"The 'Authority' to Take *New Name!*

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nice Person, Mar 6, 2015.

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  1. The Authority will be renaming itself soon, to keep in line with their way of business and how they treat certain wrestlers. The new name chosen is: "The Fourth Reich!"
    Those wrestlers that will not 'toe the line' of the 'Fourth Riech' will be made to wear yellow stars on their wrestling outfits.
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  2. Spiffy
  3. Nice trolling thread.
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  4. Hey, let's call 'em as we see them; they gonna *act* like Nazis, then call them Nazis..
  5. :rock2:
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  6. of all the users on this forum... this guy perplexes me.
  7. I was just skimming through his past threads. Oh boy.
  8. What will you expect from Action Jackson?
  9. Wrestlemania XXXII in Auschwitz confirmed. Maybe some new match stipulations? Jew on a pole match? Tables, Ladders and Ovens?
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  10. Don't feed the troll, dude.
  11. Just messing around lol
  12. You Sir need to put down the pipe or pass it around. What ever your smoking must be good for you to actually think it's a wonderful idea to post that.
  13. Nice pic of Brock; did you know that he will announce that he will be undergoing gender re-assignment surgery and return to the WWE as the Diva, 'Broche Lesnar!'
  14. LOL, you've been obsessed with this gender re-assignment surgery for quite a while now.

    Will you be undergoing one and you're (in a subtle way) asking for our opinion on it?
  15. If someone gives me the money, I'll undergo the gender changing surgery.
  16. Your trolling is absolutely horrible. You need to take a seat if that's what you think trolling is.
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  17. I thought the European Union was the 4th reich already
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