The Backstage Thread

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The man with the rear that makes the girls cheer!
*Vanessa York spots The Amazing H before his match.*
Vanessa York: Hi H!
*The Amazing H looks at her and squints his eyes before sighing and looking away.*
The Amazing H: Hi...
Vanessa York: You’ve been pretty quiet this week, what’s going on?
The Amazing H: Drop the act Vanessa. All year you’ve been coming over to see me, talk to me, outright flirt with me, yet... Everyone knows that you and Luis Alvarado have some “thing” going on. Why’d you lead me on like that? I thought something was happening between us? Apparently not...
Vanessa York: I don’t know what you’re talking about, H. I never...
The Amazing H: Nah, you did. You know you did. I liked you. I thought there could’ve been something between us. You said I looked good in gold. I suppose that was a lie too, right?
Vanessa York: I swear, I...
The Amazing H: Yeah, yeah... I don’t want to hear it. I’ve had enough of your fun and games. You’ve annoyed me, Vanessa, you really have. I’m just gutted it took me so long to really realise.
Vanessa York: Really, H you’ve got to...
The Amazing H: Hush hush hush! No. You vixen. I’ve been quiet this week because me and Luke have been planning what we can do to beat our World Champion and his lackey helper. Does Des even like him? I don’t think so... Whatever, anyway, yeah... The Kings have been planning. We’re going to go in there, take them out then go into the final show and take that World Heavyweight Championship back.
Vanessa York: Yes, but seriously though I’m not...
The Amazing H: Oh, and then Jet is going to beat up your little boy toy and take away his Iron Man Championship. Sound good? I thought so.
*H walks away from Vanessa in a huff. She is left confused.*


WWEF's Resident Hologram
Gareth is seen getting ready for his match, psyching himself up when Thomas approaches him.

Thomas: Gareth, could I -?

Gareth doesnt let Thomas finish and holds his hand up.

Gareth: You want me to answer your obvious questions, well... I'm not going to. I've done the talk.

Gareth looks out at the camera.

Gareth: Everything I have to say, I'll do it in the ring. And you don't wanna miss this match.

Gareth shoves Thomas to the side and walks away.
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