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  1. *Ryan Blake is standing on top of a podium while wearing a black suit. The fans are booing Ryan Blake as he smiles back. Ryan Blake grabs one of the ten award trophies before he begins to speak*

    Ryan Blake: Tonight we celebrate the achievements of the superstars over the past year. To win one of these awards mean you have made a massive impact this year, so please take a seat and enjoy some of the great moments over the past year.

    *One of the officials hands Ryan Blake an envelope containing the result of the first award *

    Ryan Blake: First we'll start with Face Of The Year. This award is for those superstars who you love to cheer for. These are the group of people who will do the right thing at all costs....I personally don't get it myself, but that's probably because I'm a prick. Only 1% separated number two and number one in this category, but the superstar who ended up on the higher end and Face Of The Year.....The Blade!

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    @Gino Bambino accept the award and say something nice since you're a face :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

  2. *After a slight pause, Ryan Blake leans back into the microphone*

    Ryan Blake: Unfortunately, The Blade has been M.I.A ever since Wrestle Dynasy, so on his behalf, I will accept the award for him.

    *The crowd reacts poorly to this, but it doesn't matter since Ryan Blake has already moved on*
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  3. Ryan Blake: Well....It seems The Blade has decided to no show this event. We wish him the best in his future endeavors. Our next award of the night is OMG Moment Of The Year. These are the moments that caused complete shock when they happened, and I have to say we have a lot of contenders. I personally voted for my brother becoming unified World champion since anything with a Blake is great, but we both know that you small minded people will vote for the lesser moments. Give me the damn envelope.

    *Ryan Blake opens the envelope which causes disgust in his face*

    Ryan Blake: I knew it....Why is everyone going on about this?! I did it like 10 times in the past year already. The winner of OMG Moment Of The Year is....Jack Rogue.

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  4. *Jack Rogue's new music hits in the Precision arena for the first time ever*

    *Rogue emerges from behind the LED screen after a few seconds of inactivity, already carrying a microphone, and with his new Intercontinental Championship draped over his shoulder. Instead of heading to the ring, Jack marches from one side of the stage to the other, shaking his head and twitching*

    Jack: Cut the music! *The music fades out leaving the raucous boos of the audience as the dominant sound in the arena* Here's a question for all of you, what exactly do you think you're booing? Are you booing me, because I've moved past the illusions of rules and respect, that you forced on me? Are you booing the fact that this moment - the instant of my metamorphosis, the change that enabled me to take what should have been mine all this time - happened in the first place? Or are you booing the fact that that, and my rampage that followed it, brought me success? Because first of all, my new state of mind - you can call it psychosis all you like but I call it freedom - won me this... *Jack lifts his title into the air to a chorus of boos* ...what I've yearned and pursued for longer than half of the people in the back have even been here, championship gold. I won it as the competitor I always knew I could be, freed of the red tape of respect, rules, morality. And now, I'm getting further recognition for my transformation with this award. Actually... nah, fuck it. I'm saying "fuck this award" the same way I said "fuck all of you". And for the same reason - I don't need it! Gold, gold, gold - shiny, shiny gold! REAL gold! This Intercontinental Championship gold - that's all I need! So Blake, you put that cheapo, fake trophy on eBay and send the proceeds to my bank account. I'll take my title of "OMG Moment of the Year" as a reminder of how I fooled all of you idiots into believing that I was somehow above what made everyone else successful. And with that... goodnight!

    *Jack cackles maniacally, then turns on his heel and leaves with his belt as his music hits again*
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  5. Ryan Blake: Why does no one want the damn trophies? Bloody kids. Our next award is Match Of The Year.....What was the match that entertained you the most? Which match had those almighty spots that made you go oh! I'm looking forward to this one, and I have a feeling you'll all like it as well

    *Ryan Blake begins to open the envelope containing the result with a smile*

    Ryan Blake: Match Of The Year goes to.....Buster Gates VS Alice Xander VS Chris Young! And to accept the award......Welcome back Alice Xander!
  6. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    The fans pop louder than a pair of silicon tits being poked by a drawing pin as the most feminine competitor in Precision history comes running out of "The Alice Position" like a fat chick just farted and deflated herself. Surprisingly, nothing has changed about him/her, except maybe a little brain damage, but that was probably always there. Still looking like Dora The Explorer got busy with The Pink Panther, Alice begins to sing along with him theme tune... Badly, but still manages to get the fans to sing along with him. He runs down the ring, slides into it and damn near falling out the other end, stopping himself by grabbing the ring curtain thingy thing. He pulls himself up and walks over to Ryan Blake, jumping up and down waiting to be handed his award. Ryan hands Alice his first piece of gold in his career and gives him the mic... This can only go so well.

