff and cowboy hat.

    Bio: A proud Texan from San Antonio, and having a fascination for motorbikes and beer, he is anything but a soft-spoken southern man. Foul mouthed, a bruiser, and someone found of death matches, he is dangerous in the ring and a threat to anyone who steps in his way. Now stepping into the ring, he is here to institute his own Marshall Law and kick some ass of “scrawny little boys who call themselves wrestlers.”

    Davey Boy Smith Jr. (open)
    Name: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

    Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
    Height/Weight: 6 foot 5/250lbs

    Disposition: Heel
    Finisher: Bulldog Bomb (Sitout Powerbomb)

    Running Powerslam
    Saito Suplex


    Drew Galloway (open)
    Name: Drew Galloway

    Hometown: Ayr, Scotland
    Height/Weight: 6 foot 4/246lbs

    Disposition: Face
    Finishers: Future Shock (Snap Double Underhook DDT)
    Iron Maiden (Chicken Wing over the shoulder Crossface)
    Signatures: Claymore (Running Single Leg Dropkick)
    Scot Drop (Reverse STO)


    IT'S YER SAL! (open)
    Name: Grado

    Height/Weight: 5 foot 11/235lbs

    Disposition: Face
    Finishers: Wee Boot (Big Boot)
    Signatures: Roll N’ Slice (Cannon Ball)

    (Has been known to parody popular moves)


    Jayden Sparks (open)

    Name: Jayden Sparks

    Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Canada
    Height/Weight: 5ft 11/ 195lbs

    Disposition: Face
    Finisher: Over the Top (Springboard Blockbuster)
    Signatures: The 6ix (Tiger Feint Kick in ropes/619)

    Springboard Tornado DDT


    Looks: Short brown hair. Often wears white trunks with a red maple leaf on the back with “The 6ix” on it. Has Black kick pads and black wrist tapes.

    Bio: Hailing from Toronto Canada, at the age of 6 he was diagnosed with cancer. He fought it and won, but during that rough time, he found an escape through the sheer magnificence of professional wrestling. So, when he was 18, he chose to chase his dream. Despite his smaller stature, he has a lot of heart and is looking to prove that, even if you are smaller, your dreams can come true.

    The Greatest First-Generation Wrestler (open)
    Name: Jay Lethal

    Tampa, Florida
    Height/Weight: 5 foot 10/215lbs

    Disposition: Face
    Finisher: Lethal Injection (Handsprung Cutter)
    Signatures: Hail to the King (Macho Man Diving Elbow Drop)

    Lethal Combination (STO Backbreaker into a Reverse STO)


    The PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz (open)
    Name: “Mr. Pec-Tacular” Jessie Godderz

    Hollywood, California
    Height/Weight: 5foot10/248lbs

    Disposition: Heel
    Finisher: Adonis Crab (Boston Crab)

    Pec-Tacular Bomb (Elevated Powerbomb)
    Signatures: PECS! (Modified Stunner)

    Hollywood BLVD (Shoulder Tackle/The Pounce)


    Johnny Mundo/Nitro/Morrison (open)
    Name: Johnny Mundo

    Hometown: Los Angeles, California
    Height/Weight: 6 foot 1/234lbs

    Disposition: heel
    Finisher: End of the World (Split-Legged Corkscrew Moonsault)

    Moonlight Drive (Corkscrew Neckbreaker)
    Signatures: Running Knee Strike to the Head of Seated Opponent

    Flying Chuck Kick (Springboard Roundhouse)


    Nova Surfire (open)

    Name: Nova Surfire

    Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
    Height/Weight: 6 foot 2/235lbs

    Disposition: Face
    Finisher: Surfire Win (Fireman’s Carry into a Roundhouse Kick)

    Supernova (Fisherman’s Buster)
    Signatures: One Hell of a Kick (Yakuza Kick in Corner)

    On the Edge (Hangman’s Facebuster on Knee into a Swinging Neckbreaker)


    Looks: Spiked black hair of medium length with the front dyed blonde. Light Stubble for facial hair and tattoos on arms. In ring wears long black tights with red designs on them along with kick pads. Wears black arm sleeves. Often wears hoodie during entrance.

    Bio: Growing up in Vancouver’s North End, Nova Surfire was faced with addiction, alcoholism, and poverty through most his life. As a way to feed his addiction and to protect himself, he began street fighting. Eventually, after getting caught under the influence, he spent 6 months in a de-tox center. When he came out, he took up Kick Boxing, and later wrestling, to help himself stay clean. Now a new man and gaining the respect of the fans for his resiliency and never say die attitude, he is joining AWF.

    Roderick Strong (open)

    Name: Roderick Strong

    Hometown: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
    Height/Weight: 5 foot 10/212lbs

    Disposition: Face
    Finisher: Sick Kick (Running Single Leg Dropkick)

    Strong Hold (Modified Boston Crab)
    Signatures: End of Heartache (Suplex into a Double Knee Backbreaker)

    Death By Roderick
    (Fireman's Carry Gutbuster)


    Ronny Skye (open)
    Name: “Classic Attitude” Ronny Skye

    Hometown: Miami, Florida
    Height/Weight: 5ft11/215lbs

    Disposition: Face
    Finisher: Skye High (High Angled Diving Senton/Swanton Bomb)
    Signatures: Classic Driver (Lifting Spinning Reverse DDT)

    Stronger Style Knee (Strong Style Knee)

    Whisper in the night (Springboard Rolling Senton/Whisper in the Wind)

    *has been known to take iconic moves and add his own "flare" to them*

    Long blonde hair, red tights and kickpads. During entrance wears sunglasses, red and white boas, and a ripped t-shirt.

    Bio: What can be said about Ronny Skye? Taking inspiration from some of the rock stars of wrestling’s past, he has an old school presence to him. Very charismatic and popular with the fans (and the ladies) he wants to bring “classic attitude back” and get rid of the “bad attitude” in wrestling. But in the ring, he is athletic, and brings a new school flare. So expect him to create some simply “classic” moments.

    Sami Callihan (open)
    Name: Sami Callihan

    Hometown: Bellefontaine, Ohio
    Height/Weight: 5 foot 10/201lbs

    Disposition: Face
    Finisher: Stretch Muffler

    Cradle Killer (Cradle Tombstone Piledriver)
    Signatures: Bicycle Kick
    Headlock Driver

    Steele (open)
    Name: Steele

    Hometown: Las Vegas Nevada
    Height/Weight: 6 foot 8/285lbs

    Disposition: heel
    Finisher: Iron Spike(Emerald Flowision)
    Signatures: Side-Slam Backbreaker

    Running Spear


    Looks: Medium Length black hair with a full beard. In the ring wears long black pants over a singlet. Wears a metal mask during entrance.

    Bio: Steele, to say he is mysterious, is an understatement. Very little backstory is known about him and prefers to remain silent. But when you are the size of this man, there is no need for talking. He’ll let his destruction speak for him.

    Stu Barrett (open)

    Name: Stu Barrett

    Hometown: Preston, England
    Height/Weight: 6 foot 7 at 245lbs

    Disposition: heel
    Finisher: Bull Hammer Elbow
    Signatures: Winds of Change (Spinning Side Slam)

    The Crash! (open)
    Name: The Crash!

    Hometown: “The Crash-Test Facility”
    Height/Weight: 6foot/207lbs

    Disposition: Face
    Finisher: The Crash Test! (Shooting Star Press)
    Signatures: Get Wrecked! (Springboard kick)

    Air Bag! (Springboard Moonsault)


    Looks: The Crash wears a full body suit to give off the impression he is a crash test dummy.

    Bio: Easily a fan favorite with his fast pace action. The look of a crash test dummy gives the appearance that he is indestructible, which is easily believed with all of the high flying moves he performs. Combining in with his wacky nature, you can’t tell what he is going to do.

    Toxin (open)
    Name: Toxin

    Rockford, Illinois
    Height/Weight: 6 foot 1/225lbs

    Disposition: Heel
    Finishers: Injected (Twisting Brainbuster)

    The Antidote (Koji Clutch)
    Signatures: Half-Nelson Suplex

    Rope-Hung DDT


    Looks: Long Black Hair. Wears black jeans with purple and grey airbrush designs on them. Black tape around hands.

    Bio: Hailing from Illinois, the man now known as Toxin grew up the streets, trusting very few people. This made him angry against how society is shaped. Wrestling was the only area where he could take that aggression out. Now using wrestling as an outlet, Toxin wants to poison society and professional wrestling.

    Vincent Proud (open)
    Name: Vincent Proud (VP for short)

    Hometown: Washington, D.C.
    Height/Weight: 6 foot 2/235lbs

    Disposition: Heel
    Finisher: Swing Vote (Overdrive)
    Signatures: House of Cards (AA Spinebuster)

    The Party Whip (Dragon Whip)


    Looks: African American Male with short black hair and often wearing a big smile on his face. In the ring wears blue tights with red and white stripes on them. Back of trunks have a star and “#VP2016” on them. Wears back books and knee pads.

    Bio: Vincent Proud is someone who believes himself to be a politician. Because of that, he is always campaigning to be the Champion and giving off “speeches” and sometimes engaging in “debates” with foes (sometimes with him contradicting his own beliefs). But don’t let this fool you, he can go at it in the ring and is not afraid to “politic” his way to a victory.

    Zack Sabre Jr. (open)
    Name: Zack Sabre Jr.

    Hometown: Canterbury England
    Height/Weight: 6 feet/ 185lbs

    Disposition: Face
    Finishers: New School Armbreaker (Cross armbreaker)

    Penalty Kick

    Sabre Driver (Michinoku Driver II)


    Owner (open)
    Name: Nathan Lawler (no relation to a certain monarch wrestler)

    Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
    Height/Weight: 5foot9/185lbs

    Disposition: Face


    Looks: Short dirty-blonde hair with a little bit of grey in it. Often wearing suits.

    Bio: Nathan Lawler is the owner of AWF. A lifelong wrestling fan, when he hit it big at the stock markets at the age of 19, he went into University where he obtained his Bachelors in Business. He later operated multiple media companies where he obtained a respectable wealth, and being given the nickname of "Big Money Nat." But when he would tune into his old passion, wrestling, he would become dissatisfied with how it is being presented. Eventually, he had enough. So he started Apex Wrestling Federation. It’s founding principle, raising wrestling in the eyes of fans and bringing it to greater heights.

    Championship History

    AWF Heavyweight Championship (open)


    Current Champion: Vacant

    Past Champions: N/A

    *First Champion to be determined at second show*

    AWF Television Championship (open)

    Current Champion: Vacant

    Past Champions: N/A

    *First Champion to be determined at third show*

    Show Schedule
    *subject to change*

    AWF Awakening
    The Apex Wrestling Federation (A BTB)
    AWF Blood On the Throne

    AWF Rising

    AWF Pure Anarchy

    AWF Havoc Rulez (Hardcore Theme)

    AWF Lights Out!

    AWF Injustice Before Justice

    AWF Remedy

    AWF Locked and Loaded

    AWF Empire (Major Show)
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    AWF Presents...


    Main Event Singles Match:

    Stu Barrett vs Drew Galloway

    In the main event of the first ever show of AWF, two men with very similar paths will battle. Both Galloway and Barrett at one point were billed as “the future” of where they once called home. But Galloway, after parting ways over a year ago, has found amazing success. Winning major titles almost everywhere he went and creating a need to “stand up” for professional wrestling, the Scotsman has proved himself to be one of the hottest independent talents in the world. Now Stu Barrett sees himself entering the independent scene facing a daunting opponent. But Galloway can’t overlook the bare-knuckle brawler, or else it can spell bad news for him.

    Singles Match:

    Jay Lethal Vs Brian Cage

    A clash of styles will battle. The power of Brian Cage will be put to the test against the speed and technical ability of Jay Lethal. The Fucking Machine can show his dominance and a win over Jay Lethal would be nothing to sneeze at, but Jay Lethal calls himself the “Greatest First Generation Wrestler” for a reason. Expect an exciting match as these two men will leave it all in the ring.

    No DQ Match:

    Colt Marshall Vs Sami CallIhan

    Sami Callihan, being well known for his ability in hardcore matches requested to AWF owner, Nathan Lawler, that it could fight be specialty against a “worthy foe.” Enter Colt Marshall. A tough, motor biking redneck from Texas with no regard for his opponent’s safety, Marshall will give Callihan exactly what he asked for. Expect this match to turn violent quickly.

