The Aurora Suicunes

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  1. Hello everybody! This is Thyst, the proud owner of the Aurora Suicunes!

    We will be sure to pick this win up for the fans! Enjoy watching our battles and etc!
    Also, check out the team!

    Eve the Mew!

    Enten the Landorus-Therian!


    Sonic the Latios!


    Zuko the Infernape!


    Peace the Blissey!


    Yin the Mega Absol!


    Novice the Fletchinder!


    Mr. Egg 1 the Togetic!


    Luvdisc the Alomomola!


    BigFOOT the Electivire!


    Lily the Cradily!


    Cruella the Malamar


    As of week 5: Kills:

    Zuko: 1
    Sonic: 1
    BigFOOT: 2
    Eve: 1
    Yin: 1
    Enten: 3
    Novice: 1

    Hopefully you guys enjoyed taking a look at the team!

    See ya around!
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  2. Hey @C.M. Shaddix ! I know you are online, and ill be on Showdown! Pls come challenge me!
  3. Rhyperior got 2
    Registeel got 1
  4. Table updated now.
  5. OU replay: Thyst vs. CMXX - Pokémon Showdown

    Plus 3 for Enten
    +1 for Crazily
    Plus 1 for Eve
    + 1 Yin

    Well, our first WIN!!!

    Now we have Enten with 6 kills,
    Yin with 2
    Crazily with 1
    Eve with 2
    Novice with 1
    BigFOOT with 2
    Zuko with 1
    Sonic with 1

    There you go

    Well, now we are 1-4!!!
    First win!

    I believe C. M. Shaddix will have his, but gg man, you gotta start winning!
  6. Welcome to the club.
  7. LOL, thanks
  8. So... forgot the replay, and the kills. I think it was +2 for Zuko the Infernape
    +1 for Cruella the Malamar
    +1 Sonic the Latios

    Anyways, that was a VERY close match, gg @Runebane33!
    This was a close 0-1 loss for us, while he picked only 5 kills, and I only picked up 4. I really wish he didn't pack that last bravebird. Otherwise things woulda been different. I roost, then I would have dazzling gleamed Honch and Torn to death. They were all in one shot kill, except for maybe that random roost. Overall, a very very very very good game.

    I didn't get the replay @Solidus but my kills are above.
    upload_2015-12-14_7-8-48.png upload_2015-12-14_7-9-5.png upload_2015-12-14_7-9-22.png
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  9. Now Infernape has 3 kills, Latios has 2 kills, and Malamar has 1.
    Very stressful day, must admit.
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  10. Totals:
    Infernape - 3
    Latios - 2
    Malamar - 1
    Mew - 2
    Cradily - 1
    Landorus-Therian - 6
    Mega Absol - 2
    Fletchinder - 1
    Electivire - 1

    Who doesn't have a kill?
    Blissey - understandable
    Alomomola - Little bit understandable
    Togetic - been to only one match

    That's it!
    Special for you
  11. Hey Guys! Today, we have traded away our Sonic the Latios for Solid the Heatran from the Rustboro City Rayquazas!
  12. Hey Guys!!! We have picked up an FA Swap!!! We have replaced Novice(He was a good guy ;( ) for Mandrake the Trevenant!
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  13. Are you able to edit your thread? Find me a picture of Trevenant if not.
  14. I think we battle next. You down to battle tomorrow? (Sat)
  15. I don't think so. But I'll prob be on showdown at 9:00 CST if that's fine with u. Looking forward to a rematch!!!!!!! You WILL be #rekt. Also @Solidus I never got a challenge from Shadow? That a tie or what?
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