    Alice Xander: "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! I'm honoured! I'm almost sexually aroused by this statue of a half naked man scoop slamming another half naked man! That sounded so gay but I couldn't give two poops to a toilet despite the fact that I may already have done a doodoo in my pants! I'm a champion baybay! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

    The fans once again pop loudly at the overly enthusiastic Alice Xander... Ryan Blake however, being the bloated up, roid-raging, generic looking twin brother to his sister, prick, tries to rain on Alice's parade, snatching the mic from Alice as the crowd boos loudly.

    Ryan Blake: "Except... You're not a champion. This isn't a title, it's a trophy for having a good match... That you lost, I might add, so could you just hurry this along so that we can get to the meaningful awa..."

    Alice, snatches the mic back.

    Alice Xander: "Blah, blah, generic promo, blah! Bitch please! You're unimportant here! This is my moment, and I'm gonna celebrate it, Alice Xander style! Whoot whoot! Hit it, sound guy that I hate!"

    As Alice says this, his theme song plays. Balloons and confetti rains from the heavens and Alice begins to bask in his glory, jumping up and down and dancing, kinda looking like he's having an epileptic fit, and dropping his mic. Ryan Blake has had enough, however, seeing as Alice may never leave, Ryan signals for security. 6 Guards come from behind the curtain, while Alice is completely oblivious. They charge the ring and one stocky, butterbean looking mofo tackles Alice to the ground. The music cuts and the guards pile on top of Alice, picking him up and dragging him out of the ring. Alice, still holding his trophy, is being physically carried up the ramp while shouting...

    Alice Xander: "THANK YOU ALL! I WUV YA! BYE!"

    As Ryan Blake sees this as a good time for a commercial break.

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    This was a thing... That happened. Yup, thanks for the award though! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  7. Ryan Blake: Egh....I swear I will break his neck one day. Our next award will be a double since the same person won both. The winner of Best Talker Of The Year and Heel Of The Year.....Joseph Diamond!

    *Ryan Blake begins to wait as he looks tired as fuck*
  8. Danny Jacobs is waiting at gorilla position in his Ric Flair-robe and his sunglasses, ready to accept his nomination into the Hall of Fame... He jumps around out of happiness and screams:
    ''Hard work pays off, brother! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!''
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  9. Diamonds from Sierra Leone's trumpets blow throughout the arena as Joseph Diamond arrives. He is in full suit and tie, with a scarf draping his shoulders and rose coloured shades, well, shade his eyes.

    Joseph Diamond: Now me giving a speech might be a bit redundant, wouldn't it? There's nothing I can really say I haven't told each and every one of you already. I am the best, and I have strived to achieve nothing less. My record breaking Intercontinental Championship reign is still fresh in every one of your minds, as is my historic 10 and 0 winning streak, which, unfortunately came to an abrupt end at WrestleDynasty, and I do have a couple of minutes to talk, so I could talk about everyone who helped me to get here, I will simply tell you my intentions. When the off-season ends, when I come back, when PRECISION comes back, when the Unbreakable One returns to your televisions, I will be coming for my Intercontinental Championship, and there isn't a man, whether its Rogue or Vega or Gates or Neilson, they will step up but I will knock them down, because I am back to where I started. No streak, no title. But I am so more than a man, I am unbreakable, I am untouchable and Jack Rogue you can bet your ass that come December, that title is mine. Because your little 'reign' is temporary.
    You should probably finish it with some thank yous so you dont get booed of the building
    I have to thank people? What are you talking about? I'm the only one who did any of the work
    These awards, all two of them go out to Kristen, Diane, Alexa, Alexander and Chris Diamond and Tony Stark. And for those watching at home, don't worry, I've got something really special planned for December, I'll see you then.

    Diamond walks off, and while his eyes aren't visible, I assume there was a fire of some form in his eyes. Diamond walks with awards in hand to the back, never to be seen again.

    Until he was, but thats another story.
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  10. Ryan Blake: Always has something interesting to say. Our next award is Rivalry of the Year. This award represents the complete hatred people have for each other. Who has had the greatest battles this year?