    Triple Threat Match:

    Toxin vs Jayden Sparks vs Steele

    On three separate ends of the spectrum are Toxin, Jayden Sparks, and Steele. Toxin, a self-proclaimed outcast, is twisted and is outspoken against how society and the system we live in works. Different to him is Jayden Sparks. A blue-chipper who made a splash in the Canadian independent scene for his exciting offence and never-say-die attitude, something the fans love, it is expected that Toxic won’t be a fan of him. Then you throw in a massive X-Factor in the mysterious, destructive Steele. A silent-man bent on destruction and mayhem, he is far from someone to be overlooked.

    Singles Match:

    Davey Boy Smith Jr. Vs The Crash!

    Davey Boy Smith Jr, a third generation competitor, is normally used to tag team competition. Having held multiple tag team titles, he looks to break out on his own and escape the shadows of his successful relatives to prove he is the best Hart of all. To do that, he has to face against the strange and exciting, The Crash! Will DB Smith Jr’s power and technical ability give him a much needed edge? Or is The Crash! As indestructible as he says he is?

    Six Man Tag Team Match:

    Grado & Zack Sabre Jr & Roderick Strong vs Johnny Mundo & Jessie Godderz & Adam Cole

    Two teams of stars representing different values. Strong and ZSJ are both technical masters in the ring and well known for their hard work and dedication. Adding Grado who, with his unique personality, has took the wrestling world by storm, fighting his way from the bottom to become a beloved wrestler. On the other hand, three of the biggest egos in wrestling are on the same team. With the “Guru of Greatness,” the reality and TV star Jesse Godderz, and the always confident Adam Cole, it is a wonder if these men can get along? But if they can, they are a dangerous threat.

    Also appearing:

    Ronny Skye, Vincent Proud, Aaron Stevens, & AWF owner, Nathan Lawler!

    P.S: (open)
    I am already finished one segment and the first match and I will be working on the show over the next little while when I get the chance. I also would like to give thanks to @The ReagMaster for helping me come up with a name of the fed as well as a few names for events, and another big thanks to @Crithu for allowing me to use one of his characters and helping me come up with this and brainstorm ideas.

    Another thing is, I may have 20 people, but I am not ruling out expanding the roster a bit. So if you have ideas for real wrestlers for me to "sign" or created wrestlers you want me to use, feel free to state in this thread or private message me. When I get the shows out, feedback is appreciated.

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  3. Show Spoiler
    I am about one third of the way through the show, but I feel as though I need to set up some storylines before I post it. So, whenever I get a chance, I'll make a quick little promo for any matches I feel could use some extra set up. As always, feedback is appreciated.

    The Road to Awakening!

    The Barrage Awakes Again

    The footage begins inside the lavish office of AWF owner, Nathan Lawler. Behind him is a painting of his family when he was younger, showing an older gentlemen in a grey suit, presumably his father, a woman with a white floral dress on and blonde hair, his mother, and a young Lawler wearing a big grin on his face and is wearing a plaid dress shirt. Around it are two book cases and in front of it is the wooden desk where Lawler sits going through paper work. His phone rings and he picks it up.

    Lawler: Hello, Nathan Lawler speaking. listening Oh, hey Richard. And by the way, thanks for filling me in on the meeting last week. I was busy with another venture. listens Yeah, it's the wrestling compan...listening Ok, yeah. I understand a lot of people are questioning me with it and it is a risky venture but...listening...Look, this isn't about making millions of dollars. This company is not competing with that big company WW...Why do you always think that? AWF is more of a smaller company. We are mainly touring over in the states near us. I'm doing this because its been a passion of mine since I was a kid and this is something for me to do since I have been stepping away a bit more from our company. And I'm not going into this blind, I know what it takes to...

    His phone call is interrupted by knocking on his office door. He sighs, then talks in the phone.

    Lawler: I got a visitor. I'll call you back after.

    Hanging up his phone, he calls towards the person at the door.

    Lawler: Come in!

    The knob turns and walking in his office is the wrestler formerly known as Bad News Barrett, Stu Barrett. With his own suit on he sits down on a chair that is placed on the side of the room. Lawler seems to be glad of his arrival.

    Lawler: Ah, Stu. Pleasure to meet you in person! When I heard that you were going to sign with AWF, I was taken back. Someone who is as big of a name as you, joining this promotion before we even put on a show is shocking. I'm looking forward to it, the fans are looking forward to it, and I can't wait to...

    Nathan Lawler is interrupted by his visitor.

    Barrett: Let's keep it simple. I'm not here for the fans. Frankly, I couldn't care what they would think about me. Just a few months ago, I was set to stop wrestling.

    The fact Barrett doesn't share Lawler's excitement is disheartening to him.

    Lawler: It's a shame to hear that and if you feel that way, why did you come back?

    Barrett: laughs Isn't it obvious? I thought you were much smarter than that Mr. "Big Money" haha. I'll reveal with time, but to give you a hint, I have unfinished business to attend to. Speaking of business, I believe you have a contract for me to sign.

    Taking a deep sign, Lawler reaches under his desk and pulls out some papers.

    Lawler: Here ya go. Just sign your name on the bottom and you are officially a part of AWF.

    He places the papers down and Stu Barrett walks over to the desk where he grabs the pen and signs the contract.

    Barrett: Pleasure doing buisness with you. Now if you'll exscuse me, the Barrett Barrage is coming again.

    Stu Barrett turns around starts to walk out of the room. As he is about to exit through the door, his now boss speaks up.

    Lawler: Oh, by the way, I already have your first opponent. I think he will be familiar to you. In the main event of our first show, you're going to go one on one with The New Phenom himself, Drew Galloway! Good luck, you'll need it.

    This stops the former Bare Knuckle brawler dead in his tracks. He looks back at Lawler, but decides not to speak out. Instead, he just shuts the door and leaves the boss alone in his office as the segment ends.
  4. I'd love to help book, this, give me a PM if you want. @NLSuplex
  5. @King Barrett I will send a PM after I am done work (on break atm). I already have some plans and I have the first show planned (and wrote about one third too). But we will talk and maybe we can work together a bit.
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    Lighting the Spark

    As the card for AWF's first show was being released piece by piece, one of the earliest announced matches was a triple threat match between three men. They are Jayden Sparks, Toxin, and Steele. Ecstatic for being part of the new promotion, Jayden Sparks made a video on his personal YouTube channel saying his thoughts and to thank his supporters. Here is what he said.


    The image isn't perfect due to the quality of the camera, but video starts with Jayden Sparks himself sitting at a computer desk, dawning a Toronto Raptors t-shirt and he has a large grin on his face.

    Sparks: Man, today couldn't get any better! The Toronto Raptors made it to the conference finals of the NBA playoffs, but most of all, I have an amazing opportunity ahead of myself. After clawing my way up, getting knocked down more than I can remember, I have my first show in the United States. There is this promotion starting up called Apex Wrestling, or AWF, and the owner, Nathan Lawler just contacted me with the news that I will be wrestling at their first ever event, AWF Awakening!

    Pumping his first up and down, the image lags a bit, but is obvious he is stoked for his match.

    Sparks: I couldn't be more thankful for this chance and I am grateful for the fans who have supported me all this way. But some of you watching may not know much about me. So, to the soon to be AWF fans that I will perform in front of, here is a piece about who I am. If you watch wrestling for larger than life personalities, if you watch it for feats of Herculean strength, I'm not that type of person. But, if you want someone to relate to, a person who is genuine with you, and is willing to perform against whatever is in front of him, putting his body on the line in the process, then I will do that and more. Why? I love this. I love wrestling. And when you have a doctor tell you that you may not even live, you tend to live life fuller. So, I'm not scared of taking risks or monsters...which is what I am against...

    He takes a quick sigh before continuing.

    Sparks: Toxin and Steele, other than not being creative with their names, are two twisted individuals. Steele, I don't know much about him, except he is extremely shy, and a physically imposing individual. He's someone that can snap your back in two and not have second thoughts about it. I get that it is a challenge for me, but I'm not backing down from him. But then there is...Toxin. If I can describe that man in one word, it would be vile. I've seen footage, and I know what he is like. Toxin is disrespectful, anarchic, and to him, a person like me, someone who is a good person and respects the world we live him, is simply a target. Why? I have no clue. But if either one of you think I'll be someone you can walk over, you're wrong! Because at AWF Awakening, the Sparks are going to fly and it will be lights out for you two!

    The video cuts away.
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  7. Pretty good show, nice job mate :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Thanks. I am working on the first real show, and King Barrett is trying to help too. Hopefully I will get it out soon. :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Well, I can only wish you best of luck guys :emoji_slight_smile: And if you are interested, you can read my created shows too, maybe get some ideas from it or something :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Link it to me and I will look at it after. :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. I love your promos building up to your first card; they are really well written. Although, I shouldn't be surprised as I have read some of your past work, and it was good as well. Can't wait for the remaining promos and the first show!

    PS. I really like your formatting.
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  12. The Road to Awakening!

    Injecting Oneself

    After Jayden Sparks posted his video, it sparked a lot of attention from AWF fans. Many of which, excited to see him in the ring. But of all the people who saw the video, one person who is not as pleased, is Toxin. So, uploaded to AWF's official website, (OOC: not real...I think) is a video responding to it. Here is what he said.


    Static appears on the screen, before finally coming into focus. It shows a man wearing an old leather jacket, ripped jeans, a band t-shirt, and unkempt long black hair. This is Toxin. He stands in a dark back alley somewhere in Chicago, Illinois. Leaning on a brick wall, he smirks before gesturing towards the camera to come closer to him. As the camera moves closer, he gets off the wall. Just before the cameraman stops, he grabs the camera himself and holds it up to his face.

    Toxin: AWF, welcome to the place where the scum of society finds home, a location of people who reject the norms placed by the masses and where rules are only made to be broken. Welcome, to where I feel comfortable. And today, I introduce you to the madness of my world, and send a personalized message to one Jayden Sparks. Mr. Sparks, I don't believe we properly met. You call me disrespectful and anarchic, but you should call me Toxin.

    He chuckles and grins at the camera.

    Toxin: When you made that cute little video thanking your fans, you made the same mistake people have done to me my entire life. You, without looking at me, placed me with a label. How fitting, because you remind me of everything I despise in this world. I can tell that when you were a little boy, your mother would tuck you in, and tell you that if you worked hard enough, and played by the rules, all your dreams would come true...But really she was a conspirator in the ruse we all are in. The truth... is only the corrupt get ahead in life. No matter how hard you tried, the rich stay rich, the lowlifes like me have it worse, and people like you are putty in their hands. They mold you for a specific role and keep you there. No less. And if you don't fit, they replace you and leave you the crumbs! That...

    Stopping mid sentence, he looks around the alley.

    Toxin: That is what I have. For my entire life, I was ousted by the greedy. But I'm fine with that. I refuse to play marionette in the puppet show called life. Why? Because unlike all of you, I didn't let my mind become poisoned...So now, I am the very definition of what society is...Toxin! Do you understand now, Jay? Are you through playing your little games with labels and names? Good. Because I am going to explain exactly what I'm going to do. As vengeance for what this world has done to me, I'm going to inject my own poison into this world and professional wrestling is the perfect platform. When injected, it is going to cause great pain, discomfort and will worsen with time. When will it end? Only I have the antidote and as the name of the event says, it will only be used when the world wakes up to the corruption we live in. But it will all start with you, Sparks, and Steele. Just hope for your own sake it will be over quick!

    To end, Toxin grabs the camera in fury and throws it against the wall. The image shakes, and the lens cracks before the camera crashes on the ground and the image cuts to static.

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    The Road to Awakening!

    Editors Note (open)
    Finally got back to working on the show. I'm working full time now and I have been covering a lot of shifts as of late because many people are sick...or call a supervisor a "a fucking bitch and a c***" in the middle of the restaurant for not giving them an early break... That along with some personal stuff and other projects and I had to put AWF on the backburner for a while. Hope to get the show out eventually -NL

    News Update:

    As AWF's first show approaches, AWF owner, Nathan Lawler has announced via social media that the AWF roster will be adding more people after Awakening. He posted on his account.


    In other news, AWF also announced that their first event will have an official theme, "Awake" by Down In Ashes.

    AWF urges its fans to check out the band and check out their songs.


