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The Artiste
*(Knock,Knock) Luis knocks on the door of Vanessa York*
Luis Alvarado: Oh Senorita!
*Vanessa York opens the door very annoyed*
Vanessa York: Yes, Luis?
Luis Alvarado: I need some good luck.
Vanessa York: Good. . . luck?
Luis Alvarado: Yes, though I can feel the luck by just looking at you.
Vanessa York: Why do you even need luck? You usually win.
Luis Alvarado: True, but every little bit helps.
Vanessa York: Fine, what do I have to do.
Luis Alvarado: Give me a Kiss.
Vanessa York: Uh, no.
*Luis Laughs*
Luis Alvarado: No, No, No, not on the lips that would be disrespectful to a rosada like you. All I request is a peck on the cheek. That's it.
*Luis gives Vanessa puppy dog eyes*
Vanessa York: (sighs) Fine.
*Vanessa York looks around to make sure no one is watching and then gives a quick kiss on to Luis's cheek*
Vanessa York: There, happy?
Luis Alvarado: Happy, happy, are you kidding? I am extático!
*Luis walks away from Vanessa clicking his heels as he walks*
Vanessa York: What a strange man.


The Artiste
*As we return from commercial, we see Thomas Drago standing, mic in hand*
Thomas Drago: Everyone, today I am here with a slightly more colored, Terra Hayze.
*The crowd begins to laugh as the camera pans out to show Terra standing there, stained red from last week*
Thomas Drago: Now Terra-
*Terra quickly slaps Thomas hard across the face*
Terra: Shut up! I'm fed up with everyone right now, especially lowly interviewer types like yourself! Get the hell out of my face!
*Thomas stands there with a look of disbelief as we see Des walk into the frame, boos and cheers being heard from the crowd. He then places his hands on her shoulders*
Des Pierson: Terra, maybe you should head back to the locker room and cool off, because at this point, it's hard to separate the anger from the paint...
*Terra stomps, and then makes her way off to the locker room*
Thomas Drago: Des, would you-
*Des grabs the mic and pushes Thomas out of the camera*
Des Pierson: H, you say you want to break my leg, well I guess we're nearly one in the same, because I want to pierce your skull with my boot. I can't guarantee anyone that either of those things will happen later tonight. But what I can guarantee is that I will find a way to walk out of Warriors Way with the Iron Man Championship, no matter what it takes.
*Des shoves the mic back into Thomas' chest before the camera turns back over to the commentary team*

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The man with the rear that makes the girls cheer!
Vanessa York: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time, The Amazing H!
*The Amazing H walks into view with a smile on his face.*
Vanessa York: Last week at Warriors Way, you went to war with Des Pierson and unfortunately you ended up losing that match. Before your match you stated that you would need to re-evaluate things if you did end up losing, and now here you are with smiling. How are you feeling?
The Amazing H: Honestly, i'm feeling good! Losing to Des was... Unfortunate, and I realise this. I was in a slump for a few days after that... But! I have some good news, you see...
*H's eyes widen as he stares off camera. The camera turns to show Thomas Drago turning a corner and heading down the corridor. Thomas looks up straight towards H with an unamused look on his face. The camera pans back to H who is now wearing a robe, a fake beard and holding a bell.*
Thomas Drago: Hey Vanessa, The Amazing H...
The Amazing H: WHO IS THIS AMAZING ONE YOU SPEAK OF?! I am none other than Preacher H!
Thomas Drago: I don't understand why you keep...
Preacher H: Silence, Thomas my boy! CHAAAAAANGE! Change is all around us! Change happens at every second of every day somewhere in the world, and Thomas, change is coming to Exodus. I am here to preach the word of change! Discoveries have been made, friendships rekindled, horizons opened and a wave of amazingness will spread over this place once more!
Thomas Drago: What are you talking about?
Preacher H: CHAAAAAANGE! It will happen soon, trust me!
Thomas Drago: One of these days i'm going to catch you when you don't have a disguise handy. First Canteen Worker H, Janitor H... I will see the real you...
*Thomas storms off down the corridor. H removes his fake beard and turns back to Vanessa.*
Vanessa York: For the record, i'm also confused about all that.
The Amazing H: Ehh, I just like to mess with the guy. But I wasn't lying, change is coming Vanessa. Look out for it.
*H winks and walks out of camera. He starts swinging the bell around and you hear echos of him shouting "Change".*
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The Artiste
*Thomas Drago walks by the locker room to interview JJ Colton*
Thomas Drago: *knocks on door* Hello, anyone in there.
*Thomas Drago starts to hear nothing but silence*
Thomas Drago: Hello, can I come in?
*Thomas Drago enters the locker room to find JJ Colton lying on the floor unconscious and covered in blood*
Thomas Drago: Oh my god, Colton are you ok?
*Thomas Drago looks around the destroyed locker room*
Thomas Drago: somebody must've attacked him.
*Thomas Drago ran out of the locker room to find some help, he comes back to the locker room with a few local paramedics, the paramedics puts Colton onto a stretcher and takes him out of the locker room, the paramedics puts Colton inside the ambulance, and leaves the arena*