    *Ryan Blake opens the envelope*

    Ryan Blake: Thought I saw enough of this guy already....The award goes to Andersen Vega VS Jack Rogue!

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    @Geek773 say something stupid

  11. *Jack Rogue's music hits again and the arena explodes with boos and jeers louder than before, as the audience had hoped to hear from Rogue's newly reconciled rival and former employer, Andersen Vega. Once more, Jack emerges microphone and championship in hands*

    Jack: Cut... the fucking MUSIC! When will you fucking learn, numbskull?!

    *Rogue makes as if to walk back through the curtain but as his music cuts abruptly, he shakes his head, turns around and storms down to the ring*

    Jack: You lot can shut your fat mouths again, I'm almost as annoyed to have to be called out here twice, as you are to see me... don't see me getting the treatment of the guy I made irrelevant at WrestleDynasty, huh?

    *Jack rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and drapes his championship over his shoulder before continuing*

    Jack: Except, this time, I have some semblance of a reason to be proud of this accolade. Andersen Vega and I went to war twice. He beat me and won my contract because I was chained up like a dog by my scruples and hesitation to do what I had to, he put me through the emotional torture that helped me see what I had to do... and then two weeks ago, after shrugging off the chains and setting this beast free, I destroyed him and regained the freedom I had already got from within myself. And yet... I stand before you the Intercontinental Champion, but he is somehow the Undisputed Champion! Except he's not, because I dispute his reign. Oh sure, he won two matches at WrestleDynasty and beat a total of six other men to claim that title, but none of them, not even all of them combined have a damn thing on me! I'm your Intercontinental Champion and I will be for as long as I damn well please, because no-one in Precision knows what they're dealing with in me, the measures I will use to maintain my sovereignty.

    Jack: If I feel like it, I'll beat Andersen Vega again for the Undisputed Title, and the reason he's not out here to collect that trophy is because he knows I could beat him again any time I liked. So much for your Monarchy, Blake, because I rule this shit now. You can send me the money from that trophy too, because I still don't want it. But my rivalry with Andersen Vega was symbolic of my rise to championship glory and dominance of this company... Rivalry of the Year is goddamn right. Blake, if I win anything else, just give me a lovely big clap like it's the primary school assembly awards this sham is, and then send me the extra trophy money. I'll see you all next year - when I will exercise my dominance and become the greatest Intercontinental Champion... of all time.

    *Rogue throws down his microphone and exits the ring. He stops to shout at a fan a few rows back from the barricade, before walking up the ramp*
  12. Ryan Blake: Where do these guys even come from? Egh.....Let's get to the next award. This award is breakout superstar of the year. This is for those new superstars who made the biggest impact. We all remember Robert Blake beating the unstoppable Buster Gates, but him being the proud man he is decided to allow someone else to win this award. The winner of this award and breakout superstar of the year........Will Neilson!

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  13. *After 17 seconds or so, Will Neilson walks out from the curtain, no title in tow. Many would assume him to be pissed off, as he lost his Undisputed Championship at Wrestle Dynasty, but he is a surprisingly happy mood. He takes off his leather jacket and chucks it over Ryan Blake's head, before grabbing his award and taking to the mic.*

    Will: Cut the music dickhead.... *Music stops* Wreslte Dynasty was not a good night for me, that prick Jack Rogue is somehow Intercontinental Champion, Rhys Haze actually won a match... and... I...um... *Will takes a deep breath* Somehow.... lost my Undisputed Championship in the chamber match. *Crowd has mixed reactions, but the boos eventually drown out the cheers.* I know you people don't care, and I don't care about you. Moving slightly on, I'm here to accept this "award" of Breakout Superstar of the Year! I most definitely deserve this award, let me just get out this list of my amazing accomplishments over these past few months... *Neilson pulls out a neatly written list from his trouser pocket and starts to read the acomplishments one by one*

    - Beat Rhys Haze in my Precision debut.
    - Won the Money in the Bank ladder match.
    - Kicked the shit out of Satan.
    - Won the Undisputed Championship.
    - Kicked the shit out of Rhys Haze.
    - Kicked the shit out of Rhys Haze again.

    - Formed Anarchy Inc, and gained the services of the great Reagan Cole.
    - Defeated Joseph Diamond and the slave master in a triple threat match.
    - Stole Ryan Blake's biscuits...