    Also, footage has surfaced from a few weeks ago of the encounter between AWF wrestlers Sami Callihan and Colt Marshall which lead to Nathan Lawler scheduling a match between them.


    The video begins with footage of what looks to be the outside of the building where Nathan Lawler's Cincinnati office is on a cloudy morning. Many people in suits are entering and exiting though its glass doors but sticking out like a sore thumb, standing in front of the doors with his tattered leather jacket and jeans is Sami Callihan. With a few of the employees giving him dirty looks, he stands in wait. Eventually, the man he is waiting for comes in a chipper Nathan Lawler who sees him just down the sidewalk. Holding his morning coffee, he walks up to Callihan.

    Lawler: Why, isn't it Sami Callihan? I should have expected you to come see me eventually. I mean, you are also from Ohio. Nice to finally meet you in person and might I say, I'm glad to have someone like you in AWF.

    He extends his hand without the coffee for a friendly handshake. Callihan looks at it with his hands in his pockets and makes no efforts to shake it.

    Let's cut the pleasantries and cut to why I'm here. If you're not aware. AWF's first show is on the horizon and it seems to have it all. It has dancing fat men, technical wizards, lying politicians and British men but it needs something over the top. It needs something to take it over the edge.

    Lawler brings his hand back and tilts his head.

    Lawler: Well, say no more. You want me to put you in a match? I'll work it out. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to head to my office...

    The owner of AWF is about to walk away, but Sami Callihan grabs him by the shoulder.

    Callihan: I don't just any match...I think you forgot who you just signed. You signed a death machine, a man who has carved a legacy out of barbed-wire and voilence. I've gone through tables, light tubes, had steel carve into my head. Having a match under normal rules will limit me. I want a no disqualification match. But most of all, I want the person I face to be a worthy foe.

    Although made slightly uncomfortable, Lawler nods his head.

    Lawler: I'll be on it. Don't you worry. I'll contact you when I have you an opponent.

    Callihan: Good answer...I'll see you around.

    Sami lets go of his shoulder and begins to walk off. He doesn't get that far as someone catches his attention. Pulling in on a motorcycle in the opposite direction he went towards his boss is a man in a black cowboy hat, black shirt and jeans, an attire not fitting of Ohio. This man is fellow wrestler Colt Marshall. Sami stops and watches as the Texan talks gets off his bike to his boss.

    Marshall: Mr. Lawler. I thought I would see you here. You see, it took a lot for me to step out of my home state Texas to go to this shit-hole of a town to join AWF. The problem, I'm not here to fight some damn scrawny boys like you have me doing. Where I come from, real men are willing to wrestle through any environment. Real man fight head on without this flippy bullshit. I let my fists do the talking. So, I refuse to partake in this "match" with y'all's "hand picked opponent." Find me a real fighter or I walk!

    The owner of AWF is taken back a bit by this sudden outburst. He is unable to respond. But this exchange was enough to bring Sami back over.

    Callihan: You want a real fight? Then how about facing me!? I'm not scared of someone like you and I won't hold back at all. How are you about handling a no disqualifications match?

    Marshall: Ha! Why isn't it Sami Callihan? I've seen your work and might I say it's almost as good as me. I enjoy a good no holds barred fight. I can fight with anything from barbed-wire to the kitchen sink! But, I don't fight weak men like you. I need real competition, someone with the strength of a bull, not the stench of its turd.

    This insult doesn't sit well with Callihan. His eye twitches and he looks at Marshall.

    Callihan:'re calling me...weak?

    Marshall: I call it as I see it. Sami-boy you're not in my fucking league. So, why don't you go to your little Combat Wrestling place and pick a battle you can actually have a chance in. Meanwhile, I'll blaze my own trail in AWF.

    Sami looks away before punching the Texan Outlaw in the jaw and this sparks a brawl between the two men. They both go to the ground and exchange fists. This gets back enough where Nathan Lawler, who has watched this little exchange, calls for security to break the men up. Several guards come out and separate the men and eventually they are successful. Shock is on the face of Colt while Sami Callihan has a deranged look in his eye.

    Callihan: How about that for weak!?

    Lawler: Ok, I've seen enough! I'll make it official! Colt Marshall vs Sami Callihan in a No Disqualification match at Awakening. Now guards, send these men away and you two, save it for the event!

    An angry Lawler storms off as the footage fades away with the two men being separated by the guards. The lines have been drawn and this match has already got personal.
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    Editor's Note (open)
    You thought it wouldn't come out? Well it did! I put a lot of effort in it and I hope those who read enjoy. I tried not to make this a typical BTB, and I am looking forward to continuing this more because after a month and a half of countless shifts at work, personal problems, and writer's bloock.

    Feedback is appreciated and let's begin!




    The camera feed begins by showing a dark arena. Shadows envelop most of the arena except for one lone area of light, a wrestling ring. It's ropes are red and the skirting reads "AWF" in bold silver and red letters behind a black backdrop. In the middle of the ring, a table is placed with a cloth covering something. With only a couple of murmurs heard, the arena is practically quiet until a voice speaks over the loudspeakers.

    "Coming to be in the early 19th century, professional wrestling has grown to be a spectral world-wide. Creating countless memorable moments, matches, and personalities. it has transcended time. Athletes become gladiators, warriors, villains, super heroes, monsters, legends, and immortal. Times may change, but at its heart it remains the same. While some believe its days of glory are in the past, others feel it has yet to peak. Tonight, the wrestlers of tomorrow begin their climb to the top of our world as a new era in professional wrestling has..."

    There is a brief pause before the announcer finishes.


    "Awake" by Down in Ashes plays through the speakers as the lights of the arena are turned on, revealing an energetic crowd cheering wildly as this marks the beginning of the Apex Wrestling Federation with its first show, Awakening! The fans cheer for a good minute as the music stops only to be replaced by a song that will soon become a staple of AWF.

    To begin the first show in AWF’s history, the theme music of AWF Owner and GM, Nathan Lawler plays to signal his arrival. The lights of the arena change from green to gold as the owner walks through the arena curtains wearing a black suit and grin on his face. This receives a respectable ovation from the fans as he heads towards the ring where, a table is placed. On the table is a black cloth over something that looks like a box. Eventually, Lawler climbs onto the ring apron and steps into the ring where he grabs a microphone as his theme music fades away.

    Lawler: Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce all of you to the Apex of professional wrestling, AWF live for our first show, AWF Awakening! I would like to thank each and every person in the building tonight and those who are watching our livestream because tonight would not have been possible without all of you and the amazing wrestlers that will grace this ring tonight!

    The quick introduction given by Lawler brings cheers from the crowd.

    Lawler: Before I get down to business, I want to properly introduce myself. I, Nathan Lawler am the owner and general manager of the Apex Wrestling Federation. I may have countless business ventures outside of AWF, but I didn’t start this out of corporate greed, or to pat my pockets. Although, truthfully, I do enjoy money, haha. I started out as a fan, much like all of you. For most my life, I have watched professional wrestling. No matter where I went, I got drawn into the spectacle and it has always been something I love. But, over the past while I have been more than dis-satisfied with how it has been seen in the media, and how some people in and out of the business would like to push the fans around. After tonight, that won’t happen again! Because now, AWF is live and the game has changed!

    This energizes the fans more, bringing a smile to the face of the owner. He looks over to the table and cloth where he places his hand on it and continues to speak.

    Lawler: Now that we got all the introductions out of the way, I think it’s time to show why I am out here. Because every promotion in the world needs a prize at the top. An object that means more. Something that brings up values of hard work, skill and dedication. With that, I introduce to you the championship that represents AWF…

    Swiftly, he pulls the cloth off to reveal, the AWF Heavyweight Championship in a glass case. Its gold plates shine in the lights above the ring and the fans in attendance clap.

    Lawler: The AWF Heavyweight Championship! The very crown jewel of AWF may not be determined tonight, but every match tonight will go a long way in deciding who will fight for it next month at AWF Blood on the Throne. Until that historic moment, we set out on making history here tonight. Live tonight, you’ll see independent stars and young, hungry wrestlers make their way to the ring. I could talk for hours about how proud I am to have them in AWF, but I know what you want. Wrestling! So let me wrap things up by saying, AWF roster, I’ll be watching!​

    Lawler places the microphone down, signaling that he is done and his theme music plays as he walks out of the ring and ends the segment.


    A loud pop is heard from the fans as the iconic theme song of the world wide sensation, Grado is played. The fans sing along to the lyrics, building anticipation, until Grado himself comes out with his signature singlet, hat and fanny pack. Dancing along with the theme, Grado makes his way to the ring, high fiving as many fans as he can. This is an amazing way to kick off AWF as Grado’s popularity and antics are only matched by his heart and he will be teaming with two great technicians. Grado makes his way up the turnbuckle and removes his fanny pack before raising it in the air in time with the music. He pumps up the fans as he gets into the ring and throws his arms to different sections, bringing cheers. Eventually his theme music is cut and replaced with one of his partners’ themes.

    The guitar rift for “Hey Scenesters” signals the arrival of master technician, Zack Sabre Jr. Sabre Jr makes his way out of the curtain with his signature jacket. Quickly popping his collar, he heads to the ring to join Grado. Voted best technical wrestler in 2014 and 2015, very rarely he can be out wrestled. He brings his mastery to this team in the opening match of AWF. Sabre Jr makes his way into the ring where he meets one of his partners for the evening. He raises his arms one last time, before his theme music fades out and the last member of their team makes his way to the ring.

    The final member of their team, Roderick Strong, enters the arena through the curtains and makes his way to the ring, causing the fans to cheer. Strong rounds out the team with his own mix of technical prowess and explosive offence. Climbing the ring apron, Strong jumps over the top rope and climbs the top turnbuckle to great fanfare. When he comes back down to the mat he joins his teammates, but him and Zack Sabre Jr exchange glares. Recently, they have had history in PWG where Sabre took Strong’s championship. But, it looks like the two are leaving their past behind them as they nod to await their opponents.

    The first of their opponent’s Johnny Mundo makes his way out of the curtains with his signature jacket and glasses. He makes his slow motion pose and smirks towards the fans. There is no ends to the confidence Mundo has. As a former WWE Intercontinental Champion, and being a major part of Lucha Underground, he has a right to be. At about half way to the ring, he points towards the back. His music fades and is replaced by another song.

    The dramatic theme music of the PEC-Tacular Modern Day Adonis, Jessie Godderz plays, sparking jeers from the fans. Godderz makes his way out of the curtains wearing a long navy blue robe. He turns around to soak in his reaction, before removing his robe to flex. Out of everyone in this match, Godderz is hands down the most powerful man with a history in bodybuilding. He makes his way down the ramp to join Johnny Mundo before both of them point back at the stage to introduce their last partner.

    The former ROH Champion, Adam Cole makes his way through the curtains to a mixed reaction. Despite his bad attitude, he has garnished his own following. Cole bends down before raising both his arms yelling “Baybay!” Adam Cole walks down to meet up with his teammates. The three men head towards the ring where Godderz and Mundo climb opposite turnbuckles with Cole standing in the middle on the apron as “Something for you” fades away. Both teams head to their respective corners and decide who starts the match. Zack Sabre Jr and Johnny Mundo begin for their teams as they both get in the ring and the bell rings.

    Both men circle each other before locking up in the middle of the ring. ZSJ quickly transitions to a waist-lock and hooks both of Mundo’s arms for a backslide pin. Mundo quickly kicks out and delivers a quick kick to the chest of ZSJ. Responding to that kick, ZSJ drives his forearm to the jaw of Mundo. After staggering back, Mundo throws a punch, but it is ducked and he is sent flying overhead with an arm drag and is struck in the back with a kick from ZSJ. He holds his back and walks over to the ropes where he looks to be in shock. Looks like “The Guru of Greatness” underestimated his smaller foe. Mundo quickly goes to his corner to tag in the powerhouse, Jessie Godderz. The former reality TV star gets into the ring and quickly takes Sabre Jr down with a clothesline before he gets a chance to react. Godderz drops his knee down on the throat of the British Master and strikes him with a few punches in the head before picking him up and lifting him in a vertical suplex position. He holds him for a few seconds to show his power before dropping his foe face first in the mat with a gourdbuster. Now with Sabre Jr down, Adam Cole wants into the match and is tagged in. ZSJ gets to his knees and the newly tagged in Cole charges at him and connects with a Shinning Wizard! He goes for the lateral press but ZSJ kicks out at One and a half.

