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  1. The Backstage Thread

    Welcome backstage! This thread should be used for random encounters with other people on the roster, interviews and any other backstage antics. Only use this thread for in character talk. All out of character talk should be in the OOC thread.

    Remember: This is BACKSTAGE. If you are doing anything that isn't backstage, create your own thread for it. This includes in-ring promos and anything else that would not be considered backstage.

    If you want to make a long promo or an interaction with someone that you know will take more than a couple of posts each, again, make your own thread for it.

    There is a general layout for how posts should look.
    1 colour for actions, 1 colour for name and 1 colour for speech.

    *Roman Reigns walks into the cafeteria.*
    Roman Reigns: I'm not a bad guy, I'm not a good guy... I'm THE guy.
    Cafeteria Worker: Uhh... Enjoy your food, sir...

    Remember to keep on topic with your promos. Unless you've planned something out, no-one cares if your guy has just walked into the gym or got some food. If you want someone to interact with you, post (Open Interaction) underneath your post. However, you won't always get someone to interact with you so be wary.

    Do not cut a promo wanting a title shot unless you have been told you are getting one. If you post a promo saying you are going after a certain championship you might not ever end up actually getting a title shot.

  2. Alice is in gorilla with his match being moments away. He is in his ring attire, looking like something out of Barbie or My Little Pony. He is jumping up and down nervously in anticipation of his first ever professional wrestling match and decides to try and take his mind off it.
    Alice: So, why do they call this place Gorilla?
    Sound Guy: It's a tribute to Gorilla Monsoon.
    Alice: Oh yeah, I've seen that film! There was a wrestling promotion in an alternate universe and Gorilla Monsoon used to be a wrestler... But why're we paying tribute to someone who ain't real?
    Sound Guy: I actually have no idea!
    Alice: Well I think it's stupid. Oh, I know! We should call this place... The Alice Position!
    Sound Guy: Uh, why?
    Alice: Because when I become the first WWEF Undisputed World Champion, we'll need something to remember me by when I'm dead and this'll be perfect! You could have a sign just outside the door that says "Alice" and you can put loads of pink furniture in here and it'll look awesome!
    Sound Guy: I really don't think that's going to happen.
    Alice: Well what do you know, you've never wrestled... You ain't one of us.
    Sound Guy: Neither have you! You've wrestled all of zero matches in you entire life!
    Alice: Shh! Stop talking, I'm trying to mentally prepare... It's what us wrestlers do before matches.
    Sound Guy: But you started talking to me!
    Alice: Just be ready to play my music.
    The Sound Guy is pretty annoyed by this point.
    Alice: I can do this... I'm a wrestler!... I'm a man!
    Sound Guy: All those things are questionable...
    Alice: Shh!
    Producer: Okay Alice, you ready?
    Alice: Born ready!
    Sound Guy: And born a girl.
    Alice: SHUT UP!
    Producer: Okay Mark... Play music in 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!
    Barbie Girl then suddenly plays all throughout the arena.
    Alice: What the fuck is this!
    Producer: Language! Mark, what's this?
    Sound Guy: Sorry boss, some guy must have given me the wrong CD.
    Producer: Well, we can't go back now... Okay Alice, we're burning screen time here. Get out to that ring and put on a show.
    Alice: I am not walking to the ring to Barbie Girl!
    Producer: If you don't then you'll be out of the tournament and you'll likely be fired!
    Alice: This is BULLSHIT!
    Producer: LANGUAGE! Now go!
    Alice: FINE!
    Alice looks at Mark (Sound Guy) with a stare that is suppose to look evil but makes him look like he's constipated walking through the curtain of The Alice Position and onto the stage to a couple of cheers from those who liked him in his first promo.
    Sound Guy: Good luck!