    Will: *looks over at Ryan who is clearly fuming* I guess I gotta go... Will has got places to be ya know. Cheers for the award by the way, atleast some of you care.

    *Will Neilson quickly takes his leather jacket off of Ryan Blake's head, revealing his ever so angry face. Will says to him "Those digestives were nice... you should buy more of them... and a lock to put on your office every time you go to the toilet." Neilson grabs his award raising it to the crowd, amongst boos and some quiet cheers, before walking backstage again.*
  14. Reagan Cole walks out and flips Ryan the bird before raising Neilson's hand and they both go to the back
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  15. Ryan Blake: I'm not being funny or anything, but he isn't getting away with any of that. Will, you're fucked. Do you think you can do this to the person who pays you? I fucking own you. You made the biggest mistake of your career doing that to me. Just wait......

    *Ryan Blake clearly pissed begins to open the final envelopes*

    Ryan Blake
    : Our final awards are promo of the year and superstar of the year. I'm not going to stay here and hype him up.....Your winner of both awards and Superstar of the year.....Buster Gates.
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  16. Danny Jacobs is growing impatient, still waiting at the gorilla position sitting down with a cola in hand and a bag of crisps, furiously drinking and eating. He sees superstar after superstar receive an award, yet he seems to be completely forgotten.

    ''What. The. Fuck.''

    Danny Jacobs stands up and confronts a producer who's watching the award ceremony on a small monitor.

    ''Hey, uh, what the fuck is this? The last awards are announced, huh? HUH?! Where's my Hall of Fame induction?!''

    ''Uhm, there's no Hall of Fa-''

    ''LISTEN UP! You better induct me as soon as possible! I have an IWT Championship match to get ready for next month! I'm not one to play your little mind games, capiche?''

    ''I can't do anything...''

    ''Well, that's clear as day, isn't it? This company has gone down the shithole when I left! Get me a fucking beer...''

    Instead of waiting to get given a beer, he takes both beers from the trainers that are talking to eachother backstage and drinks them in one go with an irritated look on his face as the screen slowly transfers back to the action on the stage...
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  17. *Buster Gates music hits. He walks out onto the stage wearing a full white suit to a surprising applaud. He looks back at the curtain and none other than Reginald hobbles out behind him, walking with crutches. Reginald receives an even louder reaction from the audience. Buster walks up to the podium and looks at his awards and picks them up, waving them around.*
    Buster Gates: Wow... Promo of the year and Superstar of the year... And all it took was Reginald almost dying. Reg, you should have done that months ago!
    *Buster chuckles.*
    Buster Gates: Well, as you all know... I came up short at Wrestle Dynasty. Once again I was pinned by the only person who has been able to beat me this entire year, Robert Blake...
    *Buster coldly looks over to Ryan, who smirks.*
    Buster Gates: I was the Undisputed Champion for the first half of this year basically, up until Robert beat me... It took me some time to recover from that, I was depressed, I had nothing to fight for. I was finished. Then the crash happened... Reginald's life was almost taken away, and that gave me something to fight for.
    *The audience begin to cheer.*
    Buster Gates: You people began to spur me on, hype me up. I wanted that title back and you guys helped me get into that chamber...
    *A "Reginald!" chant begins.*
    Buster Gates: But where the FUCK did that get me!?
    *The audience goes quiet.*
    Buster Gates: I was good. I was soooo GOOD! I played my part PERFECTLY! You actually believed I had some emotions! Surely you should know by now that I don't give the smallest of shits about anything or anyone. For WEEKS I had you eating out the palm of my hand with this crash story. And that's exactly what it was, just a story... Reginald isn't really hurt!
    *Reginald throws his crutches to the side and bows.*
    Buster Gates: It was a set! There was makeup, it was acting! You didn't see me splashing water into my eyes before the camera started rolling! You didn't see me practising lines or picking out my wardrobe. Damn it, do you know how expensive that was?! Super expensive! I wanted another shot at that title and the only way I could do it was to have some fan support. I fought my ass off and played you all like a fiddle. Hell, Reginald isn't even my dad! Come on now, really?! This guy? He looks nothing like me! I'm one sexy beast. He isn't even close, no offence.
    *Reginald nods understandably.*
    Buster Gates: I wanted that title shot and I got it. Robert "small dick" Blake beat me again and I got fucked over! I don't need these shitty trophies! They don't replace MY Undisputed Championship. They mean nothing! So fuck you Robert Blake, and you too Ryan you prissy bitch! I'm going to get my title back soon enough. Come on Reg, we're leaving...
    *Boos fill the arena as Buster walks away from the podium. He barges past Ryan as he heads backstage with Reginald following as usual close behind.*
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  18. *Ryan Blake begins to smile as Buster Gates leaves*

    Ryan Blake: I told them to not trust that cockroach, but people seem to always fall for his shit. How can people be so stupid? It's not like I believed him or anything.....