    Adam Cole keeps the pressure on his opponent. He lays Sabre Jr down and drives his leg into his chest with a jumping leg drop. Early on, it looks like their strategy is clear for dealing with ZSJ. Keep on the attack to deny him a chance to counter. Adam Cole tags in Mundo now and Adam Cole grabs ZSJ in a Russian leg-sweep position. Johnny Mundo runs at him with a dropkick, completing the double team move. After that, just to add a little flare, Johnny Mundo connects with a standing shooting star press, landing on the ribcage of Sabre Jr. Another pin is attempted, but it is only a two as ZsJ kicks out. Mundo picks up ZBJ and propels him towards the ropes with an Irish whip and picks him up for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Having this move scouted, the technical master that is Zack Sabre Jr reverses it into a guillotine choke! Mundo struggles to escape as ZSJ wrenches the neck. The legs of Johnny Mundo are beginning to shake so he tries to move himself towards a corner. But he is accidently going towards the corner where Strong and Grado are positioned. This gives Grado the chance to tag himself in. ZSJ releases the choke only to turn it into a snap double underhook suplex, sending Johnny Mundo flying.

    The fresh Grado enters the ring and sees Mundo laying down on the mat. Grado looks around at the crowd, eyes wide open. He stands right in front of where Mundo is laying and points both his arms out. He hops backwards on one leg as the crowd goes “W” and does it 3 more times with the crowd going “O-R-M” to them. Grado moves himself forwards towards his opponent attempting the hip-hop dance move “The Worm.” Finally, Grado gets up and swings his arms around before chopping Mundo in the neck with “The Earthworm!” He pins Mundo. One…Two… Johnny Mundo powers out and crawls towards the corner to get himself up. As he is up he is met with a splash in the corner from Grado and he falls down to a seated position. This leaves him in a prime position. Grado runs back towards the opposite corner before running at Mundo and hitting him with his cannon ball he calls “Slice N’ Roll.” Grado backs up and measures Johnny Mundo, perhaps thinking of doing his “Wee Boot.” He charges at Mundo but he is caught with a leg lariat. Johnny Mundo takes this chance to tag in a fresh Adam Cole. Stepping into the ring, Adam Cole picks up Grado in a vertical suplex position. Lifting him up, he drives his head onto his knee for a vicious Brainbuster. Cole hooks the leg for the pin and Grado kicks out at two!

    Grado turns over to his belly and is about to crawl towards his team’s corner; however he is stopped by Cole who steps on his back. Adding insult to injury, Adam Cole raises both his arms to yell, “Is this guy your hero? He ain’t got anything on Adam Cole, baybay!” This display sparks the fans to boo the arrogant Adam Cole who proceeds to stomp on the back of Grado and locks in a chin lock while driving his knee in his back. Trying to fight out, Grado starts to crawl towards the ropes. Adam Cole, who enjoys having the upper hand continues to mouth off. When Grado is finger tips away from the ropes, Adam Cole stomps again, releasing the hold. Grado gets up using the ropes but he is reeling from the Brainbuster he received. Adam Cole keeps on the attack by doing a knife edged chop to the chest of Grado. The fans “woo” from that as Cole continues to pound at Grado, eventually forcing him the corner. Raising his foot to the throat of Grado, Adam Cole chokes the “Chubby Wee” until a four count. This forces the ref to give a warning to Adam Cole, which he rolls his eyes at. Keeping his focus on Grado, he Irish whips him towards the opposite corner before running at him again. Except this time he is countered by an elbow to the jaw. He staggers back as Grado runs at him full force with a clothesline and both men are down! The fan favourites clap to engage the fans behind their partner as Mundo and Godderz plea with Cole to get to their corner for the tag. They both crawl and eventually both tag in their teammates, Roderick Strong and Jessie Godderz.

    Both men storm in the ring. Jessie Godderz throws a clothesline at Strong who ducks under it and runs off the ropes. Strong comes back with a discus elbow, taking the powerhouse down. Godderz gets back to his feet, only to be met with a running dropkick to send him back to the mat. The frustration is building and when up, Godderz swings at Roderick Strong with a heavy right but once again, he misses. Strong kicks him in the gut and places his head between his thighs. He locks both arms in an underhook position before lifting Godderz up with a double underhook backbreaker! This may be the chance to put this match away as Strong grabs both the legs of Godderz and attempts to turn him over to lock in his “Strong Hold” modified Boston crab. He gets Godderz on his belly but before he can fully add pressure, Adam Cole sneaks way into the ring and delivers a super kick to the jaw! The impact causes Strong to fall helplessly to the mat and Godderz rolls towards the ropes to recover. Now members of both teams are entering the ring, adding to the chaos. The first is Grado, who runs in and connects his signature “Wee Boot,” taking Adam Cole down. Not too long after that, Johnny Mundo enters the fray, ducking a punch from Grado and propelling himself off the ropes for a stunning Flying Chuck kick, knocking out Grado. Being proud of his handiwork, Mundo raises his arm to celebrate, much to the dismay of the fans. But this overconfidence leaves him vulnerable. The one member of the opposing team he forgot about, Zack Sabre Jr, enters the ring where he dropkicks Mundo from behind. This causes Mundo to tumble out of the ring. Momentum is with Sabre Jr as he is looking pumped up. He looks at Mundo and the ropes behind him. Thinking of going high risk with a dive, ZSJ runs towards the opposite ropes to Mundo to get momentum, but he is taken out by a recovered Godderz, who runs at him with his powerful “Hollywood BLVD” pounce! Sabre Jr rolls out of the ring holding his ribs and that only leaves the two legal men left, Godderz and Strong. Unfortunately for him, Roderick Strong is still reeling from the super kick. Jessie takes his opponent and places his head between his thighs in a Powerbomb position. Taking a moment to gloat, he flexes his muscles. Lifting Strong up, he elevates him up in perfect position for the Pectacular bomb. Unfortunately for him, he took too long to gloat as Strong slips out and runs off the ropes for his signature Sick Kick! Godderz is out! Strong goes for the pin. One…Two…Three!

    The bell is rung and the first ever winners of an AWF match are declared! After a tag team war, Strong, Grado and Sabre Jr stand tall! Both Grado and Zack Sabre Jr return to the ring to celebrate with their partner as the referee raises their arms in victory as Strong’s theme music plays through the arena. Grado high fives both of his partners but Sabre and Strong aren’t jumping for any celebration. Instead they both look at each other. A few moments pass before they nod and finally shake hands as the camera fades away.

    Before the next match, the camera is seen in the dusty back parking lot where a black limo is riding up. The limo has little American flags on them and has a logo on the side door that is a red circle with blue in the middle along with multiple white stars. The front door opens and a blonde woman with glasses, a business suit and hair in a ponytail, walks out of the vehicle and opens the back door. Stepping out of the back of the limo is AWF wrestler, Vincent Proud. He is wearing a black suit and a blue button that says “#VP2016” on it. Smiling and showing his pearly white teeth he talks to the girl who looks to be is assistant.

    Proud: Man oh man, I love a new campaign! Many fresh faces, people to meet. Just too bad these people are so fickle and are simple minded. If anything, they need someone like me leading them!

    The fans, who are watching this feed live, begin to boo over VP’s insults towards them. The assistant nods.

    Assistant: And I am here to lead your campaign! Anything you need for this?

    Proud: Let’s see…Campaign poster?

    Assistant: It’s already in the arena.

    Proud: Whitened teeth?

    Assistant: Check!

    Proud: Catchy campaign slogan and promotional buttons?

    Assistant: Check!

    Proud: Ok, that should be all! Let’s get ready for the big speech!

    Both VP and his assistant begin to walk away as the feed cuts away and the focus is brought back to the ring for the next match.

    As a remix of an iconic theme plays, the lights change from pink to white. Coming out of the curtain, in a leather jacket, is Davey Boy Smith Jr. A third generation wrestler from the legendary Hart family, he has greatness in his blood. Davey Boy Smith has his arms out wide and walks down towards the ring. Being normally a tag team specialist, he chose to go on his own in AWF as he feels that his talent is being overshadowed by his relatives and competing alongside another competitor. Now, to him, he is the only one that matters. Davey Boy Smith Jr climbs up the steps and goes into the ring where he climbs one of the turnbuckles to and stares at the fans who have given him a mild reception.

    Davey Boy Smith Jr’s theme and pink lights are replaced by the much faster song, “Crash” by Fit for Rivals and rapidly changing yellow and red lights. The fans cheer as cult favourite, The Crash makes his way out through the curtains running from one side to the other, pumping up the fans. He points at Davey Boy in the ring and runs full steam towards the ringside area where he runs around the ring and high fives as many fans as he can before rolling into the ring. First frantically looking around, then climbing the top turnbuckle to do a flip, The Crash is about as unpredictable as can be. That makes him someone the Young Bulldog that is Davey Boy Smith Jr can’t overlook.

    The bell is rung for the contest to begin and both combatants square each other up. That is until The Crash decides to show a bit of sportsmanship. Extending his hand, he offers a handshake. Smith looks at the crowd, eyes rolling, before slapping The Crash right across his face. This doesn’t seem to both The Crash at all, as he strikes at the third generation wrestler with multiple forearms, following by a spinning back heel kick to the ribs and capped off with a lighting fast pele kick! Smith staggers back as The Crash runs towards the ropes and handsprings off them to connect with a back elbow. How fast is this guy? The Crash waits for Smith to get back up, then runs and connects with a hurricanrana! The Crash grabs on of Smith’s legs for the pin. One…T… and a kickout from Smith. With all the rapid-fire offence he took, Davey Boy Smith Jr wisely rolls out of the ring. Unfortunately, he can’t escape The Crash. AWF’s crash test dummy runs towards the opposite ropes and comes back, leaping over the top rope and falling down on Smith with a breath-taking diving senton!

    The fans are on their feet from The Crash’s spectacular offence. Knowing this, The Crash runs around the ring again, high fiving fans. This gives Davey Boy Smith Jr enough time to recover as when The Crash is back around, he clotheslines him, sending him flipping overhead! The Bulldog is angered and this spells bad news for The Crash. He picks up his opponent by the head and wraps his arms around his waist. This gives him perfect positioning to send him flying with a release belly-to-belly suplex onto the floor! The Crash rolls around grabbing his back as he is picked up again and thrown back into the ring. The pace of the match has slowed down and it favours Smith and the fans know it as they boo. Davey Boy Smith Jr picks up The Crash and lifts him up for a vertical suplex, sending him down to the mat. Smith goes for a pin but The Crash kicks out at two. Although a bit frustrated, Davey Both Smith Jr keeps on the attack and locks in a sleeper on the grounded Crash. Considering Smith’s submission prowess, he has this hold locked in tight. The hand of The Crash is shaking as he struggles to get out. Eventually he starts to fade away, until the fans start to clap “Let’s go Crash!” This support gives him a second wind as he slowly starts to come to life. He pushes his way up to a knee, then he is standing and elbows Smith in the gut to break the hold. He takes this chance to run off the ropes for momentum but he is met with a big boot to the jaw!

    Davey Boy Smith is tired of playing around and is ready to put his opponent away. Lifting up The Crash, he scoops him over his shoulder. Then he runs forward and connects with a powerslam! His father’s signature move! He pins The Crash. One…Two…

    Kick out! The Crash kicked out! He lifted his shoulder at the last possible second and everyone is in shock! He just kicked out of the running powerslam. Davey Boy Smith Jr pounds the mat and yells at the referee. He, like everyone else, thought the pin was academic, but The Crash just showed his endurance. The Crash gets on his knees and is still dazed. Davey Boy Smith Jr grabs The Crash and places him in a Powerbomb position. Just as he is about to lift Crash up, he is tripped by Crash. Taking advantage, The Crash goes for a quick jackknife cover! One…Two…and Smith powers out. The Crash runs at him with a flying forearm smash and does another as he gets back him. This is his time to get back into the match. The flurry is capped off with a running neckbreaker, taking Smith to the mat. His foot thumps up and down as he measures up the third generation wrestler. When his foe is up, he springboards off the ropes in an attempt for his signature kick, “Get Wrecked!” But he is caught mid-air and is in perfect position for Davey Boy Smith Jr to spin around and slam him down with a jumping sitout Powerbomb! The Bulldog Bomb was hit. The referee counts the pin, one two three.

