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  1. If Triple H came out at this years Summerslam to make a special announcement regarding The Authority. He kicks off the show and Big Slow, Lame, J and J, and Rollins are all standing in the ring together. Triple H begins to discuss how Seth seems to be the only one who can get the job done lately. He explains how Big Slow has only lost to Roman and others, while Lame has lost to Ryback and Ziggler, not proving themselves.

    He looks over at J and J and iterates a similar message: incompetent, distracting, and not helping Seth in the long run. Everyone's face in the ring would be stunned and confused. Big Slow would try to interrupt Triple H and apologize as well as say they'll all get better. Triple H gets in his face and tell him to shut his big ass mouth before he shuts it for him....there's a hush over everyone in the ring.

    Triple H calms down somewhat...then continues on to say that "failures breed failure. This why I've decided to make some adjustments, if you will, with The Authority. Some of you may not like these changes, but you don't have a choice, because, quite frankly, I run this damn company....and, well, the future is now."

    All the sudden Neville's music hits and he's accompanied by 2 other members of NXT. He grins as Big Slow, Lame, and J and J turn their backs to Rollins and Triple H. Rollins and Triple H both low blow Big Slow and Lame as the seemingly new Authority members rush the ring. They all begin to beat down J and J, Lame, and Big Slow. Rollins curbs stomps both members of J and J. Neville hits his finisher on Lame. Triple H pedigrees Big Slow followed by a Rollins curb stomp.

    The new Authority are the only ones standing in the ring. Every one else is out cold and beaten down. Triple H stands in the middle along side Seth and they all hold arms as Triple H raises them and keeps mouthing "welcome to the future!!!."

    Obviously, the 3 guys who come out can be whomever you'd like them to be. However, I'd prefer them to be new comers to WWE or current NXT members. I simply feel this idea would be amazing. Can you imagine how much more legit the Authority would look if this happened? Not having 4 old fucks run around with Rollins for protection. 3 young, talented, fresh, trainable talents. Now this a faction I'd want to see.

    What do you guys think? Would something along these lines be awesome, or no?
  2. Why wait till SummerSlam for this? The sooner it's done, the better.

    I'm cool with J&J, but uber-lame Kane and Show can kick rocks.
    Personally, I'd be fine with Harper and Sheamus (for instance) replacing Kane and Show as soon as post-Extreme Rules Raw episode.

    Also, Seth can't stay a heel forever, he's gonna have to turn some time down the road.
    I also don't want him winning via some shenanigans all the time, I don't see him being booked like Lesnar, but still.
    He's a champ, don't make him a pussy champ.
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  3. Well, yeah we don't have to wait till Summerslam...just an idea as it's generally seen as a bigger stage.

    J and J are alright....but, again, to your point, they ultimately make Rollins look weak. I'm sick of all the Authority outside of Rollins, Triple H, and Stephanie.

    I don't see Seth turning anytime soon and i don't think he should. He's got some major heat right now and since he's champion, let him build his heel legacy while holding the belt for a bit. Why end a good thing? He really hasn't been heel that long, actually.

    I agree with the shenanigans part as you know I've stated several times. He can do this still being in the New Authority, however. They just need to let him lead and actually win on his own. As much as I loved his match with Neville, he still needed J and J's help or else he looked as if he was going to lose....that's bs.
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  4. Sure, bro.
    I agree about SummerSlam being a big stage and all, but shoot, do we really have to suffer watching Kane and Show still as a part of The Authority till SummerSlam or even longer than that?
    I say :nope:

    - I don't see Rollins turning any time soon, too. But, nobody wants to boo this cat. He's a heel, FFS. Boo the mofo.
    The last crowd I remember booing Rollins was this week in Austin.
    So, that was nice for a change.

    - Yes, I agree. Shenanigans should be kept to a minimum, let him win on his own. It wouldn't hurt, ya know. Honestly, he should've won against Neville clean. But, oh well.
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  5. This sounds like the most convoluted and shoddy booking it's likely.
  6. i dont know who you're replying too, bro. Can you be more specific?
  7. The entire idea of replacing the authority with a new one. Especially using guys like Neville who shouldn't be heels.

    The Authority has gone on too long to begin with. Just end it.

    No offence but this sounds like a bad Be the booker scenario from the attitude era.
  8. If Neville ever goes heel I'd be INCREDIBLY surprised.. well I mean I guess there's a chance this being the WWE creative team and all but still..
  9. I'd rather they just quit the authority angle to be honest. It could/should have ran it's course at Survivor Series last year when they got beaten by team Cena.
    Besides causing 99.9% of the DQ finishes, they don't really serve a purpose any more.
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  10. I'd rather see the Authority turn on HHH and Rollins TBH
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  11. Well, Neville was an example. So, yes, he's probably better suited as a face, I'll give you that.

    If the Authority is played out, then do you feel that Seth could have his own faction?

    Fair enough.
  12. would you want the Authority with new talent and some legit wins? or do you feel that, even if that happened, they're just better off dead?
  13. Yeah, i shouldn
    t have said Neville. Just first idea of an NXT guy that popped into my head.
  14. I'd let Rollins just keep J&J. He doesn't need anymore.

    We don't need a big heel group on top. It is so overplayed.

    I'd much rather se Seth as the sneaky heel coming away with the win and having two goofy bodyguards than seeing Rollins and X amount of meat shields.
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  15. I don't think bringing in new talent will improve it- it'd be the same stuff, just with different people. Scrapping the whole Authority thing would be better imo. They pretty much don't get involved in anything other than Rollins Vs whoever it is at that particular time.
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  16. This is totally personal preference, but I'd rather have Rollins, if we're going the route of just dropping the authority altogether,not have anyone help him. J and J is already a little stale as they simply add to the authory like feel and I think it would simply distract from how good seth really is.

    I can agree with that. We have had that for ages. It would be nice to see seth simlly carry himself and maybe now and then ask for help or something.

    Yeah, unfortunately even if seth did form a faction, this would simply mean that he would never, and I mean never, win a match on his own.
  17. I can see that. Good points. I was just hoping, praying that WWE could actually do something interesting with a heel faction where Seth and everyone else didn't get DQ a million times.
  18. J&J Stale?

    Surely you jest? J&J are awesome.
  19. J&J Securi-TAY. I always say it that way in my head for some reason. Too much South Park maybe.

    Respect my securi-TAY! :xanth:
  20. J&J Security >>> Kane/Show or any other stooges
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