    End Of Segment

    OOC: (open)
    Notes to take away from this: My theme song is officially Barbie Girl and The Gorilla Position have been unofficially named The Alice Position.
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  3. *The camera shows Buster Gates sitting on a table backstage.*
    Buster Gates: So you’re telling me that I don’t even need to pin the guy? I just need to put him through a table?
    Reginald: Yes sir.
    Buster Gates: Huh...
    *Buster jumps off the table and looks at it.*
    Buster Gates: These things are quite sturdy... But I’m a heavy guy. What if he pushes me and I fall through it?
    Reginald: Then you’ll lose the match.
    Buster Gates: Hmm... This seems a little too unpredictable.
    Reginald: It certainly has shaken up this tournament a little bit.
    Buster Gates: Indeed. What’s my chance in winning the Undisputed Championship at the minute?
    Reginald: You’ve got a one in four chance.
    Buster Gates: Yes, but... This is me though. Stepping into the ring with me must drop some percentage for the other guy, right? I only need to face two more of these guys to become champ, so let’s remove one of those guys now. That leaves me with 33 and a third percent chance of winning. But, since it’s me they’ll be facing one by one, lets knock 25% chance off their 50% chance in one on one competition. That leaves me a 75% chance in each singles match. Add both of those together and I have a 150% chance of winning. That’s right, right?
    Reginald: Not even close.
    Buster Gates: Yeah but you see where I’m coming from though, right?
    Reginald: Uh... No, sir.
    Buster Gates: Alright wise guy, what’s the percentage chance that I’m going to powerbomb you through this table right here right now?
    Reginald: I would hope very, very low sir!
    Buster Gates: ... Not even close.
    Reginald: Oh dear...
    *Reginald turns around and begins to run away. Buster chases after him. The camera fades to black.*
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    *Will Neilson is sitting backstage, it's been a crazy night so far. To kick off Precision, Will Neilson attacked both Chris 'Doomsday' Parks and Will's long time rival, Antonio Stark. After that he confronted Alice Xander, the superstar he will face tonight, again it resulted in another beat down, but not as brutal as the previously mentioned beatdown.*

    Will: Right... here we go Will. 1...2...3...4..5..6 and uppercut! Considering how much I have annoyed Alice, it's good I'm practising my strikes before our match, it might take a lot to bring him down. *After 10 minutes of training, Will Neilson's agent and best friend Jefferey Styles walks in, he notices Will is training and takes a seat on a nearby chair.* Oh hey Jeff. What's new?

    Jeff: Nothing much, just wanted to see how you were getting on sir. Your in for a good match tonight, with all the beatdowns you've been delivering lately, wouldn't that affect your in-ring performance?

    Will: No, not at all. It's a way to see what I am really capable of doing, if given the right circumstances. Just try being a wrestler Jeff, at one point you have to know how far you can push yourself and what you can achieve by pushing yourself that little bit further. *Will is now sweating, he takes a seat next to Jeff.*

    Jeff: How do you feel about that European title shot sir? I mean, you didn't really have to do much to earn it.

    Will: Nah Jeff your wrong, I had to do a lot, and that included beating Rhys Haze. We were both new here, and we put our hearts into that match. The kid's got massive potential, he could be the next big thing you know?

    Jeff: I see... *Jeff looks at his watch.* you've got 20 minutes before your match is scheduled to start. Better start to get ready sir.

    *Jeff walks out of Neilson's locker room and heads in the direction of GM Ryan Blake's office. Neilson gives the camera one last thumbs up before closing the locker room door, the camera slowly fades out.*

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  5. *Ryan Blake is sitting at his desk with the new angriest whopper burger*

    Ryan Blake: Finally some peace away from work. Always wanted to try one of these.

    *As Ryan Blake is about to take his first bite someone begins hammering on the front door. He spills his Coke as he is about to answer*