    There was no kicking out of that this time and after dealing with a troublesome opponent, Davey Boy Smith Jr wins his AWF debut. As his theme music plays, the referee raises his hand and he walks to the back to a chorus of boos.
    After the previous match, the ring has been covered in a blue carpet and in the middle of it is a podium with “#VP2016” on it, and next to it is a poster that is covered by a black cloth. Now it is time for a speech from AWF’s wannabe head of state, Vincent Proud.

    Lights of the arena change from red, white, and blue as “Keep on Rocking the Free World” plays through the arena speakers. This draws jeers as earlier in the night Proud insulted the fans. Walking out from behind the curtains is the before mentioned Vincent Proud wearing the same suit from earlier. He waves to his “voters” before walking to the ring at a brisk pace. At ringside, he tries to high five a fan who just brushes him off. This doesn’t dampen the spirits of the wannabe politician as he goes up the steps and enters the ring, going behind his podium. Adjusting his tie as his theme music cuts away, he begins to speak.

    Proud: My fellow members of the nation of AWF…I’m here today, in hope of a new dawn in wrestling. For far too long, what the people really want has been ignored. The higher ups ignore their voices and the fans themselves, have no clue what they really need…

    Once again, this draws boos from the crowd. Man, will this guy ever learn not to insult the fans if he wants their “votes?”

    Proud: So that is why we deserve a man…a champion, who knows what the people want. Someone with honour, integrity, and wisdom. That Champion has to be someone we all can be proud of…haha. That is why, I, Vincent Q. Proud, am announcing my candidacy to be AWF Champion!

    He takes the cloth off his poster to reveal an image of him in blue and red and the word “Proud” under it. After doing that, Proud stands next to his poster to pose for pictures, but no buyers. So, he just continues to speak.

    Proud: I will run under an honest campaign. You see, for starters, I will give equal opportunity as Champion and I will only defend it against those are worthy. Why? Because everyone has to earn their opportunities in my vision of AWF.

    More boos spark from the fans and wait, didn’t he just contradict himself?

    Proud: Also, as Champion, I’ll make sure each fan gets what they need, as I am a generous man. Because of that, you must remain silent when I am competing so you can enjoy the great sceptical that is me competing…

    “What?” the fans chant. Not knowing that the fans are messing with him, he says it again.

    Proud: As I said, you must remain silent whenever I am competing so that you mus…


    This visibly annoys him, so he yells it again.

    Proud: You must be quiet when I compete! There, I said it! Now, another thing of concern is all these independent darlings running into our promotion and taking our matches, for that, I will exile them all, along with any disrespectful and delusional millennial in this company. I will make wrestling great again! Even though there are many disrespectful men who are not those types of people. For that I…

    The theme music of a new AWF star plays, interrupting VP and sparks cheers from the crowd because this man will save them from the flip-flopping politician. Walking out wearing leather pants, stylish glasses, a boa and a red t-shirt that says “Attitude-Classic” is Ronny Skye. He turns around arms spread wide and panders to the fans. He walks down the ramp, nodding at fans and smiling. Eventually he makes his way into the ring where he looks across from an irate VP. He takes off his glasses, placing them on his head and speaks into his microphone.

    Skye: I’m sorry, was I interrupting something?

    Proud: You scoundrel! You interrupted my message towards the…

    Skye: Dude, but nobody cares.

    This dis spawns laughter from the fans and once again upsets VP.

    Skye: Look, I wouldn’t have come out here, but I had to because I sensed some…bad attitude in the air. Mr. Proud, you are wasting these good people’s time by spewing this crap you don’t even believe. That is bad, and I think we need to go back…to a time where everything was sick and right. But most of all, simply classic. That my friends, is what I, Ronny Skye believe in. Ideals that remain strong. And I think we have had enough of politicians we don’t believe in and you are only continuing this sour trend. Because Vince-baby, we can’t be proud in you. So I, Ronny Skye will announce that I will be competing to be the first eeeever AWF Champion at Blood on the Throne.

    The fans cheer from this momentous announcement.

    Skye: You’re welcome attituders, because creating moments like this is simpl…

    VP has had enough and speaks up, this time giving a tantrum like he was a young kid.

    Proud: No, no, no, no, no! How DARE you question my motives for my campaign and ruin MY moment to announce my campaign!? I have you know that I stand for everything that is GOOD! Not bad! I am doing this for the people and the fact they are cheering for you, just shows how much you are manipulating them! Shame on you! How…bad of you!

    This humours Skye.

    Skye: Oh really? Nah dude. You see, I respect my people. They are my followers of what I call, Classic Attitude. A state of mind where you are oh so fly, so cool without needing to try, a hip gal or guy, accused of being great with no alibi, this is Classic attitude, started by Ronny Skye! And if you want to be a bad heavyweight champion, then allow me to stop it. Because Classic Attitude is just what we need from a champion, baby. In fact, this is what I think of your campaign.

    Skye looks back and forth for a second. Then, he looks at the poster next to him of Proud. He smirks, before taking it off the stand and ripping it in two. VP is distraught. He screams and begs for help, but instead he goes after Ronny Skye, doing a double leg takedown and pounding the glasses off of him. As Skye is dazed from the sudden attack, VP takes off his suit jacket, tie and throws his podium off the stage. The once smiling politician is ready for some mudslinging. He stomps on the body of Ronny Skye before picking him up and Irish whipping him across the ring towards the ropes. VP tries to lift him up for a spinebuster when Skye runs back. His efforts fail as Ronny Skye slides behind him before grabbing him in a reverses DDT position. He lifts him up and slams the back of his head into the mat with his lifting reverse DDT “The Classic Driver.” The fans pop from this, and Skye begins heads towards the turnbuckles. He goes on the apron and begins to climb the turnbuckle, but before he can attack, VP rolls out of the ring. Boos rain down, but it clearly isn’t over between these men. Ronny Skye smirks as "Fly Away" begins to play as Vincent Proud screams in frustration.

    “Strike A Match” plays through the arena, drawing cheers from the fans. This can only mean one person, the Canadian blue chipper, Jayden Sparks. He runs through the curtains with his arm raised and finger pointing up. Tonight, he’ll have to defy the odds in a triple threat with two malicious opponents. Knowing this, Sparks walks down towards the ring, high fiving fans. Going up the steps, he climbs the top turnbuckle to hype up the crowd. The support is with him, but can that be enough? Jumping into the ring, he raises his arm one more time as his theme music fades away.

    The opposite reaction is given for the first of his opponents, Toxin. He walks out of the curtains with his head tilted and a crooked smile on his face, and looks down towards the ring at Sparks. Both men exchange looks as Toxin heads down towards the ring to meet him. When he is at ringside, he stops to slick back his long, greasy hair before climbing up the steps and going in the ring where both he and Sparks stand face to face. In the weeks leading up to Awakening, Toxin took time to speak against his opponent. Commending him for using “labels” on him, and calling him out on what he stands for, this match has already became personal. But they can’t forget about one other man in the match.

    The intimidating theme music of the mysterious Steele plays, almost silencing the fans who are in awe of his presence. Unlike Sparks and Toxin, Steele has yet to show his face to the AWF fans. When he finally comes out in a metal mask and intimidating 6 foot 8 frame, they are taken back by him. Slowly, he heads to the ring, with each step feeling more like a stomp. Forced to take notice of their opponent, both Sparks and Toxin now turn their attention towards Steele. Steele eventually makes his way to the ring, going up the steps and stepping in where he stands in the middle of it. His hand raises up, before slowly removing his mask to show his face which has a full beard, scar along the cheek, and piercing blue eyes. Consider Steele to be the major X factor in this match.

    The three men head to their respective corners of the ring and the referee rings the bell to begin the match. Instead of going for any offence, Toxin rolls out of the ring. The fans boo after the decision of supposed coward-ness and Sparks, who was looking forward to the chance to get his hands on Toxin, looks at him in disbelief. This leaves him open for Steele to run at him from behind, driving his forearm into the back of the head. Sparks falls hard to the mat and is immediately picked up again by Steele who effortlessly tosses him into the corner. Steele keeps his focus on his smaller opponent. He throws constant right jabs at the head of Sparks, with each punch being stronger than the last. This is quickly turning into an assault. After he is done throwing many punches down on him, he grabs him by the throat and tosses him towards the middle of the ring. Holding his back, Sparks gets up, showing some fight. But Steele lifts him up for a scoop slam, driving him back down to the mat. Following that up, Steele runs off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and drives his leg into the throat of Sparks with a jumping leg drop! Steele goes for the first pin of the match but Sparks kicks out at two.

    As this onslaught continues, Toxin remains out of the ring where he watches the action. Steele grabs Sparks by the head and picks him up for a vertical suplex. Lifting him above and holding him in the air effortlessly, he shows his strength. With the blood rushing to his head, the legs of Sparks shake. But, he manages to just slide out and lands behind Steele on his feet. Sparks does an enziguri to the head of Steele, causing him to stagger. Sparks then kicks Steele in the leg multiple times, forcing him to go down to a knee. Sparks measures Steele up. He runs at him for a roundhouse kick, but his leg is caught by Steele. Picking Sparks up by the throat, he is about to chokeslam him, but he grabs him by the head and spikes his head in the mat with a DDT! Steele has been taken down! The big man rolls out of the ring to recover. Sparks stays on his knees, clearly winded from his beating. But he forgot about one man, Toxin. Finally, the poisonous wrestler gets in the ring and targets his rival. He runs at Sparks, striking him in the head with a massive knee!

    Collapsing, Sparks rolls and falls with his head landing on the bottom rope of the ring. Toxin sees this and proceeds to step on the head of Sparks, driving his throat into the ropes. As there are no disqualifications in three-way matches, the referee is forced to watch as Toxin mouths off to the fans. Eventually, he stops choking Sparks. But it does not mean he is over with his opponent. He flips Sparks over with a snapmare and strikes him with a kick in the back of the head before locking in a chinlock with a knee in the back. Sparks has been the target of a beating from both men in this match and he is already struggling to keep up. He’s smaller and faster, but when against a much larger Steele and an opportunistic Toxin, he is struggling to keep up. In an attempt to flee this hold, he swings his arms up to hit Toxin. Most of these shots fail to get anything accomplished until he uses his flexibility to kick over his head and connects with a hard shot to Toxin! Toxin falls back and releases the hold. Both men get to their feet, then Sparks runs towards the opposite side of the ring and runs back with a single-leg dropkick to the jaw! Toxin is down, but, Steele, who has now recovered, re-enters the ring.

    Sparks looks towards the massive Steele, raising his fists in preparation for a fight, but it can be seen on his face that he has already been worn down. For most of this match already, Sparks has been the main target of attack. But, he remains in the battle. Steele walks over to Sparks and ties him up where he pushes him effortlessly, causing Sparks to roll. This only enrages the fighter from Toronto as he charges at Steele and drives his forearm in his jaw. Steele seems unaffected by it but Sparks keeps throwing strikes at him, driving his elbow repeatedly into his head. Eventually, Steele staggers back towards the ropes. With his opponent stunned, Sparks backs up and gives himself the distance for a super kick to the jaw! The impact forces Steele to roll through the ropes on the outside. When Steele gets to his feet he is met with Sparks torpedoing himself through the ropes with a suicide dive!

    Both men are sent crashing to the barricade. Sparks, although hurt, is fired up. He pumps up the fans before attempting to get back in the ring. He gets on the apron before Toxin, who was waiting for him in the ring, intercepts him. Toxin lays down the rights on the head of Sparks before grabbing him by the head and sliding him between the middle and top rope. Dragging him, he holds him in a facelock position with his feet resting on the ropes. “You’re little underdog is going for a bad landing!” Toxin yells to the fans before spiking his head into the mat with a rope-hung DDT! Toxin rolls his foe to his back for the pin, hooking the leg and rubbing his elbow in his face. One…Two…Thr…No!