The Artiste
Vanessa York: Everyone, I am here with my guest at this time, the Iron Man Champion, Des Pierson.
*The camera pans out to show Des to the right of Vanessa*
Vanessa York: Now Des, how did it feel to defeat the Amazing H last week at Warrior's Way?
Des Pierson: Honestly, it doesn't matter to me that I won. Yeah I kept my belt for another week, and yeah I got my hand raised in victory, but that wasn't the point. The point is that I went into a match against one of this industry's legends and I demonstrated my superiority.
Vanessa York: Alright, what about after the match? After attacking the Amazing H week-in and week-out for 2 months, you then proceeded to shake the man's hand after defeating him last week. Why?
Des Pierson: I shook the man's hand because he gave me one hell of a series of matches. He stood up to everything I could dish out, and threw it right back at me. Had I not decided in that last moment to hit him with his own signature maneuver, who knows how that match would have ended. All in all though, Hammett proved himself to me in that match just as I was trying to prove myself to everyone else, and that is why I shook the man's hand.
Vanessa York: Alright. Now, let's move on to your opponent this week. This week you will be defending your Iron Man Championship against Ben Song. He has demonstrated a plentiful amount of skill, though last week things didn't seem to go his way. Do you have any words for Ben before your match-up?
*A slight grin crosses Des' face*
Des Pierson: To be completely honest, I haven't payed any attention to Ben at all over the past few months. The only people I keep my eye on are those who have been labelled higher than myself, and, not trying to be rude, but he simply is not. I may be showing a bit of arrogance here, however, I think I am right to. I've defended my championship twice now, and one of those times was against a legend. So, I can't help but feel like Ben won't be much of a challenge for my third defense compared to the others.
Vanessa York: And that brings me to my final question. Should you defeat Ben Song tonight, you will have successfully defended your Iron Man Championship three times. Have you come to a decision on what you will do afterwards? Will you challenge for the Intercontinental Championship next week, or will you try to defend the championship two more times to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam?
Des Pierson: You know, I actually haven't come to a decision on that yet. I mean, I could continue to show up Chris Young like I have in the past by claiming his Intercontinental Championship for myself. But I could also topple Robert Blake's ego by stealing away his World Heavyweight Championship in less than a month's time.
*Des strokes his chin, thinking on the question*
Des Pierson: I mean, it is no question that I am not a fan of either champion, nor have I ever been...
*He lowers his hand to his side*
Des Pierson: I guess that I'll-
*Des is cut off by Luis Alavarado walking up to Vanessa*
Luis Alvarado: Señorita York, I must ask you-
*Luis is cut off by Vanessa putting her hand in front of his face before walking away. Luis then chases after her. Leaving Des, who just shrugs, seemingly lost about what just occurred*

