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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Just Kevin, Jun 3, 2014.

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    So... the Authority has a new member in Seth Rollins... a new enemy (?) in John Cena and are still breathing down Daniel Bryan's neck. They are punishing anyone who says anything negative or critical of them.. exactly the same thing they did months ago during the initial Bryan feud. Kane is still their puppet despite the commentators constantly saying Steph no longer has control of him. It seems like same old, same old yet again.

    So my question to all of you is.... besides adding Rollins...what can The Authority do to not make this just a recycled story-line.... what road would you go down in order to freshen up this whole Authority angle? or would you just kill the angle completely?

    Let's discuss.


  2. You make a pretty good point there. I really don't see how they could freshen it up, they're still going after the same dude as they did last year, Kane's there, Cena doesn't really help anything become fresh... Nothing comes to mind. I guess adding Rollins will suffice for a few weeks, but honestly I have no ideas here. Nothing that Cena and Kane do can be fresh... I would suggest giving Triple H the Championship.
  3. Wait, so Rollins DID join the Authority/Evolution??? I haven't watched it yet so I don't know all the details.
  4. Yes he did.
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  5. Ahhh, I thought he just begrudgingly turned on the rest of the Shield. Good to know.
  6. Bumping because BLFFL bumped all her posts up, so why not?
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  7. Giving HHH the title would definitely be a different way of going about it... but it still adds up to the same conclusion that we had at WM30... the Underdog (Bryan) against the person who has screwed him over time and time again (HHH).
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  8. Triple H as champion one last time sounds pretty tasty to me. If they were to do this though I would like to see it at MITB, I'm a big Daniel Bryan fan but if he is injured then I would rather he took the necessary time off to heal instead of rushing back in to a shitty feud with Kane. If Bryan is unable to compete then HHH winning the belts at MITB in a ladder match is a good way to do it, I do feel heat would be added and would bring freshness to the Authority product.
  9. Had a feeling Evolution/Authority was getting a member but totally wasn't expecting Rollins, glad they see enough in him to take him under someone like HHH's wing though. REALLY interested to see how this whole thing will play out.
  10. Cena's promo about Daniel Bryan and the championship struck me as just a way to get him back involved in the world title picture, competing in either the ladder match for the briefcase or the ladder match for the vacant championship (should Bryan actually be unable to compete and ends up either surrendering the title or being stripped of it.) I don't know if Cena's scathing promo on Stephanie is an indication that he's entering into a full-fledged feud with The Authority, although a rivalry between him and Rollins could be on the horizon. Hopefully they don't force us to sit through another Cena/Kane feud.
  11. I want to see Brock come back and get the title. That would piss everyone off. lol
    I am guessing the Authority will pick up Dean as well and have Roman by himself which will set up the bigger face push into singles matches. Have him vs HHH eventually.
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