News The Ascension Set To Make WWE Debut Next Week

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    The official WWE Facebook page has released a video hyping the debut of The Ascension, who are set to make their debut next week.
  2. Sweet, sounds good to me! Been looking for some more additional tweaks to this tag team division.
  3. Can't wait.

    The Ascension to demolish The Usos, please!
  4. I bet the Ascension will get a tag team match, then Vince just comes out and buries them himself when he decides they aren't over enough. :heenan:
  5. But Vince never buries talent :blackshock:
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  6. I hope these guys can deliver. I've been hearing about them for what feels like forever, but I don't think I've ever checked out a single one of their matches. Hopefully "their gimmick being tweaked" isn't a bad sign.

    Does the guy on the left remind anyone of Kratos?
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