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*Christy McCarthy is backstage, about to conduct an interview with Christina Morgan. *

Christy McCarthy: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest, Christina Morgan.

*Christina walks on screen with loud boos from the crowd*

Christy McCarthy: Christina, tonight you face off against Lilith Young in a number one Contender's Tournament match for the Sparks World Championship. I spoke to Lilith, about your match earlier today, she said that she wants her dream of becoming champion to be reality and will go through you to get it. What is your response to that?

Christina: You don’t need to tell me what she said. I saw the entire interview and my response well it made me feel sick. Oh, Lilith. Darling you have no idea of the phrase “stabbed in the back”. But, you are also a hypocrite of those words. You act like you are a hard done by person, someone who has worked their entire life to get into wrestling. What did you say? Ah yes, wrestling since you were sixteen years old. Yet, who was it that attacked me on my debut huh? You Lilith, because you saw a chance to make a name.

: Problem is Lilith, my greatness has already passed you by. It has already overshined anything you do. Just me standing in that ring is more valuable than your entire career. You want your dream to become reality, it will end before it even starts and we all know Lilith on your best day you can never beat me. Tonight, I will be the killer of your sad little dream.

*Christina walks away to the entrance ramp, for the match up next*
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