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Jet smiles at Ryan Blake.

Jet: Well, I'll agree with you on one thing, Exodus does suck. I came back to do one major thing, and that was to improve that place, but now I realize I'd be beating a dead horse...so I decided to buy a new one. That's right, you no longer have to worry about Exodus, now you have to worry about my show. I bought that place and I'm changing everything for the better. You're looking at the General Manager of the next A show in sports entertainment, "Ignition"!

Jet points at a stagehand, who brings a garbage can into the ring.

Jet: That is also why I decided to grace you with my presence tonight. We need to complete a deal, and I'm a man of my word, but first, I need to get rid of some disgusting trash.

Jet takes the Ironman Championship off of his shoulder, holds it over the garbage can and drops it in.

Jet: That piece of garbage is never seeing the light of day again. Now, that thing you have right there, is the official Ignition World Championship, and I would appreciate it if you gave me my property. In return I'll give you the championship you want, as per our agreement.

Jet holds out his hand, but keeps the title he's holding over his shoulder out of Ryan's reach.

Jet: You first, bro.
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3 hours after the show comes to a close, the ring crew and the production crew is cleaning up as Danny Jacobs got woken up from his little nap next to the 14 beers he quickly drank eagerly waiting on his eventual Hall of Fame induction. He jumps up, still kinda drunk, and whilst holding his head, he begins to respond to the member of the ring crew that is slowly waking him up...

''Sir.. Are you alright? Mr. Jacobs?''

''What?! Where am I?''

''At the awards show from Precision, Mr.''

''The what? Do you mean Sony Storm?''

''Uh, no. Prec-''

''Ah! Yes! This is the Hall of Fame induction ceremony for Sony Storm, isn't it?''

''No, sir. This is the awa-''


''Your what?''

''My Hall of Fame ring, you idiot. You think I came here to say hello to Buster Gates, huh? To Jack Rogue and the rest of the circus squad, HUH?!''



''Honestly, Mr. Jacobs, I don't know why you are here. There's no Hall of Fame indu-''

''Does this answer my question?!''

''I'm sorry?''


''We don't have one.''

''It's not for YOU to have one, idiot! It's for ME to have one! GET ME ONE!''

The other ring crew members are slowly closing down the backstage area, and leaving the building. The ring crew member that's talking to Danny Jacobs sees this, and partly because he's frightened and doesn't want to tell the truth to Danny, covers up a lie to follow them and leave the building.

''I'll talk to the others and we'll try everything we can, Mr. Jacobs..''

''Fine, and get me a fucking beer. Cold! And no ''0.0%'', do I look like a fanny to you?''

Danny Jacobs sits down again and waits for his Hall of Fame ring to be brought to him. Out of nowhere, the lights go out in the backstage area. Danny Jacobs starts questioning this and starts looking for people, but there's nobody around. He's alone and locked in the dark arena, left there by the scared ring crew.




Danny Jacobs starts smashing equipment in the backstage area, stomping walls and breaking locker rooms constantly screaming ''I FUCKING HATE THIS COMPANY!'' as the camera slowly fades to black...
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*Ryan Blake begins to laugh at Jet Starr as he has his hand out waiting for the package*

Ryan Blake: Just hold on a second....I just don't really trust you. What stops you from taking both titles and making a run for it? This exchange has to be fair, so how about we both take the other's property at the same time? Sounds like a wonderful idea to me!

*Ryan Blake begins to unzip the package revealing the Precision Undisputed Championship. Ryan smiles at Jet as he smiles back, but Ryan Blake doesn't give him the title right away*

Ryan Blake: Two great World championships on the same show. I almost feel some competition from you, but maybe that's the feeling of guilt since we all know Precision is going to murder Ignition once it finally airs. This banter has been fun, but I need to get back to the Precision HQ, and we'll continue to be the most dominant wrestling show on TV. Now, how about we get this little agreement over with?

*Ryan Blake begins to give Jet Starr the Undisputed Championship with his right hand, but he stops half way as Jet needs to fulfill his part. Jet begins to give Ryan the former Exodus World championship. Both men quickly grab the other's championship. Ryan Blake begins to make his way up to the stage with his brand new Precision World Heavyweight Championship. Jet Starr is still in the ring with his brand new Ignition World Championship*

Done in town on a little shit phone. But Precision now owns the World Heavyweight Championship while Ignition now own the Undisputed Championship.

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