    Ryan Blake: Who the fuck is it?! I just wanted 10 fucking minutes to myself! Get the fuck in here whoever you are because you're buying me a new fucking drink.
  6. Alice Xander opens the GM's office door. He doesn't look too well, having had a concussion for a little over 2 weeks now and his matches with Buster Gates and Antonio Stark didn't help his waning health. He also looks rather pissed off.
    Alice: If you wanted 10 minutes, you should'a locked the door. Why in the hell am I hearing that I'm not being booked this week? You want to give me Main Event matches but you won't let me prove that I deserve them?
    Mr Blake shakes his head, seemingly feeling bad for the wounded competitor.
  7. Ryan Blake: Look....I know you want to prove you're the man after that loss to Buster Gates but I can't give you a match. Your head is fucked.....well more fucked up. Do you want to die or something because of a wrestling match? I like your heart kid but I've been doing this a lot longer than you and I can say your health means a lot more than one wrestling match. You're not getting booked.
  8. Alice: Listen, I'm fine! I got through my matches with Buster and Anarchist... I know that you don't want me getting hurt or nothing but I kind of hoped that I've proven myself able to handle myself in the ring at this stage. What're you going to do, not book me until I'm 100%? What happens if I'm not healed up to your standards by Money In The Bank, huh? What, one guy wins the title and leaves at the first PPV and another gets given the title by a forfeit because you didn't trust me enough to do my fucking job? Yeah, that'll bring in the ratings! I'm not asking you... I'm telling you, put me against anyone man, I don't care. Hell if you want to protect me, then put me against some local jobber or something. Just let me do what you pay me to do!
  9. Ryan Blake: Go home. You need your break. You will be ready for the PPV this way....You can't go into a ladder match like this. Now leave please.

    *Alice continues to protest against Ryan Blake. Ryan begins to get angry*

    Ryan Blake: Fucking shut up! Don't think I need you for Money In The Bank because I have many more plans that would bring in a lot more ratings. I'm doing this because you deserve one more match at the title....Don't push me. Now leave or I will fire your ass right here.

    *Alice grabs Ryan's Burger and storms out of the room ending the segment*
  10. *The Last Heroes are backstage, they look to be walking to General Manager Ryan Blake's office, only to be distracted by someone, Will notices this person first and starts to talk to them.*

    Will: Hey! Ummm.... I forgot your name again... your that new signing.... who's in the Money in the Bank ladder match.... and..... I should know you, you look familiar to someone I knew when I was in Sony Storm. *Looks at a Jack Rouge poster in the hallway.* Rouge! Jack Rouge! I thought I recognised you from Sony Storm, it's nice to see you again buddy, this is Rhys... *Points at Rhys, who smiles and waves at Jack.* He's a nice guy. *Will extends a hand out to Jack waiting for a response.*


  11. Before Jack Rogue can respond, Tyson Blade enters the conversation. After his segment earlier tonight, he still seems pretty hyped up. He looks over at Jack first and nods at him, as the two always had a lot of mutual respect for each other back in TWF. He then looks at Will Neilson and Rhys Haze.

    Tyson: Ahhh! The Last Heroes. I don't believe we've ever been properly introduced, gentlemen. My name is Tyson Blade, I may be the newest signee around here, but don't take me lightly. You gentlemen might already be aware of what I am capable of, back when we were in TWF.

    Tyson holds his hand out for both men to shake.
  12. *Rhys is scratching his head but shakes Tyson's hand anyway, Will Neilson shakes Tyson's hand and begins to talk.*

    Will: Tyson Blade, I remember you when I was in TWF, former World Champion, lost that World Championship to Danny Jacobs who eventually became the last World Heavyweight Champion in TWF, before TWF sadly closed it's doors. Anyway, it's nice to see you back! However, this ain't like TWF, everyone's gotta start from the bottom and make their way up to the top. You clearly have fan support, just like me and Rhys, but as it is for us.... it just ain't gonna cut it. Anyway.. I hope to see you soon Tyson, hopefully with that Undisputed World Championship.

    *Will pats Tyson on the shoulder and walks off with Rhys, Tyson turns to Jack Rouge and begins to talk.*
  13. Tyson looks over at Will and Rhys as they walk off, he has a confused look on his face, but he eventually nods and turns his attention to Jack Rogue who is still stood in front of him.

    Tyson: Well if it isn't the man with the world's deadliest superkick, how have you been, buddy?

    Tyson puts his hand out to shake once more and awaits a response from Rogue.

    OOC: @Geek773
  14. *A smile spreads across the face of Rogue as he shakes Blade's hand*

    Jack: I've been very well- everyone here's been very nice since I got here. Excited to actually throw that kick at someone, for the first time in far too long. How've you been keeping? It sounds like you have some fairly definite plans for your future here...

