Other The Backyard (a documentary on backyard wrestling)

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, May 31, 2013.

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  1. Gives you a bit of a look into the mind of people who do backyard wrestling. I can understand kids playing WWE but I do not understand the guys who think that they can become big wrestlers by just wrestling in parks and yards without proper training. If you have the money to buy a half assed ring then you can instead use that money to get proper wrestling training from a school with a good rep which will then help you get bookings.
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  2. I remember some boy at school breaking his arm as he was trying moves out with his friends on the school field at lunch time.
  3. I SO SICK OF THIS BS THAT BACKYARD WRESTLING IS A BAD THING! WWE wrestler have wrestler outside the right right? which is a fuckin ground. so the BS thing that said about how u should not wrestler on a ground is BOLD SHIT! B/c that do it anyway when that go outside the ring. 2ndly yes when u fuckin he 1 another with wepaen that are going fuck u up u should NOT do it! In my EBW we never when that far like the fuck did. we try to do really storyline and normal matchest not like other retard did. Anwser this WTF is the different between u playing street takles nfl usa football and me backyard wresting!? U have just of must of a change of getting injury in street usa football as u to when u backyard wrestle! yet we don't see mr. rodger g. saying "are player we usa football player are proffeol training football player so play don't try this on the street! DO WE!?" CM Punk backyard wrestle look were he is. However CM Punk Backyard Wrestler the right way and all his backyard friend prictice what that were going to before that did it. which is what we did in EBW! I don't have a posable with backyard wrestling as long we prictice before hand and don't go too crazy!
  4. Damn, skimming through, most of those guys are freakin dumbasses. Especially starts at 30 minutes in.
  5. It's not about wrestling outside of the ring. It's about wrestling without REAL WRESTLING TRAINING. That is the issue. If people want to play wrestler that is okay. But don't go into a wrestling promotion and think that you can start wrestling without going to a real pro wrestling school and getting training. Even CM Punk needed to go and get trained before he could start being a real wrestler.
  6. :harvey: Jesus Christ, this is like watching CZW all over again.

  7. Would you expect a packers contract for playing streetball hombre?
  8. Interesting doc so far. HOLY SHIT at 33:00ish when dude gets for real lit on fire.
  9. You for sure didnt watch the doc. I've seen yours, it's the cutesy 12 year old stuff. All promos and music, 2 minutes of matches.
  10. Him owning a jersey is too close, in my opinion.

  11. [​IMG]
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  12. FTJ hates and yet........
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