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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Billc, Aug 5, 2017.

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  1. I have been told that the authority is coming back. If the Lesqueves do come back. I will quite watching whatever they're on. my opinion anyway.
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  2. I didnt care for the Authority.
  3. I never liked Stephanie's character. It's always been the same. As bad as you can get.
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  4. I hope the Authority dont come back.
  5. If Tripple H comes back I would like to see him come back to Wrestle... I agree with the comments in the video. Stephanie should NOT come back. She is a little annoying to be honest.
  6. To me more than a lil annoying. She downright ruins the show to the point I want to change the channel.
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  7. Would RAW improve with The Authority coming back? Nope. So, no need to bring them back. Especially Stephanie.
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  8. they should just drop the thing as a stable and just say that Trips is the big papa running the show instead of him and Steph. Stephanie just wants to put herself over in every situation and then act like it's "girl power! yay!" Slapping your wrestlers without any pay off or revenge story is completely pointless for the show but I bet she gets off on that shit when she's home. Or who remembers that one time when HEEL Stephanie cursed out HEEL Charlotte for 1 backstage segment for absolutely no fucking reason? It was also during a time where people were actually questioning WWE's booking of Charlotte, so they should do their best to make us believe in her ability, right? "Nah fuck that" said Steph

    ye, before this turns into a rant about Stephanie, because I can go on for days and go over the phony charity work she does for good publicity as well but I don't think people wanna read all that. I enjoyed the Authority for a whole 8 months, from Summerslam 13 to Mania 30. It should have been over after that but it turned into a thing that has to come back whenever Triple H wants to come back. They almost can't have Triple H coming back without Stephanie coming back too which is a real shame.. for the roster that's going to get slapped around by Steph while Triple H is in some feud.
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  9. People talk about old things coming back all the time. It's just a rumour. We're unlikely to see Triple H in a wrestling capacity until Wrestlemania. Stephanie McMahon is using this time off to take on more of the business demands so that her father can settle into retirement. When she does come back it will be to help people like Bayley get over, hopefully. She will be back sooner rather than later, I'm sure.
  10. Triple H, the sasquatch I used to call him, til they shaved him down. They say in real life he's a real, I guess butthole. He's a vice president. Because he's married to Stephanie. IDK.
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  11. I think any NXT fan would furiously dispute the idea that he is where he is just because of who he married. Also, I don't know who 'they' is that call him these things but as I've never met the man I have no opinion on him personally.
  12. I will gladly watch more Stephanie. She is a nice looking woman.

    I had a huge crush on her as a kid back in the attitude era.

    I do agree though that she can't be the evil heel be hind the scenes and the baby face manager getting camera time every week.

    But I will happily watch her do either.
  13. I wasn't referring to looks. There's a lot of nice looking women out there. And now she seems to have some substantial assets to be worth looking at when at one time I believe she was pretty much "flatchested". Must be fakes. Stratus was the hottest I think.
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  14. Oh I was referring to something I was told about people who knows many personalities on the shows that say who the real jerks are in real life. Paul L. was number one or two.
  15. What do you mean "get over". You mean firing her?
  16. "Getting over" means gaining crowd support. Similarly, "Going over" means winning
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  17. This. In the good ol days one would be going over while the other would be getting over.

    Now with things like 50/50 booking its that much harder to get over.
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  18. Stephanie helping the "good" person. Hum IDK. Being as acceptable to Mick Foley as long as she was surprised me. I'm sure she was straining.
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