    OOC: @Electro
  15. Tyson smiles at Rogue's acceptance of the handshake.

    Tyson: I've only just met those two that just walked off for the first time and obviously I already knew you from TWF, but I am yet to meet the rest of the roster. It's good to hear you have been keeping well man, also I do have a few plans to make an impact, but for now I am willing to work my way from the bottom to the top. It's exactly how I became champion before and everyone in this company is my equal, no matter how much success I once had, we're all the same.

    OOC: @Geek773
  16. *Rogue gestures down the corridor, in the direction Neilson and Haze went*

    Jack: They're good guys, as far as I can tell. Heads on straight. Can't say the same for everyone... but then, that's wrestling, isn't it? Everyone's at the bottom here... we're in a company which is missing a top. Good for competition... and it means that this Money In The Bank ladder match, the upcoming #1 contender's match... the landscape of Precision for the next few months is balanced on a knife edge, the future hangs on just a few matches. I'd rather someone like Will Neilson, either of us, Alice Xander, someone like that, held that Undisputed Title over the coming months than someone who's going to vanish into thin air and leave the championship behind, like Buster Gates did.

    OOC: @Electro
  17. Medic: Emergency! Please let us through!

    *The medics are rushing Will Neilson to their office, they finally get him in, Rhys Haze and Antonio Stark are already seated, they can't believe what just happened to Will, there is less blood on him and he is looking better.*

    *1 hour and 25 minutes later.*

    Medic: Let's see here... You are extremely lucky young man. You suffered no broken bones or fractures at all from that attack, that is extraordinary. However, you lost an immense amount of blood and a concussion, I wouldn't recommend competing in your match tonight. However, you can compete, only if you are okay with it, you might be putting your career at risk and....

    Will: I can't compete!? No, no, no! I will compete! I will show you Doctor whatever your name is that I am able to compete....

    *Will gets Rhys to help him pick up the bed he is lying on, he then spins it round and nearly crushes the doctor with it.*

    Will: Oops. Good luck getting a new bed, come on Rhys let's get out of here.

    *Will and Rhys leave the doctors office and go to their locker room, Antonio follows suite, going to his own personal locker room and not his and Chris's shared locker room.*
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  18. Blade nods his head in agreement, in response.

    Tyson: They seem nice enough and everyone is at the bottom, from what I've seen so far everyone is lacking that edge which they need to be at the top. I plan on changing that, anyway man good luck in the Money In The Bank ladder match, I'm rooting for you, buddy.​
  19. Jack: Thanks, man. Hopefully, you get the high profile singles match you deserve at Money In The Bank - I have no doubt you'll find your way onto the card in some form or other. Anyway, gym closes in an hour or two, so I've got to be going. I'll see you around, man.

    *Rogue shakes hand with Blade once more, and walks away down the corridor, leaving Tyson smiling to himself as the screen fades to black*

    -End of segment-
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  20. *Will Neilson is seen walking down a hallway, he has his referee uniform on and the Money in the Bank briefcase in his right hand. Rhys isn't with him as he is still getting changed for his match tonight.*

    Will: Hahaha, with me walking down here in his referre shirt, all the new people are gonna think that a referee won Money in the Bank! Hooooo Boy! Let's see if we can find anyone...

    *Will keeps walking but no one is in sight, he turns a corner and seems to spot something/someone, he runs a bit and the camera is turned towards Will.*

    Will: Hey! Um.... new guy? I might have seen you around, if so I guess I forgot you were in this place the same time as me. Anyway, if you know me or I know you... (that's confusing,) I'll just introduce myself. My name is Will Neilson, current Mr. Money in the Bank and special guest referee for tonights match... (*In Will's head.. Will: Shite. I forgot to say that I'm an actual ref.. well that joke has gone now... act normal, just act normal.) How's it going?

    *Will extends a hand and waits for ________ to respond.*

    Open Interaction. (I'm bored -.-)
  21. Andersen Vega's looking down at Will's hand, and then looks up at Will's face.
    Vega: Uh, Well... It was going fine up until you came up to me. Uh, sorry, who're you again? Will Wheaton, is it?