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The Game
*Robert Blake is backstage with his World title getting ready for his champion vs champion match. He is doing some mental exercises before his match. He grabs his World title and begins to make his way through the backstage. Superstars are always on guard when they see Robert Blake since he is known for starting feuds out of nothing. He begins to wait at the entrance area for his match. Robert Blake grabs one of the cameras and holds it to his face as Chris Young makes his entrance.*

Robert Blake:
Right now Chris Young is making his long ass entrance. Chris....I'm going to hurt you tonight. I'm going to break you and your spirit. I will show all the fans that I'm the face of Exodus and the true champion. You attacked Azrael before his title match.....He can't be here tonight since he isn't cleared for another match. He is my student and you attacked him while he was under my protection....That was very stupid. Now I have no other choice than beating the life out of you in this match. And....bring those girls to this party. I think everyone would love to see them following a real man like me and not a little Weasel like you. The Darkness is here and you have nowhere to hide.

*Robert Blake drops the camera as his music hits. He begins to makes his way to the ring with his World title above his shoulder*


The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
*Chris Young is in his locker room before his match with a look of lost hope on his face.*
Chris: I Can't win, I'm hopeless, I got lucky and now this match is my downfall.
I'm going in alone and I'm going to fight, But it will not matter, My blood is going to flow like the hope I had.
Blake, You're a world champion, I'm nothing but an ant in this world and i see that now.
I'm not good I'm just lucky.
My despair is rising so Blake please send me to my home to where I belong and set me free.
*Chris walks off to his match*

Trash Boat

*Thomas Drago is seen talking to the backstage crew when a familar figure walks through the frame, Drago turns to see who it is before turning back to his friends, then his head shoots back to the figure and he rushes towards him.*

Drago: It can't be you!

*The figure is revealed to be a really happy Tyson Frost.*

Tyson: Sup, Tommy? Aren't you glad to see me?

Drago: Wh-Wh-Wh

Tyson: Hey, Tommy. Can you please help me confirm that this is not true?

*Tyson pulls out a Goth Girl magazine, the cover has Robert Blake sitting down on a little stool with the World Championship on his shoulder.*

Drago: Yes, it's true. It's been true for a while.

Tyson: Really? This place sure went to crap after I was injured, didn't it? I mean, come on, he looks like if Bork Laser and Marylin Manson had a child and then put it up for adoption in an all girls orphange. And HE'S the face of the company? Sheesh. What about the other titles?

Drago: Well, Chris Young is the IC Champion. And Des Pierson is the Iron Man Champion.

Tyson: That seems about right. I mean, Chris is a mid to upper mid card guy, don't tell him I said that, it'll go to his really messed up head. Wait, did you say Des Pierson? Ha, the guy that can't cut a promo for his life and has to rely on a girl I brought into wrestling? That's priceless. Anyway, you look like you're just about burst. Was there something on your mind?

Drago: Yes, actually. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU-

Tyson: Woah, calm down. Wait, there's Ben! I'll be right back in two minutes, pinky promise.

*Tyson dashes off and leaves Thomas Drago confused at what just happened.*
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The Artiste
Vanessa York: Everyone, with me at this time is the Exodus Iron Man Champion, Des Pierson.
*The camera pans out to show Des standing there, the championship hanging at his side from his left hand*
Vanessa York: Now Des, last week your opponent was unable to make it for your match due to travel complications. Do you have any choice words for Ben Song?
*Des just grins, shaking his head before answering*
Des Pierson: The only thing I have to say to him is that he should probably pay more attention to which flight he books.
Vanessa York: Okay, well let's talk about your opponent tonight-
Des Pierson: You mean your boyfriend?
*A slight scowl crosses the face of Vanessa*
Vanessa York: Not a chance. Anyways, it seems that this week you will be facing a man who many seem to believe is unbeatable in one-on-one action. How does that make you feel?
Des Pierson: You really like talking up about the guy, huh?
Vanessa York: I'm talking about facts here, not personal feelings. Now if you'd please-
Des Pierson: Wait, personal feelings?
*Vanessa turns a little red with irritation*
Vanessa York: That was not what I meant!
Des Pierson: It is what you said though.
Vanessa York: You know what? I think we've run out of time-
Des Pierson: Why, do you have a date with Luis this evening to get ready for?
Vanessa York: Back to you Patrick!
*Vanessa walks off the set, leaving Des standing there alone, whom just shrugs. We then turn things back over to the commentary team*

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Trash Boat

*Tyson is walking down a hallway, interacting with passing crew members by giving them high fives and joking around with them, when he accidently bumps into a very frustrated and embarrassed Vanessa York.*

Tyson: Woah, sorry there, Vanessa. Hey, you ok?