    *Ryan Blake begins to walk onto the middle of the stage*

    Ryan Blake
    : Tonight turned out quite well, but I think we have one more thing to deal with, and it isn't me inducting Danny Jacobs into the Hall Of Fame. We have someone very special joining us tonight to complete a little deal of sorts. How about we get to the good stuff then?

    *Ryan Blake walks down to the ring, and he begins to enter the ring as the fans boo him. He begins to point down to the entrance ramp awaiting for this mystery person to appear*
  19. The lights in the Precision arena slowly dim down and some colorful spotlights begin to roam around the crowd.
    Fading in on the titantron are the words "Ladies and Gentlemen..."

    The music of Exodus Superstar, Hall of Famer, Current Ironman and World Champion of Exodus, Jet Starr begins to play throughout the arena.
    Out comes Jet Starr with both titles held high above his head as he walks down the ramp with a gigantic smile on his face.
    He is met with a deafening amount of boos, for not only being extremely despised, but for being in enemy territory.
    Jet makes his way into the ring, walking right past Ryan Blake and going to stand on the top rope.
    He raises both championships in the air again as fireworks go off on the ceiling of the arena.
    Jet basks in the glory before retrieving a microphone and standing opposite Ryan Blake.

    Jet: Well hello there Mr. Blake, firstly I would like to thank you for allowing somebody from the other side to join you in this ring tonight. Secondly, I just want to say you're welcome for the ratings boost. Thirdly, I want to sincerely apologize for crushing the hopes and dreams of your brother Robert when I snatched this World Heavyweight Championship from him over on our superior finale, The Mega Show III. This makes me the only man in history to ever hold both the Ironman and World Heavyweight Championships at the same time. It also makes me the first and only man to hold two championships simultaneously that belong to one promotion. Currently, I am the most decorated man in all of sports entertainment, and there isn't any better feeling than knowing that not a single person here like me for it. Now, I could talk about myself forever, we all know that, so why don't we get on with the show here, Ryan. Would you care to explain the situation, or should I handle this if it feels like too much for you.

    Jet steps backwards and motions to the center of the ring, signaling Ryan Blake to talk.
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  20. *Ryan Blake has a confused look after those comments about Exodus being the better show*

    Ryan Blake: That's some mighty trash talk coming from the World champion of the B+ show. Your finale was better than Wrestle Dynasty? At least Precision's Wrestle Dynasty could pull off more than two matches to end their year. Ratings boost? You're on here to keep the other show relevant my dear boy, but we already knew that. Precision has been beating Exodus in the ratings for the past 3 months, and that's a fact, Jet. Don't come onto the number one wrestling show on TV trying to act like the big man.....We both know who the bigger man is in this ring anyway. Again, great for you on becoming World champion, but I don't recall you pinning my brother. I remember Lukey performing the dropkick from Heaven to take out my brother, and can I say that was the only reason he was eliminated. We both know my brother did more in his one year than your entire career.....How about I list them? Longest Reigning Exodus World champion of the year, The final IC champion of that other place, Precision World champion and Iron Man champion. Did I forget to mention him being the only unified World champion in the history of these shows and the others? Think you get the deal there. There's a reason why I won't step foot back into that dump, it's because I have some respect for myself. Why would I go there? Am I some kind of Dog now? No offence to you or my brother, but we both know Precision beats Exodus in every damn category, but you already knew that. To be honest I kind of felt bad for the show, so while you're here I suggest taking a look around, and maybe you can bring back some reports to base camp since you're so respected there.

    *Ryan Blake begins to laugh right at Jet Starr*

    Ryan Blake: But we need to get down to business, so you have what I want, and I have what you want right outside that ring. It was a hard fight getting it off the person who owned it....But he knows the story. So how about we complete this deal? Then you can jog back to that trash you call Exodus.

    *One of the refs grabs Ryan Blake his package which was waiting outside the ring, but Jet Starr begins to speak before he opens it*
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