The Ascension debuts in WWE MSG Live Event

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  1. Looks like The Ascension worked the MSG Live Event last night, they had a match vs Los Matadores, and came out with Vickie Guerrero by their side.
    They wore their NXT belts to the ring, and apparently the match was not entertaining at all but they came away with a victory. The match is being called a dud by numerous reviewers and doesn't seem to be getting anywhere above a 1.5 / 5 stars in anyone's eyes.


    Iono perhaps not the right time to be calling them up, maybe let them get more exposure via the Network.
    ^ The show's results itself looked pretty entertaining except for the Batista/Cena vs Wyatt/Orton tag team match, that one ended a little messed up imo for how the current feuds are.
  2. What source are you getting the terrible match info from? The article you linked said it was a good match. Just wondering out of curiosity.
    They needed to face better workers to be honest... yes Epico and Primo (Los Matadores) were once tag champs and know how to work but, in my opinion, The Ascension vs The Rhodes Brothers would have been a better introduction. Hopefully when they debut on TV they get better opponents.
  3. The reviewer said it was a good match there but he also said the crowd wasn't into it at all, but I mean to post other links too;

    They refer to it as a dud.
  4.

    Looks like that was the string of events leading upto the Debut, so they put an intermission in between, that could've also potentially been why the crowd wasn't into it, because they just witnessed some intense stuff.
  5. Offtopic: The main event results of that show confused me a little bit..

  6. The Ascension will be over when they come up to the main roster... this was simply terrible booking... I'll tell you why..

    A. You place the match right after a Bryan/Kane/HHH match/segment... since a lot of WWE fans don't really watch NXT and most likely had very little knowledge of who they are how would they get into they get into the match?
    B. They were wrestling Los Matadores.
    C. They were accompanied by Vickie Guerrero.

    When they come out by themselves, against better opponents, and at the beginning of a show then they will be better accepted by the fans.
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  7. lol Why were Cena and Batista teamed? Didn't Batista just heel turn this past Friday? lol... terrible booking throughout this event it seems.
  8. True, Iono why you would try and follow up an epic midcard segment like that with a debut match, not the brightest thing they've ever done.

    I have noo clue man, reading it I was so confused.. I would've done Orton/Cena vs Batista/Wyatt tbh if you were going that kind of weird route, but even then it's a bad booking with 3 heels and a face.

    Imo the only booking I like about the event is the continuation of the subtle secret Kofi Kingston vs Damien Sandow feud, iono why I have to watch it on Main Event and Superstars or hear about it from house shows when they could easily put on a good Smackdown match.
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  9. Vickie with the Ascension?

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  10. More brilliance from WWE creative
  11. She seems like she could go along well with Rybaxel tbh.
    But definitely do not want her ruining the Ascension, that team has potential for sure.
  12. Ascension with Vickie sounds retarded, so does them debuting after that HHH segment, but let's not forget that even thought it's at MSG it's still just a house show.
  13. You still exist? :robbie:
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  14. Yes. And I also still think you're the man. :obama:
  15. Acension with Vickie? That Women still around?
  16. Meh....

    I don't worry too much about the lack of a reaction to The Ascension when they make a debut (with Vickie as their valet nonetheless) against Los Matadores at a house show.

    Epico and Primo (i refuse to remember their "Matador" names) are terrific workers, but their current gimmick is a turn-off for most adult fans and is only over for a few kids due to the little guy in the bull outfit. The days when wrestling was a second job for most wrestlers and that's over with grown-ups is.....well...over. No longer do we think a guy does this as a second job and during the day is a security/prison guard (The Big Bossman), a law enforcement officer (The Mountie), a hockey player (The Goon), or an Old West funeral director (The Undertaker). Now, it's time to ditch this gimmick and let these guys get over with their capabilities in the ring and on the mic (I also favor bringing Carlito back to be their manager or something along those lines, but that's probably just me).

    Secondly, the Ascension are good workers who use a lot of power moves. Give them a couple of guys who will bump their asses off for Konor and Viktor on Raw or Smackdown (3MB wouldn't be a bad place to start, or Ryder and Santino as a tag team if you want a pure "face" team) and these guys will get a Raw reaction based on their size, power, and how those guys would sell for them.

    There will be no problem getting the Ascension over on the main roster.

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  17. Never seen any of The Ascension but knowing their gimmick and after hearing about them for a long time, I don't think Vickie fits as their manager... like, at all. But it's likely just a test to see how people react to it. It was just a house show, and they sometimes try out things at non-televised events just to see how well it goes over with the audience and how they react (Sandow's possible face turn from last year comes to mind), so I wouldn't worry about her as their permanent manager just yet.
  18. Oh I mean it's their first house show I don't think anyone was really worried about Vickie being their manager, especially after the reception they got (slim to none).
    Tbh I think Undertaker would be an awesome manager for them but I doubt they would do that at the moment and I dunno if Viktor or Konnor have time to wait.
  19. I wouldn't like the Undertaker as their sole manager (he'd only really fit in that kind of role imo if he were still the American Bad Ass), but if Taker had his own modern day version of the Ministry Of Darkness and The Ascension were two members of the group (say there were at least two or three other members), that would be awesome. But unfortunately, those days are past.
  20. Paul Bearer would be the perfect manager for.....oh yeah :sad1:
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