    Sparks powers out at two and a half! Toxin pounds the mat in frustration. Jayden Sparks through the match has been the target of all offence. With the massive size of Steele, and the opportunistic nature of Toxin, he is left an easy target. Toxin picks up his opponent and puts him in a position for a sidewalk slam but quickly changes to a backbreaker over the knee! Sparks falls on his stomach while holding his spine. Toxin takes this chance to drive his knee into the back of Spark’s head and lock in a fujiwara arm bar. The hold is locked in tight and the arm of the underdog is being bent far back, pulling on the muscles in the arm. Seeing him in trouble, the fans start a clap to help him get back into the match. This sign of support disgusts Toxin, who yells at the AWF fans. This leaves him distracted and Sparks takes advantage. He slowly powers out of the hold, getting back to his feet. He strikes Toxin with his elbow to get him to release his arm. Sparks runs towards the ropes and comes back with a flying forearm, using his good arm to deliver the blow. He kicks up before coming back at Toxin with a running dropkick. This could be Spark’s last chance to get back in this match. When Toxin gets back to his feet, Sparks runs at him with a flying hurricanrana, sending Toxin flying so he lands on the middle rope! This leaves him in a perfect position. Sparks runs off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring for momentum and connects with his tiger feint kick in the ropes, The 6ix!

    Toxin flies from that kick, landing about half way across the ring. Standing on the apron after that kick, Jayden Sparks eyes up Toxin, waiting. This is the time for him to put him away with his signature springboard neckbreaker, “Over the Top.” But, he has forgot about the third man, the now recovered Steele. Grabbing the leg of his smaller foe, Steele pulls Sparks off the apron. Sparks falls back and struggles to stay on his feet. But he doesn’t get a chance to fight back as Steele runs at him with a spear on the outside of the ring! This may be it for Sparks. Steele picks up his lifeless foe and tosses him back in the ring under the bottom rope. Entering the ring after him, Steele picks Sparks up over his shoulder in a powerslam position. Waiting a few moments, he drives the back of Spark’s head into the mat with his Iron Spike Emerald Flowsion! Steele sits next to Spark’s body with a blank stare. But, Toxin, who just suffered The 6ix moments ago, crawls over to Sparks to make the pin before Steele does. But, Steele notices him and stares at him with his cold eyes. Toxin staggers back and sees that he is now Steele’s target. Getting up, Steele stalks Toxin, but Toxin gives a final plea. “Stop, look at these people, Steele. They don’t want you, and they don’t want me…We’re rejects to them! The only person they love, and the enemy we share is Jayden Sparks. If you destroy me, then you are giving them exactly what they want. You…We can do something about it.”

    Steele stops…he is about to go at Toxin, but suddenly changes his focus back to Sparks. He picks up his foe by the head and leaves him for Toxin. Having found a new ally, Toxin smiles as the fans boo the two men. Grabbing Sparks in a vertical suplex position, Toxin lifts him up and spikes his head into the mat for his twisting Brainbuster, The Injection! Toxin pins Sparks…One…Two…Three…!

    “Poison” by Psycho Dalek plays through the speakers as Toxin has stolen a victory! He tells his new ally, Steele, to grab a microphone and he obeys without question. His theme stops so he can speak. His breath is heavy, and he is on his knees.

    Toxin: I…I told you. I told you all exactly what I would do. I told you all that professional wrestling will be the platform where the world will be injected with my own poison. And it all started with you, Sparks. You are just the beginning. As for Steele... He’s awakened. He has woken up to the hoax he has lived in his whole life and together…we will take over AWF.

    Toxin drops his microphone as his theme music begins to play again as he looms over the broken body of Jayden Sparks. What could this mean for AWF? Will Jayden Sparks ever be the same again? And, with how strong this duo is, can anyone stop them?

    Creating a dark tone in the arena is the theme song of the violent Texan, Colt Marshall as the arena lights dim for his entrance. He makes his way out, not in the entrance way like most people, but footage surfaces of him entering the arena parking lot on a black motorcycle. He is wearing his signature black hat and parks his bike near the door to the arena as he goes through the door. A few moments pass until the fans see him in the arena, making his way through one of the side entrances. Walking with purpose, he makes his way through a section in between the seats. In this no disqualification match, pride and manhood is on the line as Colt Marshall faces a literal death machine in Sami Callihan. He hops the barricade and goes up the steps into the ring where he removes his hat and cuff as his theme music fades away.

    Causing the fans to erupt in cheers is the theme song of Sami Callihan. The lights of the arena change between red and black, fitting his violent nature. Sami Callihan comes through the curtains raising his fist before running towards the ring with his usual deranged look. He goes around the ringside area, circling Colt without taking his eye of him. Earning a reputation as a brutal, resilient, and deadly wrestler, it is no surprise that when Marshall took a jab at his manhood, he lashed back and has the redneck in his sights. He climbs on the ring apron and enters the ring where he wastes no time in starting the match and runs after Colt Marshall.

    Callihan charges at Marshall and unleashes a series of punches in a fury, knocking his hat off. Because it is no disqualifications, the referee just starts the match anyways. Getting backed in a corner by his foe, it is made clear that Colt Marshall was clearly underestimating the Callihan Death machine. Striking him with fists to the head, elbows, and knees, it seems as if Callihan won’t have any sign on letting up. But, eventually he decides to change strategy. He backs up and charges at Colt Marshall with a running crossbody in the corner. This force knocks down Colt Marshall and Sami Callihan wastes no time in going outside of the ring to grab a weapon to aid him in this match. Searching under the skirting of the ring, he grabs the first thing he could get his hands on, a barbed-wire baseball bat, to great applause from the fans. Callihan rolls into the ring and measures up Colt Marsall before swinging the bat at his ribcage!

    This match has already taken a savage turn as the first of many possible weapons have been inserted in the match. Callihan, with barbed-wire bat in hand, stalks his prey. Once again, he swings the bat like a home run hitter at Marshall, smashing his rib cage up again. He clutches his stomach in agony as he bends down on one knee. Sami Callihan runs off the ropes and nails the prone Marshall with a dropkick to the head, taking him down and forcing him to roll towards the outside of the ring. For the first bit of the match, Colt Marshall was caught completely off guard and under estimated his opponent. Desperate to get back in the match, he puts his hand under the skirting to look for anything to help. Sami Callihan pumps up the fans before he walks towards where Marshall is laying on the outside of the ring, bat still in hand. As he puts his head between the ropes, he is met with a foreign object crashing into his head. Marshall grabbed a light tube! He smashed a light tube over the head of Callihan and glass and white smoke fill the air of the arena!

    Callihan rolls around the mat, grabbing his head and Colt Marshall bears a wicked smile on his face. He takes this time to look around the outside for various weapons. The first of what he pulls out is a kendo stick and he tosses that in the ring, which is followed by multiple steel folding chairs. He keeps walking around the ring to find just the right thing to aid him in the match and eventually he finds a trash can full of various weapons like kendo sticks, crutches, and 2x4’s. He hoists it up and rolls it under the bottom rope and re-enters the ring. The first weapon he grabs is a Kendo stick and eyes up Callihan, who was busted open on his forehead. He swings the weapon at Sami Callihan’s ribs and the crack is heard from around the arena. That is followed up with another kendo stick strike to the back. Colt places the kendo stick across the throat to choke Callihan before turning it into a white-Russian-leg sweep. Colt hooks the leg for a pin. But Sami rolls his shoulder up at two.

    To keep the aggression up, Colt Marshall mounts Callihan and pounds his fists into his face. The referee is reluctant to watch as in this match, anything goes. Eventually, Marshall slams Callihan’s head into the mat and gets up as his fists are covered in blood. “Is this the best man you’ve got?!” Marshall yells at the fans. He proceeds to stomp his head with his big boot before grabbing a steel chair. He yells for Callihan to get up. Slowly, Sami Callihan tries to get to his feet and he leaves himself open to attack. Marshall swings his chair, aiming for the head, but at the last possible second, Sami Callihan ducks under the chair and goes behind the redneck. He waits for him to turn around and catches him with an exploder suplex! Colt Marshall is sent flying overhead, crashing into the trash can that he placed early. The steel is bent all over as the items in the can still remain and Colt Marshall screams in pain.

    Rolling out of the ring, Sami Callihan is still feeling the effect of the light tube to his head earlier. But, the always unpredictable Sami Callihan isn’t using this as a chance to rest, but instead he is looking under the ring again for another weapon to aid him. Eventually, he pulls out a wooden table and lifts it with all his strength, pushing it into the ring. Sami gets on the apron and waits for Colt Marshall. When his foe gets to his feet, he springboards off the top rope and connects with a mid-air lariat!

    Callihan, having momentum with him, has his usual psychotic look with his face covered in blood. He looks around the ring and takes note of the table he just brought in. He picks it up and heads to a corner where he leans it against the turnbuckles. Something dastardly is being planned. He walks over to Marshal and attempts to lift his violent opponent up, but he is caught off guard by an upper cutting low blow! Colt Marshall grabs the steel chair he used earlier and strikes Sami Callihan in the back with it before placing it on the ground in front of him. He places the head of Sami Callihan between his thighs and lifts him up in perfect positioning to spike his head into the chair with a Texas Piledriver! Colt Marshall near broke the neck of Sami Callihan! Sami falls down on his back and Colt lies over for a pin. One…Two…Thr…Kickout!

    Showing his resiliency, Sami Callihan kicks out of a move that has ended countless careers! Colt Marshall almost can’t believe it as his jaw is dropped and eyes wide open. It is time to finally put this match away in his eyes. He looks at the table that Sami placed and gets an idea. He locks in a facelock on Sami and hoists his almost lifeless body up and puts him in a Powerbomb position. Lifting him up on his shoulders, he turns to face the table and runs towards it. Sami Callihan slips off and lands perfectly on his feet before running off the ropes and connecting with a bicycle kick! Colt falls back and lands on the table set up in the corner, but it doesn’t break. Sami Callihan goes to the opposite corner and marks Colt Marshall. He charges and spears Colt Marshall right through the table!

    Wood and metal is twisted, as Sami Callihan grabs Colt in a headlock and drags him towards the center of the ring where the chair was placed earlier. In a moment of revenge, Sami kicks his leg and drives Colt face first in the chair with a Headlock Driver! Colt lies face first into the chair and is cut open. Callihan crawls toward his leg and places it over his head to lock in a Stretch Muffler! Marshall growls in pain and tightens his fist, not wanting to give up. Callihan sees this and adds a body scissors to his hold, adding pressure and making it harder to escape. Colt shakes his fist and screams, eventually he has no choice but to submit in the middle of the ring.

    The bell is rung and Sami Callihan is declared the winner after a barbaric match. He gets up and his hand is raise in victory. In triumph he exits the ring and goes up to some of the crowd members where he celebrates with some of them. Colt Marshall is left in the ring, down in defeat. His pride, broken, and after big talk, he isn’t able to back it up as Sami Callihan makes his way to the back, proving he is a better man.

    After the previous match, the ring is cleared as a remixed version of Beethoven's 5th Symphony plays. The music picks up and after a few moments, the man formerly known as Damien Sandow, Aaron Stevens makes his way out through the curtains in his signature robe to a thunderous ovation. It is apparent that he is taken back by this reaction as he hasn’t seen much in-ring action over the past year. But his influence has been strong with the fans and now that he has been given an opportunity in AWF, he has truly been reborn. Stevens walks towards the ring and high fives a few of the fans in attendance before going up the steps and entering the ring between the middle and top rope. His music fades away as a ring attendant hands him a microphone. Holding his microphone like a chalice, he is about to speak but the fans are too loud.

    “Thank you Sandow…Thank you Sandow!” The fans begin a chant for the Idol of professional wrestling. This goes on for a good minute before it dies down enough for Stevens to finally speak.

    Stevens: There was a time I would tell everyone that they’re welcome… But tonight is not the time. Because I, Aaron Stevens, must give thanks for people like you.

    The fans cheer, bringing a smile on his face.

    Stevens: There was a time where I was a young man, looking to grab the preverbal “brass ring” and state my claim as Champion. Eventually, I was told that I was not entertaining and that I would never make a connection with the masses. As anyone would be, I was heartbroken by it. So, I was relegated to a role where I would dress up as various figures. From the supervillain Magneto….to celebrity athletes…to wearing a leotard and playing as a man’s “stunt double.” Despite the fact I was told I would never be entertaining, people found joy from it. Then, and might I remind you this is from a person who was not going to connect, I was receiving massive ovations where ever I went. That scared those who never believed in me. That was why on May 8th, I received news that I my contract was terminated. I was devastated. To me, wrestling is an art and I was a proud artist who perfected his craft. Then, when I went on social media, I saw people like you pouring out your support. Thank you.

