The Aurora Suicunes

Discussion in 'Pokemon Showdown League' started by Thyst04, Nov 6, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys! This is Thyst here, the proud owner of the Aurora Suicunes. If you would like to battle me, my showdown username is Thyst.

    Without further ado, let's get on with the team!

    Mew - Eve
    Landorus Therian - Enten
    Latios - Sonic
    Infernape - Zuko
    Blissey - Peace
    Mega Absol - Yin
    Alomomola - XOHeart
    Togetic - Eggo
    Fletchlinder - Novice
    Electivire - Bigfoot
    Cradily - Crazily
    Malamar - Reversinto

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  2. Hey guys! On Wednesday, the Aurora Suicunes suffered a crushing defeat to the hands of a manaphy.... Maybe Crazily would have changed that... The replay of the 6-0 sweep is on Deth's page; The Vermillion City Pikachus. That was a horrible match, I promise it won't happen again. The next match is against:
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  3. Yeah, Storm Drain Cradily would have shut Manaphy down.
  4. I had Ice Beam. Pretty sure +3 Manaphy destroys it. Definitely +6.
  5. After 2 more crushing defeats against the Vape Squad and Mega Metagross (XD), the Aurora Suicunes will face off against another tough opponent, the Valley View Victinis. Who's gonna win? Find out next time...
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  6. So when is this battle happnin'?
  7. Couple minutes from now!!! Come see us live at Pokemon Showdown!

    IDK know how to get the battle link so look for my name, Thyst instead.
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  8. they said same time as last nights
  9. Hasn't started yet tho
  10. Aurora Suicunes vs Valley View Victinis!

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  11. The Aurora Suicunes sadly lost to the Valley View Victinis 1-0, and by 1 hit point. In the end, to secure the victory, Titania!male had to knockout BigFoot, Enten, and Novice. Good Game though!

    OU replay: Thyst vs. mgsolidus - Pokémon Showdown

    Kills(in order):
    Yin knocks out Cofagrius
    Conkeldurr takes out Yin
    Enten takes out Kyurem
    Mega Gardevoir KOs Eve
    Enten takes out Conkeldurr
    Victini brutally tackles Peace until she fainst
    Novice knocks out Victini
    Enten takes out Snorlax
    Gardevoir takes out Enten, Novice, and Bigfoot, brutally.

    Yin: +1
    Enten: +3
    Novice: +1

    Totals coming soon!
  12. Zuko: 1
    Sonic: 1
    BigFOOT: 2
    Eve: 1
    Yin: 1
    Enten: 3
    Novice: 1

    Kills as of week 1, 2, 3, 4

    Next opponent: @C.M. Shaddix and the Bronx Beldums!
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  13. Sorry, I died for a bit and missed ur battle. gg tho, you played well.
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  14. Thanks
  15. I'm ready to keep my losing streak against you when you are XD

    Even though I get pissed I lose via upset all the time lets see how long this losing streak can go WOOO!!! 0-4!!!
  16. lol have the exact same record, i better win against you
  17. So @Solidus
    Planning to be redoing this. Since I don't have legend, I can't update, it, so should I move to another document and trash this?
  18. Well, looks like this one is going in the book as a 0-0. C.M. Shaddix didn't show up when was on, and I didn't show up when he was on.
    To sum it up, it looks like we gonna have to be prepping for Runebane 33 now.
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