Vanessa: Define ok.

Tyson: Thaaaat's....a no. So, what has ruffled your feathers, princess?

Vanessa: It's nothing, just Des being...

Tyson: An absolute ass?

Vanessa: Yes. Basically, I just don't understand why everyone thinks I like Luis. I mean sure, he's a good looking guy but he's arrogant, annoying, self absorbed, over the top and generally just overbearing.

Tyson: Ok, V, take this from a guy that's been in the ring with him on multiple occasions. If the guy is passionate about something, he puts one hundred and ten percent into it. He might be an unbearable, egomanical pretty boy but he wouldn't bother if he didn't like you. So, yeah, you might not like him in the way he likes you. But you gotta give the guy his props, he is trying to get you to like him.

Vanessa: Ok, but that only brings up a better question. WHY DO YOU CARE?!?

Tyson: Hey! Keep it down, you'll make Des "The Generic Emo" Pierson think he's embarassed you. Truth be told, I've got a bet going on with some of the guys. I bet fifty dollars that you'd give the guy a chance so please just go out on one freaking date with him.

Vanessa: You're an asshole, you know that?

*Vanessa angrily walks down the hallway, Tyson has to jog to keep up with her and the titantron fades to black as Tyson pleads with Vanessa to help him win the bet.*

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The Artiste
*Des is sitting in the cafeteria, chatting with Reese MaCleod when he is approached by Thomas Drago*
Thomas Drago: Mr. Pierson, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to ask you a few questions.
*Des slams his fist on the table, causing Thomas to jump*
Des Pierson: Thomas.
Thomas Drago: I'm sorry Mr. Pierson, I'll just be going-
*Des holds his hand up as a gesture for Thomas to stop*
Des Pierson: Sure I'll answer some questions. But in the future, just call me Des.
*Thomas breathes a sigh of relief before speaking again*
Thomas Drago: Yes, sorry Des. Anyways, I wanted to get your thoughts on your match with Luis Alvarado tonight.
Des Pierson: You mean, if he isn't too busy making out with Vanessa to show up for our match?
Thomas Drago: Well, I-
Des Pierson: If Luis shows up this week, then we will put on a great back and forth match-up, because even if we aren't competing for the World Championship, I will guarantee you that we are the two best in this business.
*Reese, who's still sitting next to Des, releases a forced cough, drawing Des' attention*
Des Pierson: Don't worry, you're definitely number three.
*Des grins at Reese, who just shakes his head and goes back to eating his food*
Thomas Drago: Well, do you think you will be walking out with the Iron Man Championship tonight?
Des PIerson: Hell if I know Thomas! I'm no fortune teller.
Thomas Drago: Sorry-
*With slight annoyance, Des responds*
Des Pierson: It's fine. Now is there anything else?
Thomas Drago: Yes, I just have one more question.
Des Pierson: Well, please get on with it, as me and Reese here were in the middle of a conversation.
Thomas Drago: Right. Well, Tyson Frost has been dropping your name a lot here lately, sending slight jabs in your direction. Have you anything to say in response?
Des Pierson: The only thing I have to say to Tyson is that he needs to get with the times. That guy is always wrapped up in the past. I mean seriously, I stopped the whole silent treatment with you guys over a month ago, and yet he's still talking as if I haven't spoken a word! Other than that though, no. For all I care, he can go join the rest of his washed-up family in hiding, because nobody cares to tune in whenever he's the one plastered on their television. Now, if you don't mind.
Thomas Drago: Yes Des. Thank you for your time.
*Thomas then quickly scurries away, clearly still fearful of the so called "Generic Emo," who returns to speaking to Exodus' next break out star*

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The Artiste
???: He seems to be coming to.
*Luis begins stirring*
???: Can you hear me?
*Luis fully wakes up, still a bit groggy*
Luis Alvarado: What the? Who are you? Where am I?
???:I'm Doctor Smith and you're in the hospital.
Luis Alvarado: Hospital? Why am at the hospital?
Dr.Smith: Well, someone found you passed out on the floor of the arena you were in.
Luis Alvarado: Wait, why am I not getting treated by the arena doctor?
Dr.Smith: According to the report you made it to the arena but you were about 6 hours late and everyone had gone home by then.
Luis Alvarado: Who found me?
Dr.Smith: A Miss Vanessa York.
Luis Alvarado: Ay Senora.
Dr.Smith: She's actually waiting out in the lobby right now.
Luis Alvarado: Really?
Dr.Smith: She seemed pretty worried about you.
Luis Alvarado: Really?
Dr.Smith: How about I call her in.
Luis Alvarado: Really?
*Dr.Smith goes out into the lobby to get Vanessa York*
Dr.Smith: He's awake but still pretty groggy so give him a bit.
*Vanessa goes into the room and sits next to the hospital bed with Luis in it*
Vanessa York: You missed your match
Luis Alvarado: I know.
Vanessa York: You know you're lucky that I found you
*Luis nods his head in agreement*
Vanessa York: Because if someone else did who knows what might have happen.
Luis Alvarado: So what happens know that I missed the match?
Vanessa York: Your luck has yet to run out since you have a second chance to face Des for the title.
Luis Alvarado: That's a cause for celebration then. Let's go party.
Vanessa York: Are you sure about that? You were just in the hospital
Luis Alvarado: Not because of drinking, just because of passing out. I'm fine
Vanessa York: Well you go do that, I'm going to go back home and do some paperwork.
Luis Alvarado: Come on, You work too hard, you need a break. Come enjoy the night with me.
Vanessa York: I'm okay.
*Luis gets up from the bed*
Luis Alvarado: You sure? Well, alright.
*He grabs his stuff*
Luis Alvarado: I'll be sure to save you a bottle.
Vanessa York: i'm sure you will. Just do me a favor, don't drink to much OK?
Luis Alvarado: Anything for you chica.
*Luis leaves to the nearest bar leaving Vanessa very worried*


The Artiste
*The camera cuts to the backstage area, the camera shows JJ Colton walking out of a vehicle with some security guards around him*
Security Guard: Where to Mr Colton?
JJ Colton: The Locker Room.
*JJ Colton and the security guards arrive at the locker room*
Security Guard: *Opens locker room door* Room secured, go in.
JJ Colton: Thank You.
*Colton enters the locker room*

Trash Boat

*Vanessa York stands in the interview area as we return from a commercial.*

Vanessa: Ladies and gentlemen...Tyson Frost.

*The camera pans out to show Tyson, in his gear and a pair of light up glasses.*

Tyson: Hello!

Vanessa: Tyson, later tonight, you will go one on one with Des Pierson, someone who you have repeatedly insulted without a reason really, what are your thoughts going into this match?

Tyson: Awww, yes. Tonight, I go one on one with the Generic Emo, Des Pierson. You asked me for my thoughts going into this match, I'll tell you. Just like any other match, I'm excited. It's SummerSlam obviously. Ooh~wrestle SummerSlam~...sorry, got a bit carried away there. As you have stated though, this match got scheduled because of my seemingly random attacks on Des Pierson's character.

Now, I'm not going to lie. I've said some things that are considered insulting towards Des and for that I say.....he deserves it for being what we in this business call a "Charisma Vaccum". Now, this is a problem amoung many talented people in our profession, much like Mr. Pierson, there are men and women that are spectacular in the ring but don't really have any character to them. I mean if you want proof, rewatch his promo on me last week. I'm not going to knock Des' in ring ability, he could easily beat me in the ring, if he so desired, but the fact of the matter is that I am more entertaining and engaging than he is. It's not fair on him. I am the Rave Master, a charasmatic young man with a passion for entertaining the audience, whereas Des is just a generic wrestler that is good at wrestling. The only thing that sets him apart is the fact that he is aging prematurly, I mean look at how grey his hair is. It's unnatural for a twenty five year old man to have the hair of a sixty year old virgin.

Either way, whether I win or lose tonight, there is only one thing you can count on, I will continue to entertain the crowd, while Des continues to put them to sleep. Stay Frosty.

*Tyson smiles then jumps out of the frame, leaving Vanessa briefly blinded due to his light up glasses.*

Emo Emo

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The Artiste
*A little later, we come to the familiar scene of Des standing with Vanessa in the interview area*
Vanessa York: Everyone, with me at this time is-
*Des takes the mic from Vanessa, who is taken aback as well as a little irritated by the act*
Des Pierson: For hell's sake, this whole process is honestly giving me a migraine. Every week it's the same questions about different things, it just gets really repetitive. Seriously, just go find your boyfriend and let me handle this.
Vanessa York: He-

*Des cuts her off, waving goodbye at her*
Des Pierson: Bye.
*The camera focuses on just Des as Vanessa walks away*

Des Pierson: Tyson, you do a lot of shit talking about my personality for someone who is just as creative and charismatic as The Amazing H is sane. And if you want proof of that, just go Google "Tyson Frost vs. Robert Blake" or "Tyson Frost and The Club" and count how many negative opinions pop up. Actually now that I think about it, it might be quicker to count how many positive opinions show up. Fact is that for someone who claims to be so charismatic, to be the "Rave Master" which is honestly the most idiotic nickname I've ever heard, you seem to be unable to keep the crowd's attention for more than 2 minutes, let alone even able to grasp it in the first place. And as for your creativity, let me just bring you back to "Tyson Frost and The Club". Need I say more? Because I'm fairly sure that I'm not the only one who feels like they were watching a poorly English dubbed version of a Japanese anime during that angle.
*Echoes of "Ooooooh" can be heard coming from the arena at this point*
Des Pierson: In all honestly Tyson, the only time you have ever grasped any bit of fame in this industry is when you were standing in the ring with me. Now I hope people can forgive me for breaking kayfabe here, but the only reason you got any fame from our interactions is because I was there to coach you through what a good promo actually is.
*At this point, the crowd resounds with the "Oooooooh"s, however this time a lot louder*
Des Pierson: So Mr. "Rave Master", how about in the future you show some gratitude for my help instead of trying, and failing might I add, to expose me as something I'm not. Because in all honestly, everyone knows who is the God at exposing people for who they truly are in this industry. And on that note, I'll leave you with this.
*Des grabs the mic with both hands, looking directly into the camera*
Des Pierson: Tyson Frost, you are a narcissistic, spotlight hoarding, irrelevant, uncharismatic and untalented disgrace on the Frost family name, and you really should rethink the idea of hanging your boots up for good. So enjoy your spot in the limelight here tonight, because it is the last bit of it that you are going to receive for the rest of your career.
*Des tosses the mic behind him and leaves the interview area as the show turns over to the commentators, who are flabbergasted at the insults flung back at Tyson Frost*

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The Artiste
*JJ Colton is sitting on a chair with his head down after the heartbreaking defeat from his Main Event match at SummerSlam, Thomas Drago starts to enter his locker room with a cameraman*
Thomas Drago: Colton, you just lost your World Heavyweight-
JJ Colton: Tom, I don't wanna talk right now, leave me alone.
Thomas Drago: But Colton, we just wanna get your thoughts on-
*Colton snaps and suddenly starts to attack Thomas Drago*
*The security rushes to the locker room to grab Colton*
JJ Colton: LET ME GO!!
*Colton gets himself free from the security and starts to attack Thomas Drago again*
*More security enters the locker room and starts to drag Colton out with everybody looking at him in shock*


The Artiste
*A mysterious man is walking around the backstage area wearing a sleeveless hooded jean jacket, ripped acid wash skinny jeans, and black hi-top skate shoes, a security guard starts to approach him*
Security Guard: Hey, who are you? How did you get in here?
???: *sigh* Ok, You caught me red handed.
*The mysterious man knocks out the security guard with a spinning back kick, the man removes his hood to reveal JJ Colton*
JJ Colton: I may be suspended for a week, but I don't care, I can do whatever I want.
*As Colton makes his way to the stage, Vanessa York stops him*
Vanessa York: Um, Colton. Why are you here, aren't you suppose to be suspended?
JJ Colton: *rolls eyes angrily* Yes I am suspended you stupid bitch, arent you suppose to be sucking off your midget boyfriend right now?
Vanessa York: Midget boyfriend?
JJ Colton: I'm talking about about that thirsty Mexican guy Luis Alvarado, you know what, I don't understand why I am talking to you right now, I'm gonna go to the stage and get some thing outta my chest, try not to be in my business ok?
Vanessa York: Uuumm....
JJ Colton: Ok then.
*Colton starts to approach the curtain*

Papa Franku's ear

The Artiste
*Ben Song is walking backstage when he sees Thomas Drago wearing a neck brace*
Ben Song: Tom my dude what happened?
Thomas Drago: It was my fault really for hassling him. It was JJ Colton
Ben Song: Na Tommy mark my words lad when I win the title I'll crush him first just for you
*Ben Song high fives Thomas Drago and walks away*


The Artiste
*Des at the gorilla position, stretching for his match, when he is approached by Thomas Drago*
Thomas Drago: Uh, Mr. Pierson. Would you mind if-
*Des takes the mike from Thomas, and then, with a very sarcastic smile, says-*
Des Pierson: Bye!
Thomas Drago: Bu-
Des Pierson: That's right. Buh-bye!
*Thomas walks away, seemingly defeated*
Des Pierson: I don't need Vanessa, Thomas, or anyone else to interview me from this point on. All that anyone needs to know is that I beat Tyson Frost, I beat the Intercontinental Champion, Ellis Klein, this week I'll defeat JJ Colton again...and I'll beat anyone else that this GM, whoever it is, will put in front of me. And that includes "The Kings"
*The crowd can be heard cheering at the mention of the faction*
Des Pierson: I have been working my ass off for months here, and all I have to show for it is an Iron Man Championship title reign. That belt is a joke, and I won't let it be my only means of recognition for everything I've put into this company. So by whatever means necessary, I will take Blake's Exodus World Championship. And Lukey and H..if you guys think you are going to get in the way of that, then you might want to hold onto those crowns tight. Because when I pierse your skulls with this here boot, they will nolonger be able to stay on those cracked up heads of yours.
*As Des' music hits, he tosses the mic before stepping out onto the stage to enter for his match*

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The Artiste
*A camera turns on to show JJ Colton sitting on a seat with a mic in his hand*
JJ Colton: Hello simple-minded fools of the exodus universe, I am finally here today to tell you guys that I am back and I am prepared to face a man who brought the Iron Man Championship to shame, Des Pierson. Last time I was in a match with him, I lost the Iron Man Championship by a screw job, after that, we have to witness one of the most horrific title reigns in history, I was the first Iron Man Champion so that makes my statement true. But look Des,*pauses* saying this makes me wanna snap my neck, but when I first came here, you really show me the light when I was in the dark, you show me the direction that I'm suppose to go even though I don't know it my- HEY, WHO'S COMING IN!!!!
*A referee opens the locker room door*
JJ Colton: A REF, F**K OFF!!!
*The referee immediately leaves the locker room*
JJ Colton: *sighs* I'm sorry, now where was I, oh yeah. When I see you in the ring tonight Des, I'm gonna beat the living hell out of you, there will be no screw job, there will be no authorities around to stop us and you will just be a person that falls to me in my path to success.
*Colton drops the mic and leaves the locker room*
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