    Another cheer pops from the crowd.

    Stevens: So, it became my mission to tour company to company, to give thanks to the wrestling world and share my passion with those who appreciate it. Which leads me, to AWF. On the 7th of May, Nathan Lawler himself personally contacted me and awarded me this prodigious opportunity. As of this moment, I, Aaron Stevens, am the newest member of the AWF roster and I am announcing that I will fight for the AWF Heavyweight Championship at the next AWF event, Blood on the Throne.

    This news brings excitement from the fans who cheer once again. The noise lasts a few seconds before their Idol continues.

    Stevens: To be AWF Heavyweight Champion would be a great honor. I may not make “promises” I can’t keep, but I would do my very best to make you proud. AWF will be the platform in which I show those who doubted me that my art in this ring is unlike what the world has seen. So, at Blood on the Throne, a new age of enlightenment will take the wrestling world and this time, you all are part of it and will be my descendants. We can do it, and we will do it together, thank you.

    The fans cheer again, but this time, sparking a “You’re Welcome” chant. This goes on for a good minute before Stevens finally says one last thing.

    Stevens: And Nathan Lawler, you’re welcome!

    With a wink, Aaron Stevens drops his microphone as his theme music plays and he exits the ring. Dropping a bombshell of an announcement, Blood on the Throne has just became even greater. Can the crowd favorite walk out as the first ever AWF Heavyweight Champion?

    Sparking cheers from the fans is the theme music of ROH Would Champion, Jay Lethal. The lights of the arena flash black and red as smoke appears near the entranceway and after a few moments, Jay Lethal himself walks out. Despite choosing not to bring his ROH World Title with him to AWF, he still has the aura of being a champion about him. He makes his way to the ring, soaking in the positive reception he has received. Walking around the ring, he looks around at the audience members in attendance before hopping on the ring apron and raising both his arms up wide as the fans cheer him. There is a smile on his face as he jumps over the top rope and his theme music cuts away.

    The lights of the arena change to a blue and silver as the guitar rift of the theme song of the fucking machine from the 559. As the lyrics kick in, Brian Cage makes his way through the curtains, raising his arm before making his way towards the ring, walking with intensity. That word sums up Cage perfectly. With power, surprising athleticism, and pure rage, he is far from a person you would want to get in the ring with. Without taking his eyes off Lethal, he walks around the ring before getting on the apron himself, stepping in the ring and going up the nearest turnbuckle, throwing his arms up in the air.

    Cage gets down from the turnbuckle and Lethal removes his ring jacket as the referee rings the bell for this dream match to begin. Both Lethal and Cage circle each other before Lethal attempts to secure a headlock on the powerhouse but is immediately lifted up and pushed away. Landing on his feet, Lethal rolls and turns back around to face Cage. Once again, he tries to grapple with the beast, this time doing a collar and elbow tie up to much of the same result with Cage forcefully pushing him away. Rolling back, Lethal changes approach, he goes low on Cage, grabbing on of his legs and getting behind him for a quick roll up, only getting a one as Cage powers out. In this showdown, going face to face with Cage won’t do much good. Being a veteran, Lethal changes approach by running towards the ropes, springboarding off the second and connecting with an enziguri kick. This doesn’t knock the 300 pounder down, but he is stunned. Lethal kips up and does a low leg sweep, tripping Cage. Lethal jumps for an elbow drop across his rib cage and attempts a quick cover. The referee doesn’t even get a chance to count to one as Cage pushes Lethal off with authority.

    Despite being a World Champion and having a wealth of experience, taking down a man like Brian Cage would be a challenge for any man. Cage rolls to try to get to his feet and Lethal gives him a shoot kick to his chest. The snap of Lethal’s kick is heard across the arena, but it does not faze The Machine. Lethal attempts another kick even harder, to the same result. Getting to his feet, Cage is infuriated. The big man throws a punch and Lethal jumps under and for another springboard, flying off the middle rope for a breath taking crossbody and Cage is taken to the mat…but not for long. Using Lethal’s momentum against him, Cage rolls through, still holding onto Lethal in a powerslam position. He walks around the ring before sending Lethal crashing to the mat with a fallaway slam! The tide of the match just switched. Cage keeps his focus on Lethal, lifting him up again. He locks him in a bear hug, squeezing the rib-cage of the self-professed “Greatest First Generation Wrestler” before sending him flying again with an exploder suplex! Not done with that, Cage picks Lethal up again by his shoulder and puts him in a front facelock. He looks at the crowd before placing Lethal’s arm over his head and hoisting him in the air. Holding him in the air with zero-effort, the fans count the seconds. When the fans get to a count of ten, he drives Lethal down to the mat with a brutal vertical suplex. He finally tries to pin the ROH Champion, but only gets a two.

    Brian Cage, having earned a reputation as an intense competitor across the United States and Mexico, is showing why by man-handling Jay Lethal. He waits for Lethal to return to his feet and picks him up for a scoop slam and drops him back first into the mat. Following that off, he runs off the ropes and connects with a leg drop, sending his 300lbs frame onto Lethal. The crowd collectively look away as Lethal rolls around holding his chest and gasps for air. This wrestling match is on its way to turning into a savage beating. Crawling to the corner to safety, Lethal tries to get up using the ropes, only for Cage to run at him full force, driving his shoulder into his ribs. He continues to do that until the referee counts to a four count. He forcefully Irish whips Lethal cross the ring, sending him chest first into the turnbuckles. Cage then grabs him in a waist-lock and lifts him for a German suplex, but his attempt doesn’t go like the previous. Rolling through, Lethal gracefully hands on his feet and waits for Cage to turn around so he can do a discus enziguri kick, striking Cage in the jaw!

    Cage falls back into the corner as Lethal has a golden chance to come back after this assault. Lethal goes towards the opposite corner and runs at Cage with a dropkick in the corner. Although he remains up, Brian Cage is visibly shaken by the kick. Once again backing up, Lethal repeats the same move, charging at Cage with the force of a car. This time Cage falls forward and lands on one knee. Aiming for a final blow, Jay Lethal measures him up and thrusts a precise super kick to his head, finally taking the massive Cage down. There is a loud cheer from the fans as Lethal eyes up the turnbuckles near him. He steps between the middle and top rope and slowly makes his way to the top, clutching his ribs. He balances himself on top and raises his two arms in tribute to the late Randy Savage before flying through the air for his top rope elbow drop “Hail to the King!” Lethal hooks the massive leg of Cage for the cover. One..Two…

    No three count for Lethal yet as Brian Cage powers out. Although, frustrated, Lethal keeps his composure. He gets up and signals for the end. Waiting patiently, Jay Lethal keeps his attention towards Brian Cage. Cage gets to his knees and bends over, catching his breath. Attempting to put the massive Cage away, Jay Lethal handsprings off the ropes for Lethal Injection, but Cage side-steps his agile foe and almost takes his head off with a ferocious discus clothesline! Almost folded in half, Lethal seems lifeless as his eyes are closes and body is motionless. Cage forcefully flips him over to his back and covers him with a pin, pushing down on his chest and the official counts the pin. One…Two…Three…

    No! Lethal gets his shoulder up just before the hand of the referee hits the mat and the match continues on. Making the massive Brian Cage irate, he slams the mat and yells at the official. Rolling to his stomach, Lethal looks to be in massive trouble. His hands are shaking and he doesn’t seem to have the strength to get to his feet. This seems to be the end. Brian Cage walks over to his injured opponent and hoists him over his shoulder, attempting to lay him out with Weapon X. He slides Lethal back and tries to position him in a Flatliner position, but Lethal slips out and hooks both of Cage’s arms for a backslide pin, putting both his shoulders on the mat. Sliding over, the referee counts, one…two…three!

    Jay Lethal high tails it out of the ring as Cage, having realized what had just happened, pounds the mat in fury. The referee goes to the outside and raises Lethal’s hand in victory as his theme music plays through the arena. In this clash of styles, The Greatest First-Generation Wrestler lives up to his name by getting a victory over a very dangerous Brian Cage.

    As the first main event in AWF history is set to begin, the lights of the arena change between blue and red and “I Did my Time” plays through the speakers of the arena, signalling the arrival of the former Bareknuckle Champion, Stu Barrett. He walks out with a cape on and a serious expression on his face. After stating he “didn’t come back for the fans,” it hasn’t made him any more popular. But, wanting to test him, Nathan Lawler put him in a match with a familiar man who has been on a tear around the world, Drew Galloway. Barrett throws both of his arms up, dropping his cape behind him and heads towards the ring where he slides under the bottom rope. Looking around at the fans who gave him a far from warm perception, he throws his elbow in a way imitating his Bull Hammer Elbow before his theme music fades away.

    The AWF faithful erupt in a thunderous cheer as “Wish it Away” playing means only one thing, the New Phenom, Drew Galloway! Walking through the arena curtains with his leather trench coat and head down, he looks pumped for this match. He quickly smacks his head and slicks back his hair before heading towards the ring. Since hitting the independent scene over a year ago, he has held Championships almost anywhere he went. From Evolve, to ICW, to TNA, he has shown that he is truly “the chosen one” and earned the respect of the fans. Galloway stands on the steps and slams down on them before entering the ring between the middle and top rope. Turning around to face the camera with his arms wide open, he’s ready for a fight in the main event of AWF Awakening!

    After Galloway’s music ends and he removes his jacket, the bell is rung and the main event officially begins. The fists of the former bare-knuckle brawler are raised as he and Galloway measure each other up before tying up in the middle of the ring. With Barrett being a towering 6 foot 7 and Galloway being 6 foot 4, the Brit uses his slight size advantage to overpower him and lock in a side-headlock. Before Galloway has a chance to push him off, he is met with multiple punches to his head from Barrett’s open hand. Barrett continues to strike Galloway, smashing his fists into his sternum. This pushes Galloway back into the ropes and Barrett sends him across the ring, pushing him with an Irish whip. Galloway runs off the ropes, only to be met with a lariat. Stu Barrett, using his fighting background to perfection early on, continues to throw his bomb like fists at Galloway as his foe tries to get to his feet. Barrett eventually gets him up and corners him in the turnbuckles where he continues to strike him until the referee gets to a count of four. Attempting another Irish whip, Stu Barrett pulls Galloway by his arm. Using this momentum against him, Galloway reverses it, sending Barrett chest first into the opposite corner. Turning the tides, Galloway runs off the ropes raising his leg for the Claymore kick, but Stu Barrett sees this and rolls out of the ring.

    Following his opponent, Galloway exits the ring as well and catches up to Barrett. He clubs the back of the head of Barrett and throws him back first into the barricade as the referee begins his ring count. Returning favour from earlier, Galloway throws his own strikes on Barrett; throwing right handed punches against him. “Five!” The referee’s count is heard very clear and knowing he can’t win outside of the ring, Drew Galloway grabs Barrett to throw him in the ring. Before getting the opportunity, his foe comes alive, elbowing him in the ribs before sending him flying towards the steps. Galloway lands head first on the top of the steps before Barrett grabs him by the hair and slams his face into the unforgiving steel multiple times. “Eight!” Nearing a ten-count, the former bare-knuckle brawler quickly rolls in the ring and back out to restart the count. Grabbing the Scotsman by his hair again, he drags him along the ringside area, smashing his head against the barricade and mouthing off to some of the fans. As the count gets up again, Barrett finally decides to bring it back in the ring by rolling Galloway under the bottom rope.

    Stu Barrett quickly enters the ring and drags Galloway towards the corner and proceeds to stomp away at his chest, once again forcing the referee to intervene and separate the two. While Galloway lays himself on the mat, holding his chest in pain, Stu Barrett sarcastically apologizes and rolls out of the ring. Because Galloway is close to the ropes, Barrett is able to drag him by his arm so he is under the corner turnbuckles near the post. Thinking something dastardly, he grabs Galloway by the arm and leg and pulls him across the post, putting his own foot on the post and stretches him out with a modified bow and arrow! Agony is seen on the face of Galloway as his midsection is contorted around the ring post. The referee is forced to exit the ring and pull Barrett off. The referee, having had just about enough of Barrett’s tactics, gives him one last warning as Galloway crawls towards the middle of the ring, holding his rib cage. Going back in the ring after his opponent, Barrett picks him up and locks him in an adnominal stretch in the middle of the ring, working more on the rib cage.

