The Ascension at WM?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Dec 24, 2014.

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  1. Do you guys think we could see The Ascension in a tag team title match at WM this year?

    Win or lose, to be on the show of all shows in the business...........
  2. I'm sure that they would do great in a match with Los Matadores, or The Usos.
  3. Figured it would be the Usos at that point in time. Or a New Day. One or the other.
  4. I guess that's where they're headed. It's not like the tag division is that deep anyway. I wouldn't even disconsider them winning the belts before WM.
  5. I assume they'll be beating The Usos for the tag team titles. They might even do that before then, but it should be saved for Wrestlemania since a title change there would feel more important.
  6. I'm all up for The Ascension becoming the new Tag Team champs at WM 31.
    They'll either beat The Usos or The New Day... Or there'll be some sort of a three-way or a four-way match for the titles. We'll see...
  7. They are likely going to beat the Usos but it won't be at WrestleMania.
  8. No? You don't think so?
  9. I think, they will debut and go over just about every team until the Royal Rumble or Fast Lane. While they are destroying everyone the Usos are to win the WWE Tag Title back and they will partake in some shitty multi-man match at WrestleMania and by Extreme Rules The Ascension are going to beat them.
  10. I remember when Ascension was beating the Usos on NXT weekly. Good times.
    You know, I like this Road Warrior-like stuff they have for them. Hopefully it gets over.
  11. I totally think they'll be in a title match at WM, Usos will take the titles the RAW show after the Rumble I have a feeling and that'll be enough time for Miz & Mizdow to get their rematch and then they lose/go their separate ways and then the Ascension starts roughing up the Usos to lead up to WM31.
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  12. I wouldn't mind seeing them go against the dust brothers after that either. Interesting pairing
  13. That would be interesting I'd wanna see them go against the New Day personally.
  14. The Dust Brother's paring has gotten old already, imo. The Ascension should go after newer tag teams or at least ones that aren't boring.
  15. Don't worry, guys. The Ascension will tear through every team on the roster.

    I'm gonna love it when they demolish those lame Usos, if it's for the titles, then all the better.
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