    This being one of Stu Barrett’s first matches in a while, he is showing no signs of ring rust and in fact is more ruthless than before. The wrestler from Ayr, Scotland hasn’t found much of a chance to get control in this match so far. Now having taken damage in his midsection already, he is a wounded animal and has a massive mountain to climb as he is locked in the abdominal stretch. Wanting him to get back in the match, the fans clap slowly, building up. But just as Galloway is finding the strength to get out, Stu Barrett lifts him up and slams him hard with a modified pumphandle slam. Barrett goes for a pinfall attempt, hooking the leg and face washing his foe. The referee’s hand hits the mat once, and twice before Galloway rolls his shoulder up, keeping the match alive. Wanting to end this match quickly, Stu Barrett backs up into the corner and swings his arm, prepping for his Bull Hammer elbow. Galloway gets to his feet and Barrett charges at him with his elbow swinging full force and at the last second, Galloway ducks and catches him with his Scot Drop Flatliner!

    Both men are down and this is the first real chance for Galloway to get back in the match. The referee begins a count. When the count is at a three, the two men begin to stir and crawl to the ropes to get up. Getting up just a second sooner, Galloway runs at Barrett with a shoulder block. Barrett gets knock down and gets up only to receive a back elbow to the jaw. Once again, he tries to get up, but running off the ropes for extra momentum, Galloway drives a big boot to the chin. Feeling overwhelmed quickly, Barrett tries to go to the corner to escape to no success. Galloway charges at him and strikes him with a massive elbow in the corner. With his opponent dazed, he pulls Barrett closer so he can pick him up for a northern lights suplex! Drew Galloway tries to bridge, but from the bow and arrow earlier doesn’t bridge properly. So, without his pin having the same leverage, Barrett easily powers out at two.

    With his arm across his stomach, it is made clear that the suplex took a lot out of him. But, willing himself on, Drew Galloway grabs Stu Barrett by his head and turns him around in a hangman’s neckbreaker position. Instead of dropping him on his shoulder, he instead drives the head into his knee! Seeing an opportunity to end the match, Galloway creates distance by going to the corner and stomping his foot up and down on the mat. Building momentum for his Claymore kick, he waits for Barrett to get up. He charges at Stu Barrett but he is instead caught and spun around for the Winds of Change side-slam! Barrett goes for a cover, but once again only gets a two.

    Visibly frustrated, Stu Barrett picks up Galloway and throws constant strikes to the injured rib-cage of Galloway in a strategy that is both ruthless and genius. But, in a moment of hubris, he takes a moment to mouth off to the fans who are jeering the fact he is in control. This allows Galloway a chance to strike back, driving his elbow to the head of Barrett. He staggers back, but suddenly, he strikes back with a side-kick to the ribs. Galloway falls back into the ropes, giving Stu Barrett a chance to tie him up in the ropes and deliver a series a knees to the head of Galloway before running off the ropes and connecting with a massive big boot! This sends Galloway crashing to the outside of the ring and he is seemingly knocked out.

    With Galloway on the outside, the referee is forced to begin a count out. “One…Two…” the count of the official echo through the arena as fans begin to boo Stu Barrett who is in the ring celebrating that he may have a count out victory. “Three…Four…Five…Six…” Just when you think Drew Galloway is out, he begins to come alive. He raises his arm and grabs the apron to pull himself back up. “Seven…Eight…” Getting back to his feet, Galloway re-enters the ring, rolling under the bottom rope. Barrett runs at him, kneeing him in the back before picking Galloway up, hoisting him over his shoulders. He carries him in a fireman’s position and walks around the ring. Perhaps thinking for Wasteland, he leans backward in anticipation, but Galloway slides off his shoulders and lands right behind him. Finding the strength within him, despite the injury, he lifts Barrett up in an electric chair position. Barrett’s eyes widen and he is in a panic. Then, the near 250lbs frame of Stu Barrett is sent crashing face first into the mat with Galloway slamming him down with a reverse Alabama slam!

    Galloway nearly collapses from the power move, but with the fans behind him, he finds that next gear. Stu Barrett takes a few moments to recover from that slam, but when he slowly gets back to his feet, Galloway charges at him, dropping him with a lariat. Not done, Galloway grabs him by the arm and picks him up, only to throw him down with another lariat. After behind dominated for the better part of the match, Drew Galloway is letting out all the frustration. Keeping a hold of the arm, Galloway lifts him up again and drives his knee into the gut before Irish whipping him towards the ropes only to spin him around for a tilt-a-whirl-backbreaker on the knee when he rebounds back. Galloway is feeling the energy. He slaps his head a few times and fires himself up, signalling for the end. He waits for Stu Barrett to get up. Kicking Barrett in the gut, he attempts to hook both the arms for his Future Shock DDT. He doesn’t get the chance to lock his arms as Barrett pushes him towards the corner, and inadvertently bumps into the referee, knocking him down and hitting his head on the bottom turnbuckle.

    Neither competitor notice this at first, as the two men try to brawl in the corner. At the end of it, Galloway ducks a punch from Barrett and escapes the corner, running towards the ropes for momentum and striking Stu Barrett with an explosive Claymore kick! The move he has tried to hit all match! Galloway rolls Barrett over to his stomach and locks in his modified Crossface, The Iron Maiden! Stretching out the neck and the shoulder of Barrett, he is in the middle of the ring with no option for escape. Giving into the pain, Stu Barrett begins to tap out…

    But the referee is still knocked down! He is unable to see the submission and because of that, the match continues. Galloway releases his hold and checks on the referee. Eventually, the official begins to stir and Galloway turns his attention back to Barrett. He lifts him up, but is met with a vicious eye rake! With the referee turned away, he fails to see the underhanded tactic. Stu Barrett backs up and measures Galloway, and drives his elbow to his head for a powerful Bull Hammer! Barrett covers Galloway for the pin and the referee counts…One…Two…Three!

    A chorus of boos rain down on Stu Barrett as his theme music plays, signalling that he stole the victory. His arm is raised in victory by the official and he has a smug grin on his face. Making his way out of the ring he grabs a microphone and begins to speak.

    Barrett: Listen up, you peasants, what you just witnessed was a warning shot. For the past 6 years, my potential has been squashed by arrogant millionaires, ego driven heroes, and the incompetence of those around me and people like you made it worse!

    Taking a shot against the fans only fuel their hate for the former Bare-Knuckle Champion.

    Barrett: You would shift your allegiances to little punks and bearded fools and forced me, to fall. I’ll never forgive you. That brings me to AWF. I am a free man to do as I please. I’ve been liberated and I only have one goal in mind. The one thing I never got to be, was Heavyweight Champion. And my mission brings me to this. At AWF, Blood on the Throne, the blood of men will be spilled as at all costs, I will conquer, and claim a true throne and become AWF Heavyweight Champion. How about that for some bad news!?

    He throws down the microphone and his theme music begins to play as he walks towards the back. Galloway, who has come to his senses and heard all this, lays on the mat furious as Stu Barrett raises his arm in victory as that is the final image of AWF Awakening.

    How did I do? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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    AWF Post-Awakening News Update!

    The Fallout of Awakening

    After the success of AWF's first show, the production crew of AWF caught post-match reactions from a number of AWF stars. Over the next while, AWF will be posting them on their website to build anticipation before the official card of AWF Blood on the Throne will be released. What does Jayden Sparks have to say about the ending of the Triple Threat? How will Drew Galloway react to the strong claims made by Stu Barrett? All this and more will be answered.

    New Signees!

    Nathan Lawler has followed through on his promise of signing new stars and he has found two people of almost opposite sides of the globe in terms of personality. Their names are Nova Surfire and Carlos Giovanni. In response to the signings, GM Lawler said "Both of these men are young and hungry in their own way and I know both of them are willing to fight their way to the top. So, I am happy to have them in AWF." Although their debut matches are not finalized, Nathan Lawler says he does plan on involving them at Blood on the Throne in some form. Both Surfire's and Giovanni's profiles have been uploaded to the AWF website.

    Signee 1 (open)

    Name: Nova Surfire

    Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
    Height/Weight: 6 foot 2/235lbs

    Disposition: Face
    Finisher: Surfire Win (Fireman’s Carry into a Roundhouse Kick)

    Supernova (Fisherman’s Buster)
    Signatures: One Hell of a Kick (Yakuza Kick in Corner)

    On the Edge (Hangman’s Facebuster on Knee into a Swinging Neckbreaker)


    Looks: Spiked black hair of medium length with the front dyed blonde. Light Stubble for facial hair and tattoos on arms. In ring wears long black tights with red designs on them along with kick pads. Wears black arm sleeves. Often wears hoodie during entrance.

    Bio: Growing up in Vancouver’s North End, Nova Surfire was faced with addiction, alcoholism, and poverty through most his life. As a way to feed his addiction and to protect himself, he began street fighting. Eventually, after getting caught under the influence, he spent 6 months in a de-tox center. When he came out, he took up Kick Boxing, and later wrestling, to help himself stay clean. Now a new man and gaining the respect of the fans for his resiliency and never say die attitude, he is joining AWF.

    Signee 2 (open)

    Name: Carlos Giovanni

    Hometown: Queens, New York by way of Milan, Italy
    Height/Weight: 6 foot 2/ 210lbs

    Disposition: Heel
    Finisher: Sicily Dazzler (Scissors Kick)
    Signatures: Spinning Heel Kick



    Looks: short brown hair with facial hair. Often wears fedora to ring and wears long black pants with green, white, and red along the sides with wrestling boots.

    Bio: Italian born Carlos Giovani moved to America at the young age of three, but never grew in love with America. From despising “America’s gross culture” he longed to be back in his home country. He moved back there when he was 18 and trained to be a wrestler while surrounding himself with the wondrous culture. Now returning to America with a sense of entitlement from his Italian heritage, he wants to prove Italians are the best wrestlers in the world.

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  16. Post-Awakening

    A Pec-Tacular Failure.


    Shortly after their defeat in the opening match, the three former teammates, Johnny Mundo, Adam Cole, and Jessie Godderz are seen down the hallways of the arena near the locker rooms with all three engaging in a verbal altercation. Both Mundo and Cole seem to be united against the man who got pinned and are taking turns yelling at their partner. The camera moves closer to them but most of what they are saying is inaudible. Having enough of it, the former reality tv star stands inches away from Adam Cole's face. The camera moves closer and finally some of the audio is picked up.

    Godderz: I don't care what you two say! Last time I checked neither of you two were able to break up that pin and I would like you two to try to kick out when that psycho, Roderick Strong tries to kick your damn head off! You two are not in my league.

    Jessie nudges Adam Cole with his shoulder and it looks as though they are about to brawl. Thankfully, Johnny Mundo separates them and holds the two men apart.

    Mundo: Save it for a match! This is exactly what those half-wits want. They want us to tear each other apart. I don't know about you two, but I am not going to waste my time fighting. I'm going to focus on myself and show the world exactly why I am the Guru of Greatness. I'm out of here and if you two want to cry about it, I don't want any of it.

    Walking out of frame, Johnny Mundo leaves both of his partners to themselves. Jessie Godderz watches Mundo walk away, but Adam Cole keeps his focus on Godderz.

    Cole: Jessie, you can throw all the blame you want on whoever you want but the fact remains that you are the only person who was pinned in the match. So the way I see, you blew it for us. You came in with all the hope in the world and you came out of it a Pec-tacular failure. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll focus on the only thing that matters, me. For your sake, you better stay out of my way.

    Adam Cole walks away, leaving Jessie Godderz alone. Taking his frustration out on a near-by milk crate, he grabs it and throws it across the hall, grunting as he does it.

    Godderz: What do they know!? I was a former TNA Tag Team Champion. I appeared on more seasons of Big Brother than anyone else! I starred in movies, and I have countless social media followees! I am more of a mainstream star than Mundo, than Cole, than Zack Sabre Jr, than Strong and especially that chubby little wee, Grado! I deserve respect and I know how I am going to do it.

    Jessie rips the camera out of the cameraman's hands and holds it up to his face.

    Godderz: AWF, next month at Blood on the Throne, I am doing the Pec-Tacular open challenge. Anyone who thinks they are enough of a star to go one on one with the a reality TV superstar, and the modern-day Adonis, they can meet me in the ring. And I will show the whole world why I deserve respect!

    He forcefully gives the camera back and storms down the hallway as